CrossFire Betting: Best CF Sites for Betting on CrossFire


Those who say CrossFire and CrossFire betting are dead will likely be surprised by the end of this piece. Unjustly enough, the naysayers paint the game in a bad light without giving it a more thorough consideration.

As we’ll soon see though, CrossFire’s flames flicker on. The rumors leave out its hefty prize pools, international competitive league, and passionate community—all of which will be discussed right here, right now.

The Best CrossFire Betting Sites

These are our recommended CrossFire betting sites for those who can’t wait to jump into the next CrossFire match:


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How to Bet on CrossFire: CrossFire Betting Odds and Markets

If you can’t wait to place your first CrossFire bet, here are the markets you can place it on:

  • Outright Winner – Bet on the winner of the entire tournament. The Outright Winner market gives you the highest CrossFire odds before the event begins. The odds can range from 10.00 to 50.00 to even north of 100.00, in some cases.
  • Winner – Bet on the winner of a series. CrossFire events normally use the best-of-three format for matches outside the Grand Final and the best-of-five format for the Grand Final.
  • Map Winner – Bet on the winner of a map. CrossFire maps include Ankara, Port, Black Widow, Mexico, Eagle Eye, Compound, and Sub Base.
  • Map Handicap – Bet on a team with a map advantage or a disadvantage. For example, if you bet on a CF team at +1.5 in a best-of-three series, they shouldn’t lose more than 2 rounds for you to win that bet.
  • Props – Prop markets are markets that aren’t related to the outcome of a series. The most popular CrossFire bets you can place in props are First Blood and Knife Kill.

Make sure to check out our GG.Bet review to find out more about this highly recommended specialised esports betting site.

crossfire betting

Image Credit: CrossFire

CrossFire Betting Tips

Because esports betting in the Philippines and its SEA neighbors already recognizes CrossFire as one of its most solid titles, people who live in these countries probably already know how rich CrossFire betting is.

When you see the same teams competing and consistently performing well over the years, you can quickly identify the strongest teams among them. In such a structured betting landscape, it’s wise not to bet against the current.

Instead, wait for variable changes that come with roster shuffles and meta updates. These changes can create a disturbance in the power rankings and potentially make CrossFire betting odds overextended for favorites and undervalued for underdogs.

CrossFire Esports

Did you know that Mobile Legends betting isn’t the only type of betting popular in East Asia?

The last CrossFire annual flagship event—CrossFire Stars—took place in December 2022. It had a prize pool of $1,300,000, which was just a million shy of what League of Legends’s World Championship gave its best teams that year. This can’t be shocking enough for those who have never even heard of CrossFire before.

crossfire betting odds

Image Credit: CrossFire Stars

Sure, the game has a smaller player base and viewership, but don’t mistake CrossFire esports as something that only exists in the minds of a roomful of people. In fact, CrossFire has been celebrating its professional league as early as 2012. It has since then grown into an international competition, with challengers coming from EU, MENA, SA, China, and SEA.

CrossFire Tournaments

Ready to submit a CrossFire bet slip? Here’s a list of the most recent CrossFire tournaments you could have placed it on (prize pools included):

  • CrossFire Stars 2022 ($1,340,000)
  • CrossFire Pro League Season 21 ($500,000)
  • CrossFire Mobile League Season 12 ($345,000)
  • CrossFire HD League Season 2 ($210,000)
  • CrossFire Champions Cup 2022 ($140,000)

These are only the most notable events within the last six months. To join in on the next CrossFire competitive match, frequently visit the best esports betting sites available in your area

Where to Watch CrossFire Esports

crossfire betting site

Image Credit: CrossFire

The CROSSFIRE STARS YouTube channel is the virtual gallery of all CrossFire competitive leagues across different regions. It uploads nearly all of the latest CF events and should get you up to speed.

Also, events like the SEA Games and WCG traditionally include CrossFire. To enjoy these rare competitions as a popcorn gamer, you can turn to your local esports channels instead.

How to Play CrossFire

For all intents and purposes, CrossFire is just your regular FPS game: you group up with five other players, like in CSGO and Valorant, and you either blow a bomb site up as a member of the Black List (the Terrorists) or fend off the attack as a member of the Global Risk (the Counter-Terrorists). Shooting down everyone on the other team is always an option too.

Where CrossFire separates itself from the rest, however, is in the flow of the game. For one, there’s no economy at all. As early as Round 1, players can buy assault rifles and snipers. This makes saving a gun pointless and increases the pace of each round. CrossFire also downplays aim to a healthy degree, putting more weight on movement without turning into a BR game Apex Legends.

CrossFire Betting FAQs

What is CrossFire betting?

CrossFire betting is placing money on CrossFire matches through betting markets offered by CrossFire betting sites.

Is CrossFire betting legal?

In some jurisdictions, CrossFire betting is completely legal. Make sure to find the esports betting sites that operate legally in your area.

How do I start CrossFire betting?

If you want to bet on CrossFire, the first step is to sign up for a CrossFire betting site, such as GG.Bet, that caters to players in your region.

What should I consider when choosing a CrossFire betting site?

Fairness in odds, level of security, and available markets are the most important things to consider when choosing a CrossFire betting site.
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