CSGO Coinflip: Best CSGO Coinflip Sites

Hitting the game-winning shot feels unparalleled—until you start seeing that $20,000 butterfly knife slowly rolling into the reel for you to claim. Or maybe seeing your side of the coin on a $20,000 coin flip is just as thrilling.

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Such intense scenarios occur in many CSGO coinflip sites every day. Sure, flipping a coin and landing the good end of that coin isn’t comparable to winning a CSGO Major, but confetti will rain down and people will cheer all the same when a row of zeros get wiggled in front of their eyes before going straight to your bank.

How to Play CSGO Coinflip

You can play CSGO coinflip with skins or coins—some gambling sites offer only one option, while others include both.

But before we get to the currency, it’s important to understand the game’s rules first.

The Coinflip

A game can’t be more neutral than the coinflip. It has settled disputes, finalized decisions, and, depending on your luck, it might just win you a pocketful of bucks.

Once you sign up with your choice CSGO gambling site, you simply go to their coinflip section and either join or create a coinflip game. After deciding on an amount you’re willing to bet, you have the freedom to input that amount in coins or select skins that equal the value of that amount.

Joining another player’s game means you’ll be flipping the coin against another player. But if you’re playing in the middle of the night and you can’t find anyone to join your game, you can play against a bot instead. However, most people who believe it’s much more acceptable to lose to another human (who can sometimes speak through voice chat, by the way) than to a stone-faced robot wouldn’t choose this.

Flipping with Skins

Playing CSGO coinflip with skins is the way to go if you’re sensitive with your inventory and hoping to get rid of unwanted items. Another reason for picking this option is that you want a quicker way to convert skins to coins without going through the traditional buy-and-sell process.

Although there are still CSGO coinflip sites that prioritize gambling with skins, this option has lost the bulk of its popularity due to its tendency to be unbalanced.

A player who wagers skins that have less than the amount of the skins wagered by the other player receives less probability as a consequence. This doesn’t mean the game goes sour and unfair since the reduction in probability is calculated to match the decrease in value.

Flipping with Coins

Unlike playing CSGO coinflip with skins, flipping with coins doesn’t leave any room for discrepancies. With this option, each player throws in the exact same amount and has a 50% chance to win. There’s no need to skim your inventory and do basic addition just so you can arrive at your wager.

Many of the best CSGO betting sites today have abandoned flipping with skins completely and opted for just using coins. It’s cleaner. It’s simplified. Besides, skins and coins often end up being the same in this trade.

Best CSGO Coinflip Sites

Here are some of the best CSGO coinflip sites that most content creators use.


csgo coinflip

CSGORoll launched in 2016 and gradually went mainstream. Today, you’ll see it as the gambling platform promoted by many streamers and YouTubers, all having their own bonus codes.

So, why is CSGORoll the people’s favorite? Besides being a minimalistic site, CSGORoll is famous for its various games, fancy bonuses, and merciful reward system.

CSGORoll games include Roll, Crash, Plinko, Dice Duel, Case Battle, and Coin Flip. The more you participate in these games, the higher your level becomes, and the better rewards you get.

There may not be genuinely free CSGO gambling sites, but it’s always refreshing when one does its best to give freebies, at least.

When all is said and done, it’s the site’s volume that really appeals to aspiring gamblers. With over 4 million monthly visitors, they have significantly more potential customers than CSGO has players at the moment.


 csgo coinflip with skins

Another gambling site that launched early is CSGOEmpire, the byproduct of two founders, a few freelancers, and a modest €11,000 loan. This start-up has since evolved into an international venture with a large market share to accommodate 1.5 million monthly visits, about 115,000 of which come from organic traffic.

Like its closest competitors, CSGOEmpire loads in a blue-grey finish—for dark mode protesters—and a simplistic layout. Players can try their luck on roulette and coinflip, the site’s bread-and-butter.

Instead of a player-to-player skin market, CSGOEmpire has an in-house sportsbook that customers can divert their money to in a heartbeat. Here, you can bet on the most established esports titles, such as:

  • CSGO
  • Valorant
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch

And more. Even football, the real one, is on the list.


csgo coinflip sites

If the term “CSGO casino” ever has to mean something, that meaning is probably found in CSGOLuck, a new gambling house just built in 2021 for players who like poker more than the next guy.

They haven’t made their biggest breakthrough yet, and you can see this by heading over to the site and perusing the items available on the market. Right now, you won’t find any skin that costs higher than $7,000. Even if you do, it’s a rarity at best.

With the way things are shaping up for the site, however, it’s only a matter of time.

Starting Your CSGO Coinflip Gambling Experience

You know how to play CSGO coinflip. Now it’s time to get started.

Signing Up for CSGO Coinflip Sites

In most CSGO coinflip sites, you only need to enter your Steam account and verify your email before you’re all set up. Some let you use your Google account.

Be advised that not every platform out there has your best interest at heart. Valve will even remind you where their jurisdiction ends by putting a short message above the text fields where you punch in your username and password.

Do not fall for scams.

Withdrawing Your Newly Acquired CSGO Coinflip Skins

To use your acquired skins within CSGO, you must withdraw them from the site and transfer them to your Steam account. Platforms may approach this process differently: the most conservative ones might require a quick transaction review, while the rest wouldn’t bother.

You can find your skins in your inventory; the withdrawal option shouldn’t be far from there.

CSGO Coinflip Tips

Can’t find a CSGO coinflip simulator? Here are some CSGO coinflip tips instead.

How to Win CSGO Coinflip

Technically, you can enhance your chances by putting valuable skins on the line. But to truly win on a CSGO coinflip, surprisingly, has nothing to do with the game. It has to do with joining the right gambling site that will reward you by providing fair and honest services.

Playing CSGO Coinflip with Skins You Want

Whether you’re flipping with skins or coins, the only way to guarantee you’ll get the items you want is if the platform you’re playing on has them in the first place, which only becomes possible if there’s enough volume in the market.

That, and if you buy a warehouse full of CSGO cases and hope one of them contains the skins you want.

Among the best CSGO coinflip tips you should remember, then, is to sign up for a gambling site with more than enough contributors to ensure the continuous supply and demand of CSGO skins.

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