CSGO Jackpot: Best CSGO Jackpot Sites

Welcome to our page dedicated to explaining CSGO jackpots and the various CSGO jackpot sites available to players. Winning a free-for-all game often means you have the best skill, talent, intellect, determination, finesse, and many words you can link to personal competence. With CSGO jackpot, however, you only need to have the best luck. This page has everything you need to know about CSGO jackpots.

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It’s a death match where everyone on the reel is out to take your hard-earned money. The winner wins all. The losers—and it’s correct to assume there will be many—lose everything. Since luck is the game’s name, you can be a wealthy player hogging the odds or a thrifty player praying on slim chances. Anything can happen.

What is CSGO Jackpot?

You normally think of a jackpot as the biggest possible win in a game, whether it’s the slots, the lottery, or the marketing promotion of some famous brand. This definition rings true with CSGO jackpot, a form of CSGO gambling that first became a sensation around 8 years ago. CSGO jackpot is a popular gambling game in which players deposit their in-game items, such as weapon skins, into a common pot. The winner is then chosen randomly and awarded all the items in the pot.

CSGO Jackpot Mechanics

In this game, at least 2 players must put their coins (through skins) into the pot to receive tickets, determining who will win everything in that pot. The probability increases since the more skins you wager, the more tickets you’ll receive.

After throwing skins on the line and hitting the deposit button, you’ll get assigned a color. If the reel stops on that color, you hit the jackpot and take all the participating players’ money. This makes CSGO jackpot an all-or-nothing game.

Naturally, the odds will thin out more or less depending on how many players join the pot and how much each of these players contributes. In a pot with 10 players where you own 90% of the pot value, you will have a 90% chance of winning. But if the 9 other players added valuable skins at the last minute to up the ante (a manoeuvre called “sniping”) and you end up with 10%, then that becomes your number.

csgo jacpot

Ticket and Tax

For the more technically inclined, you get a ticket for every $0.01 you contribute. That’s 100 tickets for a dollar. If a pot is valued at $500, there are 50,000 tickets in total. You only need the lucky one.

Once you do win, you shouldn’t be surprised to find that you’ve taken less than the original amount of the pot. This is because there’s a tax fee of around 8% to 10% that the CSGO jackpot sites usually claim as a rake.

In the best CSGO betting sites, there should be more details regarding tax fees, so you should always consider that before making an initial deposit.

Ticket Distribution

Lastly, you might hear the terms “low ticket,” “mid ticket,” and “high ticket.” This refers to the way the tickets are distributed. The earlier you put your skins on the pot, the lower your ticket numbers are. The later, the higher.

For instance, if you wager a $10 skin and you’re the first person on the pot, your ticket numbers would be all the numbers between 1 and 1,000. Say you’re playing in the example pot mentioned earlier with the $500 total value and 50,000 combined tickets. You’ll be representing the first 2% of those tickets. You better wish the reel ends on a “low ticket.”

On the other hand, if you’re the last person to join the same pot, you’ll be representing the last 2% of all tickets (40,001 to 50,000) or, otherwise stated, 98% and higher. In this case, you’ll want the reel to stop on a “high ticket.”

Best CSGO Jackpot Sites

Ready to test your luck in CSGO jackpot? Try the best CSGO jackpot sites for size.


csgo jackpot

Skinwaste has sponsored streamers and YouTubers in the past to promote jackpot, their main market. You can tell this is the crux of their livelihood just by looking at the title of their page. Also, you get taken to the game immediately when you arrive at their site.

What makes Skinwaste’s jackpot popular? They were among the few CSGO jackpot sites that weathered the storm after Valve had unleashed the flood upon gambling operators by enacting a trade hold, a restriction prohibiting players from trading items acquired both in-game and in third-party platforms within 7 days of getting them.

Among those that remained standing, they’re the ones who took the job of improving on jackpot seriously, which is why they currently have a larger player base compared to their competitors.

Ultimately, this bigger audience, who has a shared interest in the CSGO jackpot, is what gives their website the edge.

Other than jackpot, you’ll find roulette and coin flip on the site. These are the only markets they have right now, which isn’t a whole lot, but remember that you can always move your skins from one CSGO betting site to another through Steam. Keep the trade holds in mind, though.


csgo jackpot sites

Signing up for CSGOFast means sacrificing quality for quantity—as far as CSGO jackpot is concerned, at least. As a CSGO casino that’s also dedicated to sports betting and case opening, CSGOFast has more markets to focus on.

The first downside is the somewhat outdated look and features of the site. They have basic markets that seem like they were designed a decade ago. Their jackpot market, for instance, runs on square pictures and an overcrowded layout.

Another is that you might find it hard to join a pot since most people on the site prefer playing casino-based games such as slots, baccarat, and roulette. Even if a pot gets started, often the total value won’t be as grand due to the lack of participants.

But perhaps if you’re patient enough to wait for a pot and if you’re not a high roller whose only risk is not winning more, you can argue that these are upsides instead. More markets mean more ways of entertainment. You can bet on CSGO and esports matches, play Hi-Lo, crash, tower, open a case, and more. They even have a variant of jackpot that only requires 3 players.

And that’s where CSGOFast has others beat.


As we go lower on the list, the less attractive the player base gets. This means you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel if you’re playing on WTFSkins. At the moment, it’s incredibly difficult to get a pot going. There’s just not that many people around.

But credit should be given where credit is deserved.

WTFSkins concentrates on a few other selected markets: roulette and crash. But what really separates them from the rest is their affiliation with CSGOLive, one of the most popular case opening sites in CSGO. This partly extends and elevates their services to a whole new level.


Along with EZRage, SkinBet was among the OG CSGO jackpot sites with plenty of customers and good economic activity—until it went under maintenance in late April 2022. Still, it’s better than shutting down for good, as EZRage did.

A new update from the team mentions the site will return in 2023 with “lots of changes.” We can only speculate what these changes are, but, more importantly, we should turn our attention to what they had in the past since it’s unlikely they’ll phase out what brought them a sound player base in the first place.

Just months ago, they offered coin flip, blackjack, and roulette. They’re not a case-opening site, and they don’t have a player-to-player market for CSGO items.

At least they didn’t have these things pre-maintenance. Who knows what the future will bring?

We know that SkinBet has always been one of the most advanced CSGO jackpot sites since it launched in 2017, with a clean, modern design and convenient functionality. Assuming they’ll deliver on their promise, it’s definitely worth the wait if you want the best CSGO jackpot experience.

Image credits: Valve, Shutterstock, SkinWaste, CSGOFast