Is CSGO500 Legit?


CSGO500 has marketed itself as the ‘oldest CSGO skin gambling site’ on the internet. In reality, it popped up around the same time as many of its competitors, like CSGOEmpire. However, a short while ago, CSGO500 rebranded, instead opting to go by the name ‘500 Casino’. This was in response to an expansion of its offerings, which now include the likes of cryptocurrency-based betting. Today, we’re here to answer one question: is CSGO500 legit?

It was in 2016 that most of these ‘skin gambling’ platforms emerged, much to the irritation of Valve, the developer of CSGO. Since then, Valve has been working hard to clamp down on these platforms, but some are just plain persistent. As many may argue, CSGO500, or ‘500 Casino’ is one of the most dominant platforms in this space – but is it legit?

Let’s find out.

Change The Name, Change The Game

When CSGO500 first began trading, it was like any other CSGO skin gambling platform out there. It offered players the ability to gamble on various games using CSGO skins as currency, which serves as the core to the skin gambling market. However, since day one, this practice has never been regulated or support in any way by Valve.

Given the inherent risky nature of skin gambling, Valve works hard at issuing cease and desist orders to these platforms. In an effort to counter the negative image portrayed by skin gambling, CSGO500 recently rebranded the platform, instead going by the name ‘500 Casino’. Although, the website’s link remains as ‘’.

CSGO500 Legit

With the change, CSGO500 became a licensed casino, accepting deposits and withdrawals in fiat and cryptocurrencies. As a gambling platform, 500 Casino is reportedly very well received, boasting a license registered in Curacao. Behind 500 Casino is a parent company by the name of Perfect Storm B.V., so there is accountability in place.

But, today, there are still traces of skin trading and skin gambling on the platform. So, is CSGO500 legit?

Diamond In The (Very) Rough

Let’s be frank for a moment – CSGO skin gambling is a risky business all round. There’s no real regulation out there, and even if CSGO500 / 500 Casino is fully licensed, there are currently no bodies governing the use of CSGO skins in gambling. Therefore, you’re left with a big hole in 500 Casino’s business model.

If you’re interested in CSGO betting, there are much better, safer options out there. While 500 Casino is now a one-stop-shop for casino games, esports betting, and skin gambling, it is far from being considered one of the best CSGO betting sites. In fact, right now, there’s almost nothing on the site dedicated to the roots of the platform – CSGO itself.


When the rebrand occured, it took with it every reference to the popular first-person shooter title. Now, 500 Casino is relatively non-descript, taking on a similar appearance to any number of betting platforms out there. It’s altogether quite generic, going so far as to offer CSGO500 referral codes, betting bonuses, and a casino full of the most bog-standard games.

But, with all that in mind, the platform is surprisingly popular. According to research, CSGO500 / 500 Casino receives a million hits a month, and on social media, the platform boasts hundreds of thousands of followers.

Consider The Alternative

Is CSGO500 legit? While the base platform of 500 Casino is legit in itself, the practice of CSGO skin gambling is not.

According to the top CSGO500 reviews, there is no malicious activity taking place on the platform. In fact, it has grown rapidly over the last few years – but the total rebrand serves as something of a message. At the end of the day, CSGO skin gambling is unregulated, totally unsafe, and boasts an inherent risk.

If you want to gamble with CSGO in any way, shape, or form, consider checking out some of the best CSGO betting sites out there. It’s a lot safer, and in the long run, with the right CSGO betting strategy, you might even turn a profit.

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