How to Make Money from CSGO

So you want to learn how to make money from CSGO? There are plenty of ways to play CSGO for money or just make money with CSGO in ways that don’t involve playing yourself.

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CSGO is one of the leading esports in the world, and has been a mainstay since Counter Strike 1.6 released over two decades ago. With a bustling community, fans have given CSGO an economy of its own, with plenty of players enjoying an income from the game. It’s every gamer’s dream to make a living playing their favorite game. Want to be one of them? Read on…

1. Make Money with CSGO: Betting

how to make money with csgo betting

The most popular and beginner-friendly way to make money with CSGO is to bet on CSGO matches. There’s an abundance of CSGO matches happening at most times of the year, and with them plenty of opportunities to earn money through CSGO betting.

To get you started, there is an abundance of CSGO betting sites with a wide variety of markets that are perfect for players with great knowledge about CSGO’s esports scene. These markets have been perfected over years to add as much to the CSGO esports experience as possible. Watching competitive CSGO is already exciting, but it can really get the heart racing when you just need one more bomb plant, or a certain player needs to be top-fragging for you to win money.

If you’ve decided you want to learn how to make money from CSGO, CSGO betting is certainly a viable option. You can go one step further, and take part in CSGO live betting. CSGO live betting allows you to place bets while games are happening, allowing players to use their knowledge of game-flow to make educated predictions. At professional levels, CSGO is extremely momentum based, and there are definitely some teams that tilt more than others when things aren’t going their way. If you can predict when this is going to happen, you’ll get some amazing in-play odds on sites like GG.Bet and Betway, where there’s serious money to be made.

2. CSGO Trading Sites

how to make money from csgo

When learning how to make money from CSGO, you can’t underestimate the in-game economy that already exists. After every game you play, there’s a chance you’ll receive an in-game case that you can either sell for money, or open using keys where you’ll receive a weapon skin at random.

You can then use these skins on CSGO trading sites. Skins are a big element of CSGO’s community, with entire sub-sections devoted to skin trading. If you get lucky with a case, you can end up with a skin far beyond the value of the cases and keys, giving you a great bargaining position on these sites. You could end up with someone else’s favorite skin, with the exact variant that you want.

In that case, you might be able to trade up for a skin of higher value.

These sites come with a word of caution. Valve has shown in the past a determination to shut a lot of these sites down, as they are unlicensed and unregulated. Make no mistake – there are plenty of legitimate sites in the space. If you’re insistent on using trading sites to make money with CSGO, you should do your research on any site that you’re planning to use.

3. Fantasy CSGO

make money with csgo fantasy

If you don’t want to actually play CSGO for money, fantasy CSGO is another good option. Many players will have already taken part in something like this, with it being very similar to fantasy games in traditional sports like football and baseball.

The concept is simple. You’re given a starting salary, from which you must pick a team from the CSGO best players list. This team will then begin to accumulate points based on their real-life performance, and you’re placed in a league with other players where you’ll compete over a period of time for the top position. Most of these leagues are pay-to-enter, and you’ll receive winnings based upon your final position. This is great for players who want to learn about specific players, as the constant nature of fantasy CSGO means that you’re staying aware of how they’re playing.

This knowledge can be taken elsewhere, such as into CSGO match betting.

Fantasy CSGO is fun, but there is one problem. Unlike CSGO betting which is offered in a lot of places, fantasy CSGO is hard to find. It’s not something officially offered by Valve. The biggest contender in the market is easily DraftKings, which has offered fantasy games in markets other than CSGO for a long time. CSGO is a comparatively recent addition, but is still massively popular with players in the esports space.

4. Play CSGO For Money

play csgo for money

It can be tough and time-consuming learning how to make money from CSGO consistently. For many players, the answer could be more simple than you’d think. Streaming is a lucrative business, and CSGO is one of the most-watched games on Twitch. When you stream on Twitch, you’re opening yourself to potentially millions of viewers. Building an audience will take time, and you of course have to be entertaining for people to watch, but if you’re willing to make the commitment it’s definitely a viable way to play CSGO for money.

If streaming isn’t for you, and you’re an elite CSGO player, it’s not the only way to make money in-game. If you fall into this bracket, FACEIT and ESEA host competitions that anyone can join and compete for cash prizes. You won’t be able to jump in and dominate the server instantly, but with an organized team you can definitely work your way up in the competitions.

5. CSGO Casino

make money with csgo casino

You can definitely learn how to make money from CSGO using online CSGO casinos. The CSGO casino falls under a similar category to CSGO trading sites, in that they aren’t regulated and licensed and therefore aren’t liable for any issues with your money. The problem with these CSGO casino websites is that you don’t use real-world currency. Instead, you use in-game skins. For some with a backlog of skins sitting and gathering virtual dust, this might sound perfect.

The key issue here is that to wager your skins you must connect your Steam account to the sites. Valve explicitly advises against this, as it is against Steam terms-of-service and by doing so you are risking a ban. Beyond this though, some sites in the CSGO casino space use this as an opportunity to steal people’s Steam accounts, taking their skins from them. Because these sites aren’t regulated, players are left skin-less with absolutely no recourse in return.

There are certainly resources out there to help players avoid being scammed by fake CSGO casino sites. These scammers are no slouches, however, so we think it’s wise to try and avoid using these sites altogether. When learning how to make money from CSGO, we’d recommend that CSGO casinos serve as a last-ditch option for players. The safety just isn’t there yet, even in the most reputable sites.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways that players can make money with CSGO. You just have to be willing to put the time in, trying various methods and seeing what works best for your needs.

If you do, it can massively enhance your CSGO experience.