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The EsportsBets team is always looking for new and innovative methods to help serve our users when they look to place esports bets. One of our most popular featured games, CSGO, has been a major focus of ours when creating more useful on-site features.

In order to continue providing a quality experience for our users that engage in esports betting, we are now working to implement a new tool that will provide more in-depth statistics for CSGO events. Since this tool is under development users will have current access to our CSGO Livescore feature and can use this short guide to learn how it works and of external sites, where they can watch events, gain additional information, and place bets.

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American Odds Format:
11/07/2023 16:00 UTC
CCT South America
Arena Jogue Facil
11/07/2023 19:00 UTC
CCT South America
11/07/2023 21:00 UTC
TP World Championship North America Qualifier
FlyQuest RED
Last Updated: 11/07/2023 - 11:00 UTC

Find here our tracker for CSGO Betting Odds.

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How does CSGO Live Score work?

Our CSGO Livescore feature provides those who participate in bets on events to view odds for upcoming matches. It is a simple feature that aims to provide users with valuable information in the most simple way possible.

The current state of this feature will, for now, only display betting odds but there are more updates for the tool planned. One such feature you can expect to see in the tool is the display of live scores during live events.

With the landscape of esports betting constantly changing we look to optimize CSGO Live Score to always ensure that users are satisfied with their experience. As of now, these live updates will be for CSGO matches but other games may be supported in the future.


CSGO live events

With several major esports events taking place all over the world, we are aiming to provide live updates from each major tournament for users to place bets on. Since these events feature the best players in the world, it would only be appropriate for us to cover them.

Some major tournaments that our platform will support include:

  • DreamHack
  • ESL Pro League
  • BLAST Premier

Now you can watch live matches from DreamHack or any of your favorite events all while viewing esports betting odds and stats with CSGO Livescore before deciding and placing your bet.

Where to watch CSGO live events?

Not everyone can attend DreamHack, ESL, or any other esports events in person and that is no problem at all! There are plenty of live streaming platforms that you can choose from which feature these live matches.

With so many options to choose from you might be wondering which streaming platform you should tune in on. Here are the most popular, and widely used, platforms that major esports events are broadcasted on.


Twitch is the largest streaming platform to-date with roughly 140 million unique viewers, as of 2020. With so many users on the Amazon-owned platform, it should come as no surprise that it has become a major hub for esports broadcasts.

DreamHack, ESL, and many other organizations have their own Twitch channels and hold live streams of major CSGO tournaments.

Facebook Gaming

Since there are 2.6 billion users on Facebook, the social media giant figured it would be an excellent idea to branch into the gaming space. Gaming has proven to be a force that plenty of companies can utilize to their advantage, and Facebook is no different.

The launch of Facebook Gaming back in June 2018 allows users to stream games straight on their Facebook profiles. With many professional esports leagues already having Facebook pages, this provided them with an additional channel to host events on. If you can find the organization on Facebook, they most likely will be broadcasting live matches on there.

Youtube Live

When you think of Youtube you typically would picture several channels that host different genres of videos. Since the success of live streaming, Youtube has also launched its own feature that allows Youtubers to broadcast events.

As you can imagine, most esports organizations that already have a Youtube channel most likely are using the Youtube live feature during major events. If you are following any organization’s channel then be sure to check for live streams of major events.

CSGO stats for CSGO bets

If you are looking to place bets in up-coming matches and need stats that are not yet available on our platform, there are other sites that you can dig up those needed stats on.

Here are some sites that provide statistics for esports and other sporting events.

  1. Betway
  2. Bet365
  3. GG.Bet CSGO

There are also several other betting sites that may offer you a different experience. Give the ones listed above a try and if needed see what other CSGO betting sites may exist.

Final Remarks

Our live score feature is definitely a work in progress but we are aiming to provide you with the best experience possible while it is under development. With so many organizations, streaming platforms, and betting stats websites to choose from you certainly have many options when conducting before placing your bets.

Be sure to stay tuned to our news and updates for esports events and the process we make with developing our platform further.

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