Parimatch CSGO Betting Guide: Is Parimatch a Good Site for CSGO Gambling?

Are you considering joining the thousands of people that enjoy a wager on the rich and varied Parimatch CSGO betting markets available on the site? Well, if you are, then our guide to betting on CSGO with Parimatch is a great place to start!

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So let’s jump into the guide with a quick overview of the site itself.

An overview of CSGO betting at Parimatch

Parimatch is a company that operates in numerous countries worldwide and has been granted several different licenses to operate safely, securely and responsibly in those countries.

In our view, Parimatch is not just one of the best CSGO betting sites. It is an exceptional site for esports, sports and casino gaming in general. That said, the site is particularly well-known for its esports offering, including extensive CSGO betting.

Different factors combine to make CSGO betting at Parimatch both enjoyable and good value for punters who want more bang for their buck or punch for their pound.

We will explore what they are in the main body of our review below.

So, before we delve into CSGO betting at Parimatch in a bit more detail, let’s first take a look at the things you should do before signing up with the site.

csgo betting at parimatch

How to start CSGO betting at Parimatch

One sensible option to take if you are thinking of signing up at Parimatch to enjoy some betting on CSGO is to check out our detailed Parimatch review.

Not only will this give you an idea of what to expect from the site in terms of esports betting in general, but you will also gain a greater overview of how the site compares to others offering similar types of betting.

Once you’ve read the review and you’ve decided you want to sign up, the next thing to do is to check out whether there is a new Parimatch UK promo code available for the Welcome Bonus for new customers on the site.

A Welcome offer is a great way to get some additional funds to kick-start your Parimatch CSGO betting experience.

Once signed up, the final thing to do is head over to our CSGO predictions page, which will give you the lowdown on some of the best bets to make on CSGO over the year for many of the major tournaments in the year-round CSGO calendar.

Then when you have decided what bets to make, simply head over to Parimatch’s esports section to peruse the current CSGO betting markets on the site and begin your journey and we’ll begin that process with a look at the different tournaments you can bet on with the site.

What CSGO tournaments does Parimatch cover?

We’ve already mentioned Parimatch covers a lot of esports titles alongside CSGO, but what are the tournaments that you are going to be able to bet on if you do become a member?

If you are an ardent CSGO fan, then finding the right tournaments to bet on is key and the great news is that you can bet on a wide range of tournaments on the site. This includes all the Valve Majors, plus a host of S-Tier and A-Tier events which are regularly available to bet on throughout the year.

Some of the big tournaments you can enjoy CSGO betting on at Parimatch include:

  • Intel Extreme Masters
  • Majors
  • PGL Majors
  • Cs-summit
  • ESL One events
  • Starladder events
  • FACEIT Majors
  • IESF World Esports Championships
  • ESL Pro League, Impact & Challenger events
  • Roobet Cup
  • BLAST Premier events
  • DreamHack Masters
  • Elisa Masters
  • Global Esports Tour
  • Pinnacle Cup, Championship & Winter Series

Alongside these major events of the year, you will also find a wealth of smaller regional tournaments available to bet on which ensures that if you love a rich variety of options, then Parimatch CSGO betting has you covered throughout the year.

Parimatch CSGO popular betting markets

Now that we know there is a wide choice of tournaments to bet on every week of the year for Parimatch CSGO fans, let’s now focus in on what markets you are likely to find on the site.

As is the case with every betting site, the more prestigious the fixture and the tournament it is being contested within, then the more likely you will find a greater number of betting markets for that fixture.

However, even for the smaller events, you will find all the most popular markets on offer which include:

  • Match Winner
  • Handicap Betting (both Rounds and Match markets)
  • Correct Score Betting
  • Total Maps Played – Over/Under betting
  • Individual Map betting (including Pistol Round betting & Total Round Markets)

These markets generally cover most of what Parimatch CSGO customers want when they make their bets, so it is likely you’ll find the markets you want to bet on too.

Additionally, it is easy to navigate the site to find the tournaments, fixtures and specific markets you want to bet on which makes CSGO betting at Parimatch particularly easy to access.

parimatch csgo

How do Parimatch CSGO betting odds compare?

A key consideration to make when signing up for Parimatch CSGO betting is the value of the site’s CSGO odds, and the site generally hits around the market average prices for most of its fixtures and markets.

You will find the occasional Parimatch CSGO betting market that offers better value than competitor sites. Still, similarly, there will be times when Parimatch doesn’t quite offer the same value you can find elsewhere – but that is true of every betting site.

We’re confident you will find generally good value when CSGO betting at Parimatch.

Final remarks

We’re confident that Parimatch’s easy-to-access site (for mobile or desktop users), along with its generally solid CSGO betting options, makes the site one to consider for any punter that wants to enjoy some of the best CSGO betting you can find anywhere online.

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