Pinnacle CSGO Betting: A Guide to Dominating the CSGO Betting Scene on Pinnacle

So you fancy signing up to enjoy some CSGO betting on Pinnacle? Well, you have come to the right place! In this guide, we will give you everything you need to know about signing up and enjoying betting on CSGO once you are a member of the Pinnacle site.

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Your Pinnacle membership means you can access a wide range of other features on the site too, including an extensive Virtual Sports betting section as well as a vast Sports Betting section too. Of course, you’ll find betting on other esports available too, but if you are here predominantly for the available Pinnacle CSGO markets and live streaming, then let’s begin at the very start with advice on what you should do when signing up with the site.

Before you begin CSGO betting on Pinnacle

The first thing you need to do before you begin CSGO betting at Pinnacle is to get yourself an account with the company, and for that, you need to be aware of the process you follow to claim any welcome bonus offer is available on the site.

A great place to start is with our Pinnacle review, which will give you clear guidance on how to open an account and Pinnacle and information about the site itself and the different kinds of betting and other attractions you’ll find on it.

csgo betting at pinnacle

Additionally, you’ll also gain information about the latest Welcome Offer available on the site for new customers, such as whether you need a specific Pinnacle bonus code in order to claim the offer, how much the offer is worth and whether there are any wagering requirements or other restrictions applicable to the offer.

Then when you are signed up, you are ready to enjoy CSGO betting on Pinnacle and the vast range of other attractions on the site.

A closer look at CSGO betting at Pinnacle

Now you are signed up. You will likely wonder whether Pinnacle is one of the best CSGO betting sites available for customers. The good news is that we think it is certainly one of the better options available.

You can easily see what CSGO betting markets are available at Pinnacle by heading to the Esports Hub section of the site and then clicking on the Games tab. This brings up a list of all games available, and CSGO is one of the more prominent titles, often having more fixtures available to bet on than any other esport.

Click on the Pinnacle CSGO link, and you will bring up a list of the key fixtures for the esport.

What is impressive is that many fixtures will have many markets available for you to bet on, way beyond the standard markets you will find with some other sites. Of course, the more prestigious the tournament and fixture, the greater the number of markets you will have available to bet on.

One great and difficult-to-find option on some Pinnacle CSGO fixtures is the option to bet on the performance of individual players from each team rather than just the team as a whole, which adds a whole new dimension to your CSGO betting.

And happily, you can keep tabs on the action happening in real-time through the site’s Live Centre.

Live Centre

Once you are a member and have placed a CSGO bet, you can check out whether there is a stream available of any Pinnacle esports match you have bet on in the Pinnacle Live Centre.

Pinnacle CSGO Betting Guide

Here you will find details of any CSGO live stream the site offers at any particular time. Matches with live streams are generally indicated in the main betting section for that fixture, so you can see at a glance whether a live stream is available for that fixture.

You can then log in to the Live Centre and watch a wide variety of CSGO streams and other esports events, which is a very important feature for the site to have if you are interested mainly in CSGO betting or esports betting in general.

How extensive is Pinnacle CSGO betting?

The answer to that is very extensive! Not only will you be able to bet on all the Valve Majors and events, but also all the high-level S-Tier events, as well as plenty of A, B, and C-tier events, plus a range of qualifiers and national events too.

In fact, we think Pinnacle offers some of the best choices of CSGO betting you can find anywhere online, not just in terms of the number of markets but just the sheer number of esports tournaments that the site offers odds on.

However, if there is one Pinnacle CSGO tournament to keep a special watch for, it is the tournament that they are one of the main sponsors of, The Pinnacle Cup.

pinnacle csgo odds

Special Pinnacle Cup CSGO Betting

If there is one tournament that Pinnacle is likely to offer great value odds, as well as fantastic promotions and other bonuses, it is the Pinnacle Cup.

The tournament features several qualifying rounds of Pinnacle Cup action, and four teams from each of the four qualifying rounds make it through to the Pinnacle Cup Championship, which was played this past year in June, with the tournament won by Heroic.

They pocketed $150,000 for winning the tournament, with other Pinnacle Cup CSGO teams sharing the remainder of the $250,000 prize pool.

As sponsors for this prestigious tournament, which does attract the top teams in CSGO gaming, Pinnacle often will have additional promotions and odds boost offers available for the event, which, if you are a keen CSGO bettor, are well worth looking out for.

Are Pinnacle CSGO odds generally good value for money?

So we have a great choice of CSGO tournaments and betting markets for fixtures. The next question we need to ask is whether Pinnacle CSGO’s odds come up to the mark and offer customers good value for money.

Well, the answer to that is that the odds offered are generally slightly better than you would find across other comparable sites. In terms of value for money, Pinnacle’s CSGO odds do offer customers generally a good deal.

This is especially the case for Pinnacle Cup markets, but often you will find Pinnacle offers decent odds for a good range of markets too.

So to conclude, if you love CSGO betting, then the Pinnacle CSGO betting section of the site will offer you everything you need to enjoy this particular type of esports betting to the full, and much more besides!

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