CSGO Scams: How to Avoid Fake CSGO Gambling Sites

CSGO betting is an extremely valuable industry, which unfortunately means that there are plenty of CSGO scams looking to part players with their cash. We want to show you the most common CSGO scams and methods of fake CSGO gambling so that you can remain vigilant, safe, and secure during your CSGO betting journey.

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Fake CSGO Gambling: What is it?

There are so many CSGO sites for betting, it can be daunting for new players to sift through to find reputable ones. Fake CSGO gambling usually involves the player using their in-game weapon skins as a form of currency and logging them into a fake Steam client that shares their username and password with the scammer. This allows them to log in to your account and trade all of your skins to their account with no way for you to retrieve them.

Some of these fake Steam clients are easily detected, with the incorrect URLs a dead giveaway to fake CSGO gambling sites.

Our CSGO betting advice is this: make sure the sites you use accept real money or cryptocurrency. This is because sites that accept in-game currency are usually not licensed or regulated and offer no protection to their users. This is a huge issue for players that could lose fortunes on these unregulated sites, with no recourse for players to get their skins back. On top of this, Valve has stated that skin-betting sites violate the Steam terms-of-service, so by using these sites you’re risking a Steam ban, too.

thunderpick is a not a fake csgo gambling site

Thunderpick is a safe and secure CSGO gambling site that accepts cryptocurrencies.

Some scammers are becoming smarter now, with many aware that most users can sniff out CSGO scams instantly. Some of these sites present a Steam login, and everything looks legitimate. It will give you a secure Steam login, but it’s in fact hosted on their website. When your details are entered, the site does send the login data to Steam, but keeps a copy for themselves. This is much harder to detect, and highlights the importance of only using reputable CSGO betting sites. If you aren’t sure, don’t use it.

Some CSGO scams are based upon the odds of winning on the site, where players play and technically can win, but the odds are programmed massively against the players. Some of the largest CSGO scandals have resulted from this, most notably in 2016 when Syndicate and TmarTn were exposed for promoting a skin betting site that they secretly owned. This meant that they were able to rig the odds in their favor during their videos and streams, and make it seem as though the odds of winning big on the site were much higher than they were.

CSGO betting scandals can be extremely serious. This was highlighted in 2021, when the FBI was involved, as CSGO betting sites were abused to fix professional matches at a high level. It shows the level of attention that can be raised around any illegal gambling, and why we think it’s safest for players to seek out licensed and regulated betting sites.

How to avoid fake CSGO gambling sites

Our first (and best) piece of advice is to do your research. Our CSGO betting guide features all the information you need to get started on your journey and find the best CSGO betting sites.

There are tell-tale signs of fake CSGO gambling sites. One of the worst offenders is deposit-to-withdraw schemes. Many sites will allow you to play and rig the game, so it seems that you ‘win’ a valuable item, such as a karambit knife skin. They then ask for a deposit of skins into your account before you’re able to withdraw. This is one of the classic CSGO scams. Do not deposit – they’ll take your skins and run for the hills with them.

csgo scams

Image credits: Steam

Some of these sites take matters into their own hands, and browse through players’ CSGO Steam inventories, looking for high-value skins before attempting to scam them. If you have an inventory full of expensive CSGO skins, take the initiative and make your Steam inventory private, making yourself a much smaller target. These scammers message players, often luring them with ‘promo codes’ to fake websites looking to take your Steam details.

If you’re still unsure but are desperate to get involved with CSGO betting, you can always learn what it takes to make a CSGO gambling site. Though it’s the most inefficient option, if you have the time and resources, it can be a lucrative business in a growing market and is one of the only ways to guarantee you avoid fake CSGO gambling sites.

CSGO Scams: Who can we trust?

Despite the number of sites promoting fake CSGO gambling, there are plenty of reputable sites that offer great ways to bet on CSGO safely, securely, and, most importantly – legally.

The best thing about these regulated sites is how they improve the viewing experience of competitive CSGO. They offer a wide range of markets on most CSGO games, even the lesser-known competitions such as youth teams and local circuits. There are plenty of sites we recommend, but these are some of our favorites:


GG.Bet is one of the leading betting sites in the esports space, and, importantly is fully licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao. CSGO is a massive part of their offering as a betting site, and we find they have the broadest selection of markets to choose from. For those wanting an in-depth betting experience, GG.Bet Esports is perfect.


Betway is a brilliant option for CSGO match betting, due to their odds offered being among the best-in-class. They were among the first to integrate esports into legal gambling and have an ongoing partnership with CSGO team Ninjas In Pyjamas. Due to its availability in the UK, Betway Esports is the best choice for UK fans looking to get into CSGO match betting.


We like Thunderpick Esports, but it won’t be for everyone. On Thunderpick, players deposit and withdraw using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. There are no fees for deposits or withdrawals, and the increasing popularity of crypto-currency means this will be the perfect choice for some punters looking to begin CSGO betting.

Avoiding fake CSGO gambling and CSGO scams is easy for users willing to do their due diligence. We hope now that players are aware of some of the more common scams and how to spot them, and the best ways to safely enjoy gambling on CSGO with licensed bookmakers.