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The Best CSGO Casino Slots

The slots we know and love today date back more than 120 years, to their origins as in-house, physical machines. While the majority of slots-based betting these days takes place on digital platforms, you can still find these machines all around the world.

As esports betting has become increasingly popular, more video game-themed slots have appeared on websites everywhere. Now, we’re here to address a small portion of that market, talking about the best CSGO slots the industry has to offer.


Loot.Bet’s CSGO Themed Slot

So, what exactly is a modern, digital slot? These games feature a series of ‘reels’ loaded with iconography and images. As the game unfolds, the reels spin, stopping on certain images; in some games, players can lock particular reels in place and ‘re-spin’ the others. Ultimately, the goal is to land matching images or a series of pre-determined images that result in a win that is recognised by the game.

There are two ways these games can be named ‘CSGO slots’. Let’s find out what they are.

CSGO Slots: CSGO-themed Action

When we talk about CSGO betting slots, we can be referring to two separate things. Firstly, let’s look at an actual CSGO slots game, CSGO Fast. This is a game that both features CSGO art and can be played using CSGO skin gambling practices. However, that second point is an important one to take note of, as while people partake in CSGO skin gambling, it’s an unregulated and inherently unsafe practice.

Put simply, CSGO skin gambling is the act of using CSGO skins as currency in gambling wagers. Although, the act of doing so is totally unsupported by Valve, the creators of CSGO. In fact, Valve actively warns against the practice and has worked hard in the past to close down these CSGO skin gambling sites. We’ll explore this area in a little more depth shortly.

Now, CSGO Fast is far from being a full-fledged CSGO casino, but it does offer a great example of CSGO slots. There are a few games on the platform, such as Crash, Wheel, and Tower, but the Slot is one of the most popular sections. Admittedly, it’s a high-quality slots game, boasting iconic CSGO imagery and rapid gameplay. Furthermore, unlike most other platforms, CSGO Fast is fully licensed, boasting registration in Curacao, like many other online casinos.

Once upon a time, a platform called CSGO500 existed, and it offered a similar service. However, there were doubts as to whether CSGO500 was legit, and ultimately, the platform pushed out a total rebrand, becoming 500Casino.

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CSGO Slots: CSGO Skin Gambling Options

Alternatively, instead of CSGO-themed slots, there are regular slots that use CSGO skins as currency. These are fewer and further between, but they do exist, and they’re altogether quite unsafe. As we’ve already established, using CSGO skins to gamble is a dangerous practice, as there’s no real regulation involved. When you’re gambling with real money, you’ll likely be doing so on a licensed, safe, and reliable platform – this isn’t the case with CSGO skin gambling.

In some cases, skin gambling can be illegal, and it’s notorious for enabling minors to gamble almost anonymously. For the five or six years that CSGO skin gambling has been growing in popularity, it has been seen as a growing problem. However, that hasn’t stopped several CSGO casino platforms from giving players the ability to bet using CSGO skins.

If a CSGO casino offers CSGO slots, then chances are, you’ll be playing normal slots, using CSGO skins as currency. In most cases, players will ‘deposit’ CSGO skins and receive on-platform credits or tokens which they can then use to gamble with. At the other end, they can sometimes use these tokens to trade and pick up other CSGO skins, and the cycle begins anew.

However, there are few examples of CSGO slots existing in this way. Typically, most CSGO casino slots will be CSGO-themed slots featuring real-money betting.

Are There Any Free CSGO Slots?

There aren’t any permanently free CSGO slots, but many of the licensed, registered slots will feature free demos. These modes are somewhat restricted, but they allow you to explore the game without actually investing. While you can’t win prizes playing slots in this way, you can get an understanding of how the game works.

If we think logically, it wouldn’t make sense for any gambling platform to offer free games. As you’re not investing anything, you’re not likely to gain anything back. That’s a fact of life. However, some platforms will offer free spins on slots or free bets, in the form of welcome offers and bonuses.

Almost every esports betting site offers these promotional extras, especially for newcomers to the platform. When you sign up to these websites, make sure you keep an eye out for these bonuses, as they can seriously improve the amount you actually have to gamble with.

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Top Tips for Playing Slots

When it comes to playing slots, there are a few key tips you can take with you. These tips are universal, meaning you can employ them when playing CSGO slots.

  1. Make sure you’re betting enough. In some cases, there’s a minimum bet limit you must reach to be eligible for the biggest payouts.
  2. Play sensible and within your budget. It’s easy to bet over your head with slots, particularly if you’re on a losing streak. Make sure you keep in mind how much you’ve already parted ways with.
  3. Try and play games with free demos. If you can get a little experience with the game beforehand, you’ll find it less stressful when playing a new slot.
  4. Play the market and see what’s on offer. Don’t stick with just one platform – there are thousands of slots out there. While there are way fewer CSGO slots, you should still play the market and see what you can find.

Ultimately, remember to have fun and only gamble what you can afford to lose!

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