What Are Spreads in CSGO Betting?


If you’re new to esports betting – or any betting, for that matter – you may have seen a term named ‘spread betting’. When it comes to esports tournaments, CSGO spread betting is a considerably popular, albeit relatively complex, way to make money. It’s a betting practice that can perplex most newcomers and even some veteran gamblers. With that in mind, we’re here today to answer the all-important question, ‘What are spreads in CSGO betting?’

Let’s break it down.

What ARE Spreads in CSGO Betting?

CSGO spreads can either be a confusing conundrum or an exciting way to boost your potential betting returns. If you’re opting to bet on ‘moneyline’ or ‘outright’ markets, you’ll find that the odds aren’t ever all that preferential. While you stand to make a little money with a win, it wouldn’t ever be anything substantial. Sure, you could boost that potential return with a multi-line wager, but there are other ways to boost your profit potential.

CSGO spreads can be found on many esports betting platforms, like GG.bet

To put it simply, a CSGO spread bet is one where the bettor predicts that a team will win by more than a given number of maps or kills. Alternatively, the bettor will attempt to predict that the other team will win, or not lose by more than a given number of maps or kills. Essentially, these wagers offer an advantage to one team, while the other team has a ‘margin’ to make up for.

Here’s an example:

There’s a standard, best-of-three fixture being played between Na’Vi (-150) and Fnatic (+125). Using a two-way, standard moneyline bet, we can see that Na’Vi is the favourite to win. However, with the CSGO spread bet – also known as a handicap – applied (of 1.5), we now have something like this:

Na’Vi (-1.5) (+150) vs. Fnatic (+1.5) (-250)

Now, the odds are much better on Na’Vi to win but the team must cover the 1.5 margin, meaning a 2:0 win. Should those terms not be met, Fnatic would be the victor in this line, and you win on the other side of the spread.

Similarly, if you were to bet by the round, you could look at figures of Na’Vi (-2.5) vs. Fnatic (+2.5). In this situation, let’s say Na’Vi wins a map with a scoreline of 16-13 – you’ve won the bet, owing to the +3 margin being beaten.

It’s complex, but the potential return is much bigger!

Where Can I Find CSGO Spreads?

So, we’ve answered ‘what are spreads in CSGO betting, but now, we need to know where to find the spreads themselves. These days, almost every esportsbook – or sportsbook offering esports markets – will list odds on handicap and spread options. If they’re taking outright bets, there’s a great chance they’ll also be calculating CSGO spread bets. Although, for smaller CSGO tournaments, you’ll need to find a more specialist platform to accommodate your spread bets.

It’s easier to find CSGO spreads for the biggest CSGO tournaments

As esports betting becomes a much more popular pursuit, these options become more readily available across the board. If you’re not totally won over by spread betting, there will still be a vast amount of exotic and special markets out there for you, depending on which platform you bet with. Right now, some of the best esports betting sites consist of the likes of: GG.bet, Winners.bet, Sportsbet.io, and Betway Esports.

If you’re looking to make a little money with CSGO spread betting, be sure to learn about the practice first. As you can tell, it’s a much more complex pursuit, and it requires a much deeper understanding than standard, outright markets will.

What Are Some Great CSGO Betting Tips?

If you want CSGO betting tips, you’re on the right platform. Here are some snapshot pieces of advice to take away with you:

  • Learn about the game itself to better understand what the various markets mean.
  • Study the teams and competitors, including their recent form, to understand who is more likely to win.
  • Play the field, and take advantage of various platforms and their respective offers and bonuses.
  • Start small and work your way up, learning the markets as you go.

We wish you the best of luck with your CSGO spread bets!