Is WTFSkins Legit?


Since the introduction of skins in CSGO way back in 2013, companies have been searching for ways to make money from them. Today, the CSGO skin market is worth around five billion dollars, most of which comes from the diverse ways in which you can interact with the skins themselves. For example, skins can be gambled, traded, bought and sold, or even used as long-term investments. We’re here today to address the CSGO skin gambling aspect, working to answer the question, ‘is WTFSkins legit?’

WTFSkins is a platform that has existed for many years, seeking to capitalise on the huge value of CSGO skins. It’s a platform that offers players the ability to gamble using CSGO skins, but it does so in a totally unregulated manner. That in itself may seem damning enough, but let’s break into the topic and answer definitively, is WTFSkins legit?

The Inherent Risk

When it comes to CSGO skin gambling, there’s almost no regulation, support, or safety measures put in place. If you’re taking part in skin gambling or skin betting on any platform, such as WTFSkins, you’re doing so entirely at your own risk. Since 2016, Valve, the developer behind CSGO, has been working hard to crack down on skin gambling platforms. Today, every CSGO skin gambling site displays a clear message: This site is not associated with Valve Corp.

That’s the first port of call when asking the question, is WTFSkins legit. It’s totally unsupported by the developer and any activity carried out on WTFSkins brings with it an inherent risk. In fact, a cursory search reveals plenty of disgruntled customers that claim the site is little more than a scam. There are many allegations of malicious behaviour, ranging from the refusal to pay out wins to real-money deposits disappearing entirely.

WTFSkins legit

In any case, the platform (fortunately) seems underutilized; when we examined the site as part of our investigation, it seemed that just 270 active users were online. Although, that’s still 270 people that are using their skins as a WTFSkins deposit, potentially surrendering their content to the WTFSkins owner.

Is WTFSkins Legit?

WTFSkins is far from being considered one of the best CSGO betting sites out there, let’s put it that way. On the platform, which is remarkably simple and boasts a low quality overall, there are several ways to interact with your skins. Firstly, there’s Crash, the homepage game that sees players stake skins against a graph that rises exponentially. If you can guess when the graph will crash, you could win skins (or the equivalent value of skins in platform-only credit).

Then, there’s Roulette and Jackpot, two more CSGO casino games that, again, use skins as the financial model of choice. In an attempt to boast some form of legitimacy, WTFSkins has partnered with CSGOLive, a platform that has a relatively good reputation but still operates outside the realms of regulation.

Ultimately, we need to answer the all-important question. Is WTFSkins legit?

As a platform, it may operate with good intentions, but there’s simply no way it can be regarded as ‘legit’. It’s unregulated, at the end of the day, and it isn’t supported in any way, shape, or form by Valve Corp. If you want to gamble with CSGO, check out one of the many sites offering CSGO betting that exist with licenses.