How to Beat the Bookies: Strategies and Tricks to Beat Bookmakers

Posted on March 7, 2023

Knowing how to beat the bookies is like the Holy Grail for sports betting punters. Ever since the first bets were placed, bettors have been trying to find the elusive secret that will guarantee them a win. Millions of words have been written and spoken as punters seek the knowledge or tricks to beat the bookies, enabling consistent winning wagers.

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Before we go any further, it is worth saying that there isn’t one. There is no magical secret that will guarantee that you take money from the bookie. There are, however, various strategies that you can use that will improve your chances of placing winning bets. These strategies are based on knowledge and patience.

Quick fixes and whizzy little tricks will not work in the ruthless world of sports betting. Read on to find out more about how you can learn an answer to the question, ‘Is there a way to beat the bookies?’

Is there a way to beat the bookies?

So where do you start? Well, it is better to start from a position of honesty, so we’ll say again to you that there is no foolproof, dead certain, iron-on guarantee that you will ever beat the bookies, however superb you believe your betting strategy to be. If you think that there is, then you are probably not being serious enough about your betting to be successful.

What you can do is make sure that you take the time and show sufficient patience to build up your sporting and betting knowledge to expert levels. Once you have a good level of expertise, you should find yourself placing more winning bets. You also need to develop experience so that when the losses do come, they are not going to cause too much damage to your bank balance or general morale. We’ll give you a few pointers on how to do this next.

how to beat the bookies

Can you beat the bookies? – How to build a betting strategy to beat the bookies

So how do you go about building a strategy that can beat the bookmakers? These six tricks to beat the bookies detailed here should set you up in a strong starting position. It is important to acknowledge that beating the bookies is not an easy thing to do, and following these pointers will still require patience and application, as well as time.

1. Know your sports well

If you’re looking for the best way to beat the bookies this is possibly the most important plank of any betting strategy. You need to know the sports on which you are betting well. If you follow soccer, for example, bet on that, and don’t waste time contemplating markets for golf or cricket. You should only bet from a position of strength, and keeping up to date with all of the latest news in one or possibly two sports will create a knowledge base for you that can become a real strength the next time you visit the bet365 esports page.

2. Keep your focus narrow

When researching and staying up to date with sports, it helps to have a narrow focus, particularly if you focus on more obscure leagues or countries. Knowing as much as possible about Scottish football, for example, or a less mainstream sport such as rugby league can help you spot value that would go unnoticed by other punters. This kind of knowledge can therefore give you a real edge when it comes to finding a way to beat the bookies.

3. Learn about odds so that you can spot good value

One skill that all successful bettors possess is the ability to spot good value odds. This ability is based on your knowledge of your chosen sports, which should enable you to find markets that look like good opportunities for success. Knowing how to read betting odds and how they work is obviously part of this process too. So, next time you are at Esports or another sports betting site, make sure you have sufficient knowledge to know which odds are worth your while, and which you should ignore!

tricks to beat the bookies

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4. Boost your knowledge of bet types

When betting, you need to know how each type of bet works. If you don’t know how each bet works, you are unlikely to know how much you will win if your bet is successful. You are also more likely to place a type of bet that doesn’t make full use of the odds on offer. Knowing all about 4 folds bets, each-way bets or in-play bets can really help when it comes to placing successful wagers. Make sure you always research bet types before you start wagering!

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5. Keep an eye on your bankroll

As any poker player will tell you, keeping an eye on your bankroll is a key skill for any gambler, whatever type of gaming you enjoy. As a sports bettor, it is vital that you never chase losses and follow up losing bets with even bigger, riskier bets as you try to compensate. This can end in disaster, where you have wasted your funds on reckless bets that had little chance of winning. Never bet more than you can afford to lose, as this will ruin any well-balanced strategy based on knowledge.

6. Stay calm and in control!

It is also vital that you approach sports betting with a calm and clear mind. Much of your chances of success in betting depend on your being able to make good, well-informed decisions based on the facts of a situation. If you are feeling frustrated, angry or sad for any reason, this will impede your ability to make good decisions. Avoid betting when you are in a bad mood as the bookie is likely to beat you.

You can beat the bookies, but it’s not easy!

As you can see from our guide on how to beat the bookies, it is possible that you can strengthen your betting strategies and make it more likely that you will place winning bets. What should also be apparent, though, is that you can give your chances of winning a real boost by developing your knowledge. The more you know about the sports on which you bet, and the more knowledge you possess about bet types and odds, the more likely you are to win!

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