How to Get Rakeback on Stake


Online gaming platforms continuously innovate to offer enticing rewards to their users. Among these rewards, the rakeback on Stake stands out. On this page, find out more about this rakeback promotion and how can one unlock it. Let’s crack on with this guide that’ll show you how to get rakeback on Stake.

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What is Rakeback on Stake?

Rakeback is a form of passive income on Stake. Simply put, it’s a system where you earn back a fraction of every bet you place. Think of it as a loyalty bonus. The more you play, the more you get in return. Specifically, with rakeback, you’ll receive a percentage of the House Edge every time you wager.

stake rakeback

For instance, consider you place a bet of 1 BTC on a game that comes with a 2% house edge. Through the rakeback system, you’d get 0.001 BTC back as a bonus. This mechanism applies to any amount you decide to wager. What’s even more intriguing is that if the rakeback promotion is activated for your account, you can claim bonuses on amounts previously wagered, unless, of course, your account went dormant for a significant period.

Where Can You Find Your Rakeback?

Once you have the rakeback promotion activated, it’s easily accessible. Simply navigate to your Stake VIP page, and there you’ll find a dedicated tab for rakeback.

Unlocking the Rakeback Feature: How Do You Do It?

There are a couple of routes to unlocking this feature:

  • Affiliate Partnership: If you’ve been directed to Stake through an affiliate, especially from platforms like Twitch or YouTube, the rakeback feature might be readily activated for your account. This is especially true if the affiliate is in close collaboration with Stake.
  • Loyalty Program: As with many loyalty programs, consistency is key. On Stake, once you climb the ladder to the Bronze VIP level, not only do you unlock the rakeback, but a slew of other benefits await you.


Rakeback on Stake is a gamer’s delightful bonus. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving – with every bet you make. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a serious bettor, understanding and utilizing the rakeback feature can greatly improve your ability to make money on Remember, a bonus is just around the corner every time you play. So, why not make the most of it?


Is rakeback the same as the regular bonuses on

No, rakeback is a specific type of bonus where players earn a percentage back from every wager. It’s distinct from other promotional offers, such as Stake sign-up bonus or Stake free money.

How can I activate the rakeback promotion on my account?

The simplest method is by coming via a Twitch/YouTube streamer or a recognized affiliate in collaboration with Players can also activate rakeback by reaching the Bronze VIP level, which makes them eligible for rakeback and other benefits.

Where is rakeback on

After activation, players can locate their rakeback by navigating to the VIP page and then accessing the rakeback tab.