How to get skins in Valorant

Posted on May 28, 2021

We all know how popular skins are in the world of online first-person shooters. When Riot released Valorant, they had an idea of a store system where players could purchase and earn skins through playing, so we’re here to give you a quick guide on how to get your weapon skins in Valorant.

Although none of the Valorants skins interfere with the actual gameplay, they offer aesthetic pleasure for players using them, giving them a higher level of immersion and accomplishment in the game. Some players have that one skin they want to get, but others enjoy having a large collection, and for some, collecting everything in the Valorant store becomes a quest in itself.

We’ll quickly go over the Valorant cosmetic content, and show you how you can buy skins in Valorant.

How does the Valorant Store work

Before we jump into any specifics, we’d like to give you a general overview of the Valorant store, and explain some key features of it.

First things first, the Valorant store uses a currency called Valorant points (VP). These points are purchased using real money, and once you purchase the Valorant points, then you can use them to unlock skins or to purchase a battle pass and grind them out yourself.

The store has two sections where you can purchase your skins. The first one is called the Featured section, and this section cycles every two weeks. Here, you can expect to see a skin bundle containing several items for multiple guns or knives, and it always follows a certain theme.

These bundles are quite expensive, but they are worth it if the bundle contains multiple skins you’re after. If that’s not the case, you’re better off using the second option, and that’s the Offer section.

The Offer section resets daily, and each day it will display several individual skins that players can purchase. This comes with pros and cons, like everything else. The pro of this system is that you can pick up a single skin for a cheaper price, but there’s also a downside.

Sometimes players can get unlucky and wait for days before they see that particular skin show up. We all get impressed when we see that cool skin that the best Valorant players use, and we want to have it now, but if we’re patient and keep an eye on the store, then the Offer section can really pay off in the long run.

Valoratn skins store

Evolve your weapon skins

Let’s say you purchased a weapon skin from the shop. The weapon now has the default version of the skin, but here’s the interesting part. You can also upgrade that skin, and to do that, we have to use the special currency called Radianite Points. These should not be confused with Valorant points, as this is a separate currency.

The way to get Radianite points is either through purchasing a Battle Pass, or to buy them using Valorant points. Once you have your skin, and a decent amount of Radianite points, you can start leveling your weapon.

Each level offers a different variation of the skin, changing the way the original skin looks and feels. This, in a way, adds a progression system to every skin you own, but it’s also pretty costly. For this reason, we suggest you hold on to your Radianite points and prioritize spending them to upgrade the weapons you use the most.

The Battle Pass

This is another system Riot has put in place to reward their players for playing the game. It comes with a free and premium version, and the difference between the two is that the premium version contains more rewards. This means more skins for us!

If you’re a free Valorant player, you can still opt-in for the battle pass and earn free skins. If, however, you choose to buy the premium version, you’ll have more rewards. In both of these cases, the players will have to play the game to unlock the skins, as opposed to simply buying them from the regular Valorant shop.

How to get skin in Valorant

Valorant Contracts

Contracts are another way how you can get skins in Valorant.

By default, you can fill out two contract slots to level as you play the game and earn XP. The first slot is used to level your Agent Contract, while the second is reserved specifically for the battle pass.

Once you equip your Agent Contract, you’ll be able to level it and gain reward tied to that Agent, including Agent-specific skins.

This is a great way for players to get skins reliably, and the only cost is your free time playing the game.

Valorant skins enhance your gameplay, but they aren’t required

It’s important to remember that Valorant skins are exciting, but they aren’t necessary for you to enjoy the game to the fullest. However, if you choose to spend money to purchase some bundles or treat yourself to a skin from the daily offer, that’s perfectly fine. Just don’t stress too much about not having a particular skin, you’ll get it eventually.

Valorant is growing by the day, and we expect them to add more shop features in the future.

Unlike CS:GO, Valorant does not plan on implementing any type of Valorant skin trading. On the other hand, Valorant betting is extremely popular, and there’s large number of Valorant betting sites offering their services. It’s a really good time to be a fan of Valorant.

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