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Last Updated: 03/06/2023 - 01:00 UTC

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Do different sportsbooks have different odds for Hearthstone?

Generally, sportsbooks have very similar – although not identical – odds for the most popular eSports like Hearthstone. Certain sportsbooks use more player-oriented odds as a strategy to bring new customers into the fairly new world of eSports.

It’s also very common for some sportsbooks to have slightly better information on Hearthstone matches, and therefore have more accurate lines.

Although it is uncommon to see huge differences, taking advantage of small line differences will have a positive impact on your bankroll over time.

What’s the best sportsbook for Hearthstone betting?

Despite the growing popularity of Hearthstone, sportsbooks have been slow to add Hearthstone to their roster. There isn’t an obvious frontrunner with any sportsbook taking bets on Hearthstone. With the growing popularity of eSports and of Hearthstone in particular, more sportsbooks are bound to start offering lines on Hearthstone.

Spreading out your bets will also help you get the best value as a bettor. Sportsbooks advertise heavily for eSports with the purpose of drawing in new customers. Paying attention to sportsbook ads and taking advantage of promotions adds tons of value to your bets.

In addition to betway, the following sites offer odds on Heathstone matches:

Fantasy eSports betting on Heartstone is available at:

  • DraftKings

What’s the best way to shop for Hearthstone odds?

There are lots of resources that provide information on Hearthstone betting. For starters, our own odds comparison is listed at the top of this page.

On top of that, LiquidHearth is an excellent resource for potential bettors.  LiquidHearth contains things like newsletters, livestreams, and patch notes all of which can be incredibly beneficial for people new to eSports. Live streaming sites like Twitch constantly have live Hearthstone streams that can help bettors learn the game and therefore make more informed bets.

Doing research on various sportsbooks and learning to evaluate and take advantage of sportsbook odds is what will benefit your play the most. Sites like Pinnacle have large compilations of various sportsbooks listed for easy odds shopping. Bettors can also wager on Hearthstone with sites like AlphaDraft and Vulcun which offer fantasy eSports.

How will Hearthstone odds evolve?

Like any sport, odds are constantly changing. As Hearthstone’s popularity grows in eSports, sportsbooks will be more willing to invest time and energy in creation of betting lines, and those lines will become more competitive.

Placing your bets early can give you a huge advantage. However, there is much more risk involved when placing an early bet. Matches played leading up to the event itself can change odds dramatically – either in favor of your bet or against it. Though there are significant risks, bettors would still be better off evaluating odds and placing bets as early as possible.

Hearthstone specific components that are constantly changing:

  • Changes to team layout, and positions.
  • Team performance pre-match can greatly change outcomes of upcoming matches.
  • Line swings or a dramatic shift in favorites commonly happens.

Hearthstone has many similarities to poker, and is a skill game, which is a big reason it’s incredibly popular. Probability and numbers are what gives players and bettors an edge in Hearthstone eSports – either playing the game or betting on it.