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When it comes to esports, Hearthstone is certainly one of the popular ones with several Hearthstone tournaments yearly. Of course, the reason behind the success of its popularity is the fact that there are quite a lot of events organized by Blizzard every year, and they create some of the most epic moments that the Hearthstone competition has to offer.

Hearthstone Tournaments in 2024: A Revised Structure

Heading into the 10th anniversary of Hearthstone, the esports structure is being revised. For the 2024 season, Blizzard has announced three major Standard events – two Masters Tour Championships building up to the 2024 World Championship.

Masters Tour Championships

hearthstone events
Image Credits: Blizzard

A great place to start with Hearthstone tournaments for 2024 is the two Masters Tour – there are two Championships to look forward to this season and are great for Hearthstone betting.

Each Hearthstone championship features a $50,000 prize pool, and the two Masters Tour events are taking place as follows:

  • Spring Championship Masters Tour – February to March 2024
  • Summer Championship Masters Tour – June to July 2024

For each Masters Tour, 16 competitors are invited to compete – taken directly from the in-game ranking system. Seeding for each Masters Tour Championship is as follows:

  • Four Slots for each of the Top Four Regions (1-12)
  • The next best four players not invited (13-16)

World Championship 2024: Ending with a Bang

Hearthstone World Championship
Image Credits: Blizzard

The top esports tournament for Hearthstone in 2024 is undeniably the Hearthstone World Championship.

Featuring a $350,000 prize pool, seeding for this tournament is as follows:

  • Spring Championship – 2 players (Champion and Runner-Up)
  • Summer Championship – 2 players (Champion and Runner-Up)
  • Total Competitive Points – 4 players (4 invitations)

Taking place every year in December, the best Hearthstone players in the world have the opportunity to cement themselves in the history books.

All Hearthstone Competition on YouTube and Twitch

For 2024, all competitions will be featured on YouTube and Twitch. Check out the following links if you fancy tuning in:

Image credits: Blizzard

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