Hearthstone Competition Scene In 2022

When it comes to esports, Hearthstone is certainly one of the most popular ones, which is quite an oddity for a card game. Of course, the reason behind the success of its popularity is the fact that there are quite a lot of events organized by Blizzard every year, and they create some of the most epic moments that the Hearthstone competition has to offer.

Hearthstone World Championship
Image Credits | Blizzard

While Activision Blizzard is under fire from all sides with lawsuits and negative hate from the community due to some of their practices, the fact is that Hearthstone is still an incredibly fun game, and Team 5 deserves nothing but positive light as they really care about the game. The competition in 2021 was quite interesting, but in 2022, Blizzard decided to spice things up even further.

Increased Prize Pool

Something that motivates players to become a part of a Hearthstone competition is definitely the prize pool, which this year got a slight bump across the board of all the official tournaments. The updated prize pool for 2022 is $3 million with the World Championship being the biggest one at $500,000, but more about that later.

Grandmaster Season 1

Similar to last year, the biggest official events are the Grandmaster seasonal Hearthstone tournaments, which are also the best place to try your knowledge with some Hearthstone betting. Season 1 of the Grandmaster circuit will run from February to March, and like last year, it will be split into three major regions: Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

Each region will feature 16 players, and while the winner of this event will receive a cash prize, they will receive something even better, which is a slot in the Hearthstone championship. This event will last four weeks, which is shortened compared to last year.

Image Credits | Blizzard

Grandmaster Season 2

When it comes to Grandmaster season 2, it is also called Grandmasters: Last Call for a reason. That is because this esports tournament, which is going to be held in late September, will contain the top 4 from each region from Season 1 of Grandmasters, as well as the top 4 by points from Master Tournaments. Winning this tournament will once again grant a seed to the 2022 World Championship.

Master Tournaments

While the Master tournaments might be the smallest Hearthstone competition type from Blizzard, they are probably the most interesting ones, as they have received most changes this year. That is mostly due to the fact that even you, yes you, might stand a chance and actually compete in one of these.

We are saying that because pretty much anyone can become a player in the Masters Tournaments that have a total of $1,500,000 prize pool across 6 different tournaments. In order to participate in these tournaments that are going to start off in February, you can do one of the following to get an invite:

  • Be Grandmaster in the previous year
  • Finished in top 32 at Masters Tour Undercity
  • Finish the ladder in your region in the top 50 Legend
  • Win one of the Master Qualifier tournaments
  • Have a top 50-win rate over 10 Qualifiers without winning
Image Credits | Blizzard

When it comes to Master Qualifiers, you can participate without having any kind of rank in these tournaments, all you need is three decks. These tournaments are running from January 7th until January 23rd every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at specific hours for each region. Winning this tournament will get you an invite into the Masters Tournament as well as 20 packs from the current expansion.

World Championship 2022

Of course, we saved the best for last, and that is the granddaddy of all hearthstone tournaments, World Championship 2022. This Hearthstone competition is going to be held like every year in December, and it will feature 4 spots from Grandmasters, 8 spots from Season Championships, and 4 from the Chinese Gold series.

There Is Always Room For More

It is not unusual for a big Hearthstone competition to be announced later throughout the year, which was the case with DreamHack last year. Besides that, there is also the Chinese Golden Series which as we mentioned will give 4 players the opportunity to play in the Hearthstone World Championship, and we might get some other big tournaments along the way.