LEC Power Rankings 2022

How Will Europe’s Powerhouses Match Up in 2022?


With the Mid-Season Invitational finally over, it’s about time to prepare for the 2022 LEC Power Rankings of the Summer Split! Europe is slowly becoming a very top-heavy league, with 4 or 5 potential contenders for the championship and we couldn’t be more hyped about it!

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LEC Power Rankings are an important tool for anyone looking to bet on the outcome of LEC matches. The LEC is the premier European League of Legends league, and power rankings provide a way to compare and contrast the relative strengths of the teams. By looking at our rankings, you can get a sense of which teams are on the rise and which ones are struggling.

This information can be particularly useful when betting on matches during the LEC Summer Split. The LEC Summer Split Betting Guide provides a useful overview of the event, and together with these rankings, bettors can make informed decisions about which teams to back.

LEC Power Rankings: Road to Worlds

G2 Esports, following a great roster rebuild around Jankos and Caps, went on to win the Spring Split. Almost no one expected them to be the ones coming out on top, but this result has completely shifted our expectations for the second part of the 2022 competitive season.

With just a few months left before Worlds, it’s now the make-or-break moment for LEC teams. This is their only chance to achieve a spot at the biggest LoL tournament of the year.

Only the top 6 of summer will go to playoffs, with championship points organizing the participants in terms of the seeding.

Best LEC Teams: 2022

Some LEC teams have made major changes to their roster, which, in turn, should make these LEC Power Rankings even spicier! We’ll be going through each team in order and see what the potential expectations for each team are. Power rankings are a valuable tool for bettors, you can use them to make more informed picks. However, it’s important to remember that power rankings are not perfect, and they should only be one part of your LoL betting strategy.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

10. Team BDS

Team BDS LEC Power Rankings 2022
Image Credits: Team BDS/Twitter

Coming into the LEC as the new entry this year, Team BDS wasn’t able to make a breakthrough in the European League. Finishing Spring with a 4-14 record and a 9th place finish, the French team still has a lot to improve.

For this upcoming split, the team decided to swap their top laner Adam with the polish player Agresivoo, as well as LIMIT in the support position with the other Polish player Erdote. While we think that the top lane was a good decision, especially considering Adam’s lack of performance, we don’t think BDS will be able to improve that much. With how all the other bottom-tier teams have upgraded their rosters, we can’t see Team BDS anywhere but in last place on the LEC Power Rankings.

9. SK Gaming

SK Gaming LEC
Image Credits: Erik Wessén/Twitter

SK Gaming will be continuing with the same roster that they had during the Spring Split. Their goal is to continue building synergy among the team members and continue the positive trend they had during the last split.

Unfortunately for them, their chances of making it to the playoffs are going to be very slim. All the teams in the bottom-tier pack have tried to make substantial upgrades, while most players on the SK lineup have already shown their maximum potential. Aside from Treatz and maybe JNX (who was renamed from Jenax), the other players are known quantities that we don’t see them improving much.

Maybe the Gillius factor might come into play, but we’re very doubtful that it will allow them to finish in the top 6. For this reason, this is where we think they belong.  

8. Astralis

Astralis LEC Teams Jeonghoon
Image Credits: Astralis/Twitter

Astralis made some really interesting moves during the mid-season break, which intrigue me a lot for this upcoming split.

The organization decided to keep their mid laner Dajor and ADC Kobbe, who have performed decently despite the low expectations. In particular, Dajor has shown some potential during the split, which must have convinced Astralis that they made a good decision.

To replace the top laner Whiteknight, jungler Zanzarah, and support promisq, Astralis brought in Vizicsacsi, Xerxe and JeongHoon (pictured above).

The veteran top laner has returned to competitive play after almost a two-year break until LoL Worlds 2021. After working as a coach in MAD and playing as a substitute top for PEACE at Worlds, the Hungarian player competed in the LFL on GamersOrigin in 2022. It will be hard to assess his individual strength, but his experience will come in handy for Astralis.

Xerxe is also returning to the team, after playing 1 year and a half on Immortals. The NA experience wasn’t great for him, as he wasn’t able to achieve more than a sixth place finish. We’re interested in seeing how he will perform compared to other LEC junglers since they are many great talents in that position.

JeongHoon is a very intriguing move and it goes to show the trend of importing Korean players to the EU. Previously on the academy of Fredit BRION, the support player took a break during spring and is joining now Astralis. He will be a huge question mark for the start of the split, and he might become the key to Astralis’ rise… or fall. Anyway, we’re really excited about the roster, since it will upset the bottom part of the standings.

7. Excel Esports

Excel has finally broken the playoffs curse in the last spring split, finishing in 5th place. However, the team wasn’t able to get past their first enemy and they were quickly sent home.

No changes were done to their roster, so we’re actually expecting to see them getting better. Finn has had a really strong performance last split, and we could feel Mikyx’s worth as soon as he came in. With that being said, there are other teams who we think have upgraded their lineup even further. As a result, we don’t see them ending much higher than 7th, and even if they make playoffs, it will be a repeat of what happened in spring.

6. Team Vitality

It was really hard to place Team Vitality in these LEC Power Rankings because we still think that their roster has the potential of becoming a top-tier team if they are able to put the pieces together.

What we think they did right during the mid-season break is sending away Selfmade. We believe that the Polish jungler is a great player, but his playstyle is really hard to accommodate and not many teams are able to play around him properly. Team Vitality was yet another victim of this mistake, and it probably took them too long before they realized it.

With the Korean and former T1 jungler Haru coming in, we think that the team will find a new dimension that will be more traditional and easier to adjust. Haru is known for playing those early-game champions that can also transition into the mid-game by creating leads for the rest of the team. Selfmade, in comparison, was more selfish from that point of view.

Having said that, there are a lot of question marks around the team, and we believe that it will take them a little more to really get into the groove. We’re expecting them to start slowly, but if they make it to the playoffs, then we might be looking at a strong contender.

5. MAD Lions

MAD Lions were the big disappointment of the LEC spring split, finishing out of playoffs contention and with the worst record ever since they came into the LEC.

Reeker didn’t perform as expected in the mid lane and the organization made the decision to swap him out for Nisqy. The Belgian player should be able to fix some of the problems MAD had the last split, especially giving Elyoya the ability to be the strong early game presence the team has always relied on.

This is the main reason why we’ve bumped MAD Lions into playoffs contention. Paired with the great coaching staff the organization always had, we don’t see them repeat two bad splits in a row. Nonetheless, we’re also pretty sure that this shouldn’t be enough for MAD Lions to become contenders for the championship.

4. Misfits Gaming

misfits gaming lol lec

Despite the change in the top lane with HiRit leaving the organization and the rookie Irrelevant from the academy team, we’re still expecting Misfits Gaming to surprise me once again as they did in Spring. Back in January, we put MSF in 6th as the last playoff team…we all know how that went.

Misfits defied most expectations and finished 3rd in the regular split and they kept their level of performance during playoffs, ending 4th in what was a really positive tournament for them.

Coming into summer, many have had doubts about the new top laner coming in. Paired with the fact that he has to share game time with both the main team as well as the academy in the LFL, this might be a small handicap for the team overall.

With that being said, we think that Irrelevant might be a big surprise and the rise of a new star in the LEC. Keep a close look at him and see how much he improves during the split. Together with him, always check on Vetheo: one of the best performing mid laners last split, will he be able to enter the top 3 mids in the LEC?

3. Fnatic

Fnatic was the number 1 in our previous LEC Power Rankings, and they looked like the strongest team, together with Rogue, going into the spring playoffs. Their form, however, crumbled apart all of a sudden and they were both eliminated by Rogue in the winner’s bracket, as well as from G2 in the losers’.

While there were rumors about jungler Razork being swapped out, it seems like the organization wasn’t able to find a strong enough replacement. Apparently, the jungler’s occasional inconsistency seemed like the big problem, and probably expectations were set too high on him following his stint on Misfits Gaming.

For now, Fnatic will continue to stick with the same roster they ran with in Spring. One of the major problems we think Fnatic had was mainly due to a sub-optimal meta read. Upset and Hylissang are the lane that you want to play for: you need that late-game presence and DPS. If you move Upset to a utility role, Fnatic struggles in the latter stages.

With how the meta is shifting with the durability patch, giving more space to hyper carries and crit damage ADCs, we personally believe that Upset can shine. He’s always been a team fight monster that doesn’t die, so this should be the perfect meta for him.

2. Rogue

Rogue LEC Teams
Image Credits: Rogue/Twitter

Rogue continues to be at the very top of the LEC, as they have established themselves as potential contenders every year. This summer split shouldn’t be much different, as they didn’t make changes to their roster: we’re expecting them to be strong right off the bat.

We were really pleased by Malrang and his super-utility and supportive playstyle. In a team with stacked players like Rogue’s, he is probably the best type of jungler you would want. Comp and Larssen are players that need resources to make a difference, and Odoamne has also shown he can take that carry role.

Having said that, we feel like Rogue always starts extremely well and falls off as the split goes on. It’s been 3 out of the last 4 splits where they win the regular split (the exception being anyway the second place), and then fail to win the Championship during Playoffs. It must be a burden that builds over time, especially on Larssen, who’s the only one who has played all 4 splits with Rogue.

We’re hoping to see a new version of Rogue this split, but at the same time, we think that there’s a team that should be a tier above them this summer.

1. G2 Esports

G2 Esports LEC Power Rankings
Image Credits: Riot Games

G2 Esports, being the number 1 in our LEC Power Rankings, shouldn’t be much of a surprise. G2 Esports are currently the LoL odds favourite to win the 2022 LEC Summer Split. The LoL Odds are supplied by Betway Esports, an industry-leading esports betting site.

The team made an insane run during the LEC Spring Playoffs, earned themselves the spot at MSI, and proceeded to make one of the biggest upsets at the start of the Rumble Stage.

Unfortunately, that turned out to be a fluke, since G2 went from being number 1 to almost not making it out of the top 4. Regardless of the results, though, we believe that G2 learned a lot from playing the best teams in the world and it will prove useful for the summer split as well.

Caps is finally showing why he’s one of the most talented mid laners the EU has ever produced. Throughout the whole MSI, he was critical to the team’s success, thanks to Jankos’ early game presence.

The other pleasant surprise was Flakked: we were slightly skeptical about him, and the first part of spring proved my point. Once playoffs came around, however, he felt like another player, and at MSI he had really strong performances.

What messed up G2’s results at Busan were mainly some of the opinionable drafts they made during crucial games. During Spring Playoffs, it was G2 who had the upper hand in terms of the draft, so it was saddening to see them have a devolution.

Anyway, we’re still expecting them to return to the EU and be the front runners. They might not finish first in the regular split, but you can be sure that they will show their worth when it matters the most.