The last week of the 2019 LEC Spring Split begins on March 15, but things aren’t even close to being decided! With only Excel and Rogue being out of the playoffs race, every other team still has a chance to break into the knockout stage or—at least—seriously shake up the standings. We’re updating our LEC power rankings 2019 to highlight the teams that have the best chances to make it through!

10. Rogue (2W, 14L, no change)

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There’s no light at the end of the Rogue tunnel. Their only two wins came off the back of hectic skirmishes and cheesy pocket picks, but they are struggling to replicate this success on stage. On top of that, Rogue seem to have realized that climbing LEC power rankings 2019 is no longer on the menu because they moved Finn and Vander down to their Academy team and brought back Profit and Wadid. And while Profit does a reasonable job in the top lane, Wadid is nigh invisible in the support position.

To make matters worse, Kikis is pulling out one off-meta pick after another. None of them are particularly effective, though, and it’s common to see Rogue’s jungler fall behind in duels and river skirmishes. Combine that with the fact that Sencux is volatile in the mid lane position, and it’s clear that Rogue need to make a lot of roster moves in the off-season.

9. Excel Esports (4W, 12L, no change)

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Excel Esports are in a similar spot, but they haven’t given up hope. Despite the fact that they’re already out of the playoffs contention, Excel are still trying to experiment with their lineup. One of such experiments was subbing out KaSing in favor of Mystiques. The new support is a breath of fresh air in terms of lane presence and playmaking, but his inexperience shows when he has to set up vision and look for cross-map plays, so it will be a while before he becomes a solution to Excel’s problem.

Still, the fact that Excel are no longer losing every bot lane skirmish shows promise. They already have a solid top laner in Expect as well as a talented jungler in Caedrel, and getting another carry threat goes a long way towards making them more competitive. Granted, they lack stability in the mid lane, but Excel have an entire off-season to figure this issue out.

8. Misfits (7W, 9L, -2 spots)

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Misfits have given up. Their record might not look dire, but the way they approach the game eliminates any possibility of this team reaching the LEC playoffs. Maxlore is downright dysfunctional in the jungle, and it’s common to see him walking around the map for 20 minutes without finding a single gank or a neutral objective. sOAZ has also been struggling to keep up with the best European top laners, and Febiven has been looking lost in the mid lane.

But the worst thing about Misfits is that they don’t function as a team. Their macro and synergy are haphazard, and if you were to turn off the nameplates, they’d look exactly like five random Solo Queue players. They also hold the dubious achievement of making some of the worst Baron calls in League of Legends history, and when five top-tier players keep making such horrid mistakes, you know there are deeper issues lying underneath.

7. FC Schalke 04 (8W, 8L, +1 spot)

FC Schalke 04 might’ve gone up our LEC power rankings 2019, but that doesn’t mean they’ve gotten better. The main reason behind this climb is that other European teams are getting worse, and Schalke still have a lot of problems to solve. The biggest one is Memento. Schalke’s jungler seems to have forgotten how to play competitive League of Legends, as he continues to opt for questionable plays and losing skirmishes.

Other players aren’t doing that hot either. Odoamne remains hit-or-miss in the top lane, and while he can have a standout performance, he can just as easily throw the game with a brash flank or an badly timed teleport. The same applies to Abbedagge, who has a hard time showing up on anything other than Zoe and Lissandra. With that, Upset is the only reliable carry threat on the team, and in the end, there’s only so far you can get by funneling all your resources into a single player.

6. Splyce (9W, 7L, +1 spot)

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Splyce are a weird team to evaluate. Their game against G2 Esports was an exemplary display of professional League of Legends, as they outmuscled their foes in the early game and snowballed their leads with decisive shot calling. Unfortunately, these traits didn’t seem to be there in the following match against SK Gaming, and Splyce once again looked like they had no idea how to navigate the mid game.

It’s clear this roster has a ton of potential, and it can even challenge the best teams in the league when all the members are playing their A-game. However, this win condition is unreliable in the grand scheme of things, and even though Splyce are getting wins on the board, it’s hard to consider them a top-tier team.

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5. SK Gaming (8W, 8L, no change)

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SK Gaming find themselves in a similar situation. On a good day, they can put any opponent on the back foot with their combination of synergy and firepower. On a bad day, however, SK can falter to the point where they give away free wins to the bottom feeders like Excel and Rogue. Most of this inconsistency stems from individual performances. Werlyb is the biggest culprit here, as he has a hard time doing anything other than playing out the laning phase. Crownshot isn’t the hallmark of consistency either, and SK’s bot lane tends to fall behind in CS and give away free kills without any extra jungle pressure.

Another thing to note is SK are as a team. This is the first LEC split for many of their players, and their lack of game knowledge shows when they need to set up rotations and make split-second decisions. With that, we doubt this team will get much further in our LEC power rankings 2019.

4. Team Vitality (10W, 6L, -1 spot)

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Vitality are another wildcard. This team is stacked with talent, and the likes of Cabochard, Mowgli, and Jiizuke have the perfect combination of mechanical prowess and instinctual game sense to take over games. Yet, Vitality’s macro lags behind their individual skill. This isn’t noticeable when they’re steamrolling bottom-tier lineups, but whenever they meet their match, Vitality always seem to turn the game into a string of hectic skirmishes.

Their other weakness lies in the bot lane. Atilla and Jactroll aren’t on a level of their teammates, yet they’re playing with the same boldness and aggression. Hence, it’s common to see them jumping into bad trades and dragging their allies into losing teamfights. And until these issues get fixed, Vitality won’t be able to maintain a top-3 position in our LEC power rankings 2019.

3. Fnatic (9W, 7L, +1 spot)

Fnatic continue their climb! Despite their horrid start to the 2019 Spring Split, they regained their footing to the point where they look like one of the best teams in the region. Bwipo and Nemesis are much more dominant compared to their form at the beginning of the season, and you can count on them to secure lane priority and provide playmaking opportunities for their jungler.

Speaking of jungling, Broxah also seems to have gotten back in shape, and his constant pressure became the foundation of Fnatic’s early game. And while Rekkles and Hylissang can be a bit sloppy in bot lane all-ins, the fact that they’re going for said all-ins in the first place speaks a lot about their level of confidence. Combine that with the fact that Fnatic are very smart about the way they approach teamfights and neutral objectives, and we’re excited to see what this can show on week 9 of the LEC.

2. G2 Esports (12W, 2L, -1 spot)

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G2 Esports fell from their LEC throne! Their matches against Splyce and Team Vitality were incredibly volatile, and it looked like G2 had no idea how to navigate the game when none of their lanes are winning the early game. To make matters worse, their players didn’t perform up to their usual standard. Perkz’s positioning left a lot to be desired, as he took too many risks and tried to make hero plays in teamfights and skirmishes. Wunder also lost a lot of ground in the laning phase, and it seemed like G2 didn’t know how to cover him.

But our biggest concern is Mikyx. Not only is G2’s support playing some of the shakiest games in his career, but the org made an official announcement that he’s suffering from wrist issues. With that, there’s a good chance G2 will have to bring in a substitute for week 9, which will be a huge hit to their team dynamic.

1. Origen (10W, 6L, +1 spot)

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Origen are officially the #1 team in our LEC power rankings 2019! Their individual skill is impressive, and we’re pleasantly surprised by how much stronger the likes of Kold, Patrik, and Mithy have gotten since the beginning of the split. Combine that with two solid solo laners in Alphari and Nukeduck, and Origen show no early game openings that could be exploited by their opponents.

But it’s their playstyle that makes them stand out from the rest. Unlike other top LEC teams, Origen don’t rely on individual talent to win most of their games. Instead, they make well-timed rotations, craft intricate Baron setups and search for other ways of securing strategic advantages over their opponents. And while they’re capable of brute forcing their way to victory, it’s the fact that they can win games without getting into fights that makes Origen such a force to be reckoned with.