With the second half of the LEC 2020 Summer Split fast approaching, there will be new changes in team lineups and strategies. No matter what changes are made you can always count on our LEC Power Rankings to provide insight into which teams you should be keeping an eye on. Here are our LEC Power Rankings for Summer 2020!

10. FC Schalke 04

Roster: Odoamne (Top), Gilius (Jungler), Lurox (Jungler), Abbedagge (Mid), FORG1VEN (Bot), Innaxe (Bot), Dreams (Support)

Schalke 04 currently has three losses on their record in Week 1 and similar to their performance in the last split, it seems they’ve had a pretty terrible start. There were also some setbacks that Schalke suffered which might be getting in their way, such as Konstantinos-Napoleon “Forg1ven” Tzortziou stepping down.

There were some signs of improvement before the split began, such as the addition of Nihat “Innaxe” Aliev that helped them defeat G2 Esports. Schalke still needs to make major improvements and is why they are at the #10 spot here.

9. Excel Esports

Roster: Kryze (Top), Caedrel (Jungler), Special (Mid), Patrik (Bot), Tore (Support)

Despite their roster adjustments to include an all-European players lineup, Excel had a horrible start to the split with a 0-3 record. Even their two top academy players, Felix “Kryze” Hellstrom and Joran “Special” Scheffer proved to be no help.



We are ranking Excel over FC Schalke here because there might be a few ways that the team can restrategize and turn things around. They might not place in the LEC top 3 for the summer but they can definitely improve their rankings a bit.

8. G2 Esports

Roster: Wunder (Top), Jankos (Jungler), Caps (Mid), Perkz (Bot), Mikyx (Support)

How could the “new kings” of the LEC drop so low? Their incredibly bad performance during Week 1 saw them lose to both Origen and Team Vitality in some pretty one-sided matches.

If the seven-time LEC champions wish to remain at the top they’ll need to get their act together. Their roster still has “Caps” on the mid-lane and “Perkz” making a return to bot-lane, they just need to fix their communication problem. G2 may have had a strong performance at the 2020 Spring Playoffs, but let’s hope they don’t continue on this current path or they’ll stay at the #8 spot on our LoL LEC Power Rankings.

7. Origen

Roster: Alphari (Top), Xerxe (Jungler), Nukeduck (Mid), Upset (Bot), Destiny (Support)

Origen had a rather disappointing start to the Summer Split. Their performance seemed to lack against G2 and Fnatic as they struggled against mid and low tabled teams. Origen managed to get a win against G2 but the match definitely should not be on their “best-played matches” list.



There is still a chance that Origen can rebound since they have displayed top-performance matches in the past. If the team’s bot-laner, “Upset”, can use Tristana in their upcoming games, it might help improve Origen’s overall performance.

6. Misfits

Roster: Dan Dan (Top), Razork (Jungler), FEBIVEN (Mid), Ronaldo (Mid), Kobbe (Bot), Denyk (Support), Doss (Support)

Misfits didn’t start off the way they should have, but they did play quite well in Week 1. Their victory against Fnatic was close and they had a clear victory against Origen. The Misfit’s roster is still pretty solid, with “Kobbe” as their bot-laner and strong support players, “Denyk” and “Doss”.

With a good team makeup and a decent performance, we might see Misfits rank up higher during the Summer Split. It is possible that they might pull off some major upsets during this split as well.

5. Team Vitality

Roster: Cabochard (Top), Nji (Jungler), Milica (Mid), Comp (Bot), Jactroll (Support), Labrov (Support)

Team Vitality was proving to be a promising team for the 2020 Summer Split, but it appears they have dropped to the mid-rankings this time. The team that you’d never think would rank over G2 Esports managed to defeat them in Week 1, which is a major reason for this #5 LoL LEC Power Rankings. The improved roster might be paying off for Vitality.



Vitality also has shown strengths in their mid lane and jungle performance since the team adjustments. We’ll just have to see if they’ll be able to keep this momentum in the rest of the split.

4. SK Gaming

Roster: Jenax (Top), Trick (Jungler), ZaZee (Mid), Crownshot (Bot), LiMiT (Support)

The performance SK Gaming showed in the Spring Split was so terrible that most did not expect to see them beginning the Summer Split with their current record. Although they suffered a loss against MAD Lions they managed to pull off impressive victories against Origen and Schalke.

SK’s 2019 Summer champion Dir “ZaZee” Mallner may prove to be the team’s greatest strength if he can keep playing as Orianna. SK needs to keep on top of their game and ensure that the team has a solid strategy in place if they wish to remain at #4 or better their rankings.

3. MAD Lions

Roster: Orome (Top), Shad0w (Jungler), Humanoid (Mid), Carzzy (Bot), Kaiser (Support)

The first week of the Summer Split saw MAD Lions suffer a loss to G2 Esports. MAD Lions were seen as the underdogs of the Split already, but they had a win over G2 back in the Spring Playoffs. Their jungler, “Shad0w”, and bot-laner, “Carzzy”, are some of their key players behind their effective strategies.



Right now it appears that the Lions are off to a strong start and hopefully they can continue their progress. Seeing them beat G2, or even Fnatic, later on in the split may actually happen.

2. Rogue

Roster: Finn (Top), Inspired (Jungler), Larssen (Mid), Hans Sama (Bot), Vander (Support)

After their performance in Week 1 of the LEC Summer Split, Rogue surprised many with an outstanding 3-0 record. They still have more to prove though, mainly because their victories were against low and middle-table teams.

Rogue has proven their ability to pull off amazing plays before so they definitely have earned this #2 spot.

1. Fnatic

Roster: Bwipo (Top), Selfmade (Jungler), Nemesis (Mid), Rekkles (Bot), Hylissang (Support)

Fnatic is no stranger to being a team that generally ranks within the top 3 of many power ranking lists. With their 3-0 record in Week 1, it is without a doubt why they are at the #1 spot for our LEC Power Rankings for Summer 2020. Fnatic will still need to keep an eye on G2 esports, as they did lose 0-3 to G2 in the Spring Final.



The Fnatic roster is definitely one of the best in the LEC, but they still need to make sure that “Selfmade” and “Hylissang” keep an eye on their death count since they have proven to be trouble for them before. Despite some shortcomings, the team is looking strong and seems like they can capture the grand prize at the Summer Split.


In the end, we’ll have to pay close attention to the rest of the Summer Split to see which teams will come out on top and who will take home the ultimate prize. Will it be Fnatic, Rogue, or MAD Lions to come out in the top 3? Do you think G2 Esports can make a comeback? We’ll just have to stay tuned to find out.