Week 5 of the 2019 LEC Spring Split kicks off on February 15! The last set of matches introduced a lot of twists and turns to the competition, and things are going to get even more volatile with patch 9.3. Let’s see how this affects European teams in our LEC power rankings 2019 breakdown!

10. Rogue (0W, 8L, no change)

Rogue Logo

The worst team in the LEC is finally making changes! After their abysmal week 4 showings, Rogue decided to replace Profit and Wadid with Finn and Vander from their Ultraliga team. Vander is well-known to European fans as the former support for H2K Gaming and FC Schalke 04, and his playmaking will be a major asset to Rogue’s struggling lineup. Finn, on the other hand, is a wildcard. He’s been making strides in European national leagues, sure, but we can’t help wondering whether a complete rookie will be able to fill the shoes of a battle-hardened veteran like Profit.

More importantly, these roster moves don’t address Rogue’s actual problems. Sencux and HeaQ are horrid in carry positions, and as long as they’re on the team, Rogue will have a hard time standing up to the competition in teamfights and skirmishes. And while it’s good that they’re trying to switch things up, it might be time to start thinking about the off-season.

9. Excel Esports (2W, 6L, -1 spot)

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Excel Esports are also stuck at the bottom of our LEC power rankings 2019. They’re not quite Rogue level of bad, but they’re definitely getting there. Their biggest issue comes from the laning phase. Exile is downright dysfunctional in the mid lane, and it’s common to see him fall behind in CS or end up on the wrong side of an outplay. Other laners aren’t much better either. Granted, they can hold their ground against most opponents, but they rarely—if ever—secure individual leads for themselves.

With that, Excel are almost forced to put all of their eggs into the Caedrel basket. The jungler is the sole ray of hope on this team, but in the end, there’s only so much he can do with three losing lanes. Combine that with sloppy macro and lacking vision control, and Excel are going to have a hard time gaining ground in the LEC.

8. Fnatic (2W, 6L, +1 spot)

Fnatic might’ve picked up another win, but they’re far from being a competent team. Their drafts still revolve around scaling picks, and their playstyle is so slow, it’s physically painful to watch. To make matters worse, they continue to struggle in the side lanes. Bwipo looks like a shadow of his former self, and it’s common to see him fall apart in the laning phase. The same applies to Hylissang, who’s making one bizarre positioning mistake after another.

But the worst thing is that Fnatic don’t have the time to solve these issues. Their current rate of improvement isn’t fast enough to catch up to the top teams, so they need to come up with some Band-Aid solutions if they want to bridge this gap. That’s easier said than done, though, and it’s much more likely that Fnatic will remain at the bottom of the LEC standings.

7. SK Gaming (3W, 5L, no change)

SK Gaming Logo

SK Gaming continue to disappoint. It’s hard to call them a bad team because so many of their losses come down to the wire. Yet, they keep losing. Much like with Fnatic, their issues stem from the side lanes. Werlyb is nigh invisible in the top lane, as he struggles to find success on anything other than Urgot. Crownshot isn’t doing too hot either. His Cassiopeia was terrible in the match against Splyce, and while he did redeem himself with a decent Lucian showing against Rogue, it remains to be seen whether he can replicate this performance against stronger teams.

That being said, there is one area where SK Gaming have a distinct advantage over the rest of the playing field. And that area is the jungle. Selfmade is an absolute machine when it comes to finding clutch ganks and pulling off miracle plays. Unfortunately, a single player isn’t enough to carry a team to the top of our LEC power rankings 2019, so his efforts only prolong the inevitable.

6. Misfits (4W, 4L, -2 spots)

Misfits Logo

Misfits are in a rough spot. Not only do they live and die by the early game, but they do so in the most one-dimensional way possible. If they get Lucian and Draven in the bot lane, they can take over the entire game by playing around Hans Sama. If they don’t, they can’t build up enough momentum to get their snowball going, so they just crumble in teamfights.

Granted, they do show hints of progress. sOAZ might not have had the best performance on Sylas versus Schalke, but his Kennen flanks were instrumental to keeping Misfits in the game against Splyce. Maxlore also deserves credit for his ability to find early ganks and set his carries up for success. There’s also a world where Misfits have a sudden resurgence on patch 9.3, but considering Hans Sama is much better at lane bullies than traditional crit marksmen, we wouldn’t count on it.

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5. Origen (4W, 4L, +1 spot)

Origen Logo

Origen are finally living up to their potential! Alphari picked up the slack in the top lane, and he’s once again crushing lane and solo killing his opponents. More importantly, Mithy regained his playmaking prowess, although it’s hard to tell whether it’s because of his own improvements or Patrik’s Kalista ultimates. They also look more cohesive in teamfights and skirmishes, which, combined with their natural knack for macro, makes them a very dangerous team to face.

Our only worry is that this is a temporary resurgence. Success can be fleeting when you have so many inconsistent pieces on your roster, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Alphari and Mithy fall into another slump next week. But if they keep performing on this level, Origen will continue to climb our LEC power rankings 2019.

4. Splyce (5W, 3L, +1 spot)

Splyce Logo

Splyce are seriously impressive! Kobbe and Norskeren are looking sharp in the bot lane, and their laning presence alone has secured countless early game leads for their team. Xerxe also deserves all the props he can get for pathing and playmaking so well that even Karthus look like a deadly early game jungler in his hands. Throw in a couple of well-rounded solo laners and a good understanding of late game macro, and Splyce have a great shot at becoming the sleeper OP of the season.

The cracks begin to show in the mid game. Splyce fall into a dangerous lull around the 15-minute mark, and it’s painfully obvious they don’t know how to snowball their advantages. They give their opponents too much breathing room by forfeiting objectives and waiting for late game teamfights, and that’s not a good look in a league as fast-paced as the LEC.

3, Team Vitality (6W, 2L, no change)

Team Vitality Logo

Team Vitality might only know how to play an early game style, but they’re playing it pretty damn well. Atilla and Jactroll form a potent duo in the bot lane, and their relentless aggression can even put the likes of Perkz and Mikyx on the back foot. The same could be said about Jiizuke, who’s routinely running his enemies over in the mid lane position. Mowgli has also been great at capitalizing on the opportunities created by his laners, and it’s common to see him take a slight lead and turn it into a crushing advantage for Team Vitality.

That being said, playing from behind is a constant struggle for this lineup. They’re definitely not as clean in the late game either, as they have a hard time identifying the right rotations and macro decisions. Still, the sheer firepower on this roster makes Vitality fearsome in teamfights and skirmishes, so they can always just brute force their way to victory.

2. FC Schalke 04 (6W, 2L, no change)

FC Schalke 04 are Vitality’s polar opposites. They employ a controlled and measured playstyle that revolves around their powerhouse bot lane. Upset is a force of nature in the AD carry position, and his support IgNar does well to set him up with one great teamfight after another. Abbeddage also acts as a solid secondary threat in the mid lane, so even if Upset falters, FC Schalke 04 have another weapon in their arsenal.

Our only gripe with them is that their early game is a bit slow. Origen have already exploited this flaw in their week 4 match, and teams like Vitality and G2 Esports will definitely try to do the same in the future. But as long as FC Schalke 04 can withstand the onslaught, they have enough macro knowledge to outmaneuver even the strongest opponents in the late game.

1. G2 Esports (8W, 0L, no change)

G2 Logo

G2 remain the undisputed kings of the LEC. The only bad thing you can say about them is that Perkz and Mikyx are a bit shaky in the laning phase, but even that is a stretch when you consider that they’ve mostly been playing losing matchups. Meanwhile, every other player this roster made a solid claim to being the best in his position.

Caps is downright oppressive in the mid lane, and he has taken the league by storm with his combination of razor-sharp mechanics and acute game sense. Jankos has also been great at finding new ways to support his superstar laners, and even Wunder has made a statement with his solid play in the top lane. In the end, G2 Esports are a powerhouse in every sense of the word. And we very much doubt any other team in our LEC power rankings 2019 can match them.