Legends of Runeterra Odds Ultimate Betting Guide


Our guide is here to tell you all about Legends of Runeterra odds. This means revealing how these odds work, which bookmakers give you the best odds and showing you the many different ways that you can bet on this collectible card game.

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Introduction to Legends of Runeterra Odds

We’ve created the above odds comparison that instantly shows you the bookmakers with the best bets for any Legends of Runeterra game. So that whether you want to bet on the Legends of Runeterra World Championships or the Giant Slayer Fight Night, you can get the best odds for it right here.

Understanding how Legends of Runeterra Odds work

Esports odds just refer to the chances of happening. These are usually displayed by a bookmaker in fractional, American or decimal forms. For this example, we’ll use decimal format as it’s the easiest to understand.

So if you saw odds that a top player like alanzq had odds of 4.00 to win the Legends of Runeterra, while someone like Szychu had odds of 6.00, you’d know that alanzq was the favourite as his odds were lower. Conversely, Szychu would be an outsider because his odds number was higher.


Significance of Legends of Runeterra Odds in Betting

The key thing about odds to remember is that while lower odds will give you a better chance of winning your esports bets, your potential payouts won’t be as good as winning a bet on higher odds.

Popular Markets

  • Match winner: Simply a bet on which player you think will win that game.
  • Outright bets: Here you bet on whether a certain player will win a tournament.
  • Totals: This could be a bet on the total number of rounds played before the game is won.

Factors Affecting Runeterra Odds in Betting

A bookmaker will formulate Legends of Runeterra odds according to a variety of factors including player form, previous head-to-head encounters and the context of the actual game. All of which can have a massive impact on what could happen, and your job is to come up with a strategy that enables you to make better predictions than the bookmaker.

The Role of Bookmakers

All bookmakers will include something called a margin in their odds. This essentially allows the bookmaker to make a profit by tilting the overall odds in their favour. The good news is that some bookmakers will lower their odds to give you market-beating odds and you can just check our odds comparison to see which bookmakers are doing this for Legends of Runeterra.

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Conclusion – Keep it here to get the best Legends of Runeterra odds

By now, you’ll know what Legends of Runeterra odds are and understand how you can use our odds comparison to find the best bets for this collectible card game. We think that Legends of Runeterra betting is only just getting going and so we can expect to see many more betting markets opening up soon for this Riot Games release. So watch this space to make sure you’re first in line for the best Legends of Runeterra odds.


How do Legends of Runeterra odds work?

Your Legends of Runeterra odds represent the chance of you winning a specific Legends of Runeterra bet. The better the odds, the better your shot at winning. Always be on a lookout for the best Legends of Runeterra odds before committing to a bet.

What are the popular Legends of Runeterra odds markets?

There are three most popular markets for Legends of Runeterra – match winner, outright bets and totals. These will usually be your go-to markets, but do feel free to experiment with others.