Esports Betting in the Netherlands

Tips for Finding Legal Esports Betting Sites in the Netherlands


Welcome to our guide on esports betting the Netherlands has to offer. You’ll know that Netherlands betting regulation has been through some big changes recently, and we are here to show you what it means for betting on esports. So take a look below to see if you can bet on esports at the best betting sites in the Netherlands!

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What is the Netherlands betting regulation for esports?

So if you want to bet on esports in the Netherlands, you’re going to be disappointed. This is because esports betting in the Netherland is completely illegal. For some reason, the gambling authorities in the Netherlands don’t think that esports is a real sport, and therefore you can’t bet on it like you would football or tennis.

All of this is pretty underwhelming because there has been something of a revolution in the Dutch gambling industry recently. October 2021 saw the lifting of restrictions on commercial betting platforms that took over from the previous state-owned monopoly on gambling.

This has meant that people in the Netherlands can now finally get a decent selection of ways to bet on their favourite sport. Sadly, it seems that if you’re into esports betting the Netherlands might leave you cold because there are no legal betting sites in the Netherlands that’ll give you esports odds.

Esports Betting Holland
Image Credit: Edivisie

Do legal betting sites in the Netherlands have esports odds that you can bet on?

Yes, you’ll find many of the sports betting sites that are licensed in the Netherlands will have esports betting odds, but you won’t be able to bet on them from anywhere within the country. Plus even trying to login into the betting site using a VPN is probably going to cause you problems as most operators are smart to this kind of move and you won’t get access.

Which are the best betting sites in the Netherlands for esports?

We’ve already clarified that you’re not going to see any officially sanctioned betting sites in the Netherlands giving you esports odds. So if you want to try some esports betting Netherlands customers will probably be tempted to use one of the various ‘offshore’ betting sites. These are those betting sites that have their headquarters outside of the Netherlands and probably won’t actively target Dutch gamers.

While the authorities take a dim view of these offshore betting sites, lots of gamers find that they do offer them a way to bet on a variety of esports tournaments. Care should be taken to only use offshore betting sites that have some form of official licensing as there are many scam sites out there who’ll happily offer you esports odds but then give you nothing in return. Thankfully sites like Betway Esports and Betsafe and others in our list of the best esports betting sites have proven to be good examples of international operators who offer trustworthy esports bets.

Where can I get betting tips for esports?

We’ve created this whole resource that’s dedicated to helping you get a little extra out of your esports bets. Not only do we show you the best sites for esports betting the Netherlands has to offer, but we’ll also help you find the best bonuses.

In addition to this, you’ll get expert reviews of all of the biggest tournaments like LoL Worlds, The International and those ESL events. These will be accompanied by our predictions that you can use to take your esports bets to the next level.

Which esports are most popular for betting in the Netherlands?

While there might not be any Netherlands esports betting sites that have esports odds, there is no denying the fact that the Dutch are crazy about competitive gaming. For a relatively small country, the Netherlands is definitely punching above its weight in producing pro gaming stars who’ve appeared for esports organisations like Team Liquid.

League of Legends is by far the most popular of esports in the Netherlands, closely followed by familiar titles like Counter Strike Global Offensive, StarCraft 2 and Hearthstone. This popularity could easily be translated into a thriving betting scene, with Dutch punters eager to place bets on their favourite teams and players. There are an estimated seven million gamers in the Netherlands. Many of whom will definitely be keen to enjoy some League of Legends betting in the Netherlands.

Wait here to see Netherlands betting sites with esports odds

We’re pretty sure that it’s only a matter of time before the authorities in the Netherlands finally recognise esports as a legitimate sport. After all, it’s widely expected that the Olympics will shortly feature esports and so it might not be long until we can show you a good shortlist of betting sites in the Netherlands that feature odds for your favourite game.

Obviously, it may take some time from the legal wrangling to get sorted out. But until then, keep it here to wait for the best esports betting the Netherlands has ever seen!