Anas Earnings: How Much is Anas earning in 2024?

Published: Jun 21, 2024 - Last Updated: Jul 2, 2024

How much is Anas earning and how much is he worth? Unlike some others, where their winnings come from the Fortnite World Cup, Anas has built an impressive portfolio of wins, and found his invite to the million dollar Fortnite club through a different tournament series.

Anas Fortnite GE
Credit: Guild Esports

Who is Anas?

Anas”Anas” El-Abd is a Danish Fortnite player that started playing in 2019, and playing into 2024. At the time of writing, he is a free agent, having left Karmine Corp in June of 2024.  Had some impressive results in 2019 as part of some all Danish teams, with his highest earning placment being the Fortnite Championship Series C2S1 Grand Finals. The team finished 7th, earning him $9,000. He is most well known for his 2022 win at MrBeat’s Extreme Survival Challenge, taking home $1,000,000.

Anas Stats

Net Worth$1,594,200 (Approx)
Real NameAnas El-Abd
Date of BirthDecember 11th, 2002
ProfessionFortnite Player
Twitch Followers98k
YouTube Subscribers68.7k

Anas’s rise to fame

The podium escaped Anas in 2019, however, him and his fellow Danes put in solid work, getting him on the radar of Become Legends to finish out the year, taking him until 2020 Novemeber. Unlike many of the other fortnite millionaires, he didn’t compete in the Fortnite World Cup, and would remain a relatively small, but respectable name, racking up consistent wins in weekly European Fortnite tournaments.

His consistency was rewarded with a place on the Guild Esports roster, where his consistency would really hit its peak in 2022; albeit for much smaller prizes. July would change that with a win alongside UK player Pinq at the Gamers8 2022 Zero Build event. Earning $125,000, and placing 17th 2 days after in the build version of the game. The end of 2022 would keep Anas on everyone’s radar. The Solo MrBeast’s Extreme Survival challenge had players collecting coins. Completing minigames and fighting for the top score with a winner takes all, 1 million dollar prize pool.

Anas is currently looking for an organization and squadates, and recently placed 3rd at Dreamhack Dallas together with Malibuca, Merstach and Veno, a squad filled with legends and regularly listed on our best Fornite players list.

Anas Fortnite
Credit: Anas | @anasfnbr

How does Anas make money?

Being a more “recent” addition to Fortnite’s highest earning gamers, Anas’s earnings by the majority come from his tournament workings. His time on Guild would have been a consistent source of earnings outside of his consistent placements for tournaments.

For his content creation efforts, Anas’s Twitch is barren. It bolsters an impressive 98k followers, however no a single video can be found, and he still has his Guild branding at the time of writing, even though he left in 2023.

The YouTube presence is notably better, however also stagnant. The uploads are 20-30 minute recaps of his tournament runs in Fortnite. Boasting 99 videos to 68.7k subscribers. His biggest views come from his 2 most recent videos, showing a supercut of his $1 million win, and the raw footage from the winning run. Other than that, he’s been off YouTube for a year at the time of writing.

KCORP DreamHack Dallas 2024
Credit: @venofn | X

Estimated Net worth

Anas’s net worth is likely just under $1 million.

Thanks to his MrBeast win he’s up there with the highest paid games. But despite his consistency in 2022, those wins tend to be for smaller tournaments. His content creation has been lacking for quite some time, and hasn’t been in a position to fully capitalise on his success, something that’s even more apparent since leaving Guild.

He’s not inactive competing, having earned over $7000 from competing in 2024 alone. With the money he’s earned and continues to earn from competing, he’s likely still set as a free agent without any major need for alternative income sources, and while inactive, his YouTube content is evergreen. Meaning people can still come and generate views for him, should he top another event and put eyes back on his socials.

Future Prospects

It’s clear that Anas isn’t as suited or savvy with social media as some other big Fortnite stars. He lets his play do the talking, with a plethora of good placements in Europe. A return to content creation would be a good way to bolster his earnings if he has no desire to compete on an established team, and the responsibilities that come with it.


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