Top 20 Esports News Websites in 2024

Published: May 25, 2024 - Last Updated: May 30, 2024

In the space of a decade, the esports industry has gone from a relatively unknown concept to a multi-billion-dollar business. It’s a worldwide phenomenon that boasts tens of thousands of competitors, international organisations, and countless tournaments and events that pull in millions of viewers. An industry of that size needs a lot of coverage, and that’s where the best esports news websites come in.

From breaking down the hottest esports bets to reporting on the results of the biggest tournaments in the business, the top esports news websites are so valuable to the community. In this guide, we’re breaking down the best sites for esports news and content, helping you to get the latest and greatest information on the ongoing development and growth of this monumental market.

Our List of the Top 20 Esports News Websites:

(In no particular order)

1. Dot Esports covers everything from the world of esports and video gaming. From stories about the antics of controversial Twitch streamers to content about the latest bugs to blight your favourite esports, it’s all here.

Dot Esports website also has handy tabs for esports like LoL, CS2, Overwatch, Dota 2 and Call of Duty so that you can find news about each game quickly.

2. Dexerto

Dexerto offers a great blend of entertaining gaming stories as well as authoritative esports content. Whether you want to know which celeb gamer has just been ‘swatted’ or who’s topped the FIFA rankings, you’ll find it all at this UK-based esports news website.

Dexerto Esports News

While it was esports news that Dexerto got started with, it has since expanded to focus a little more on entertainment and influencers.


You can’t have a shortlist of the best esports news sites and not include This is the place to go for the latest news on every esports topic in the business, ranging from League of Legends tournaments to Call of Duty roster changes. If you’re interested in esports tech reviews, mobile gaming, or the latest news about the esports industry, is the best resource you’ll find online today.

Esports Net News Website also features a wide array of wiki pages that are designed to help you better understand esports, gaming, and streaming. If you’re trying to learn what it takes to become a pro gamer or a top-tier content creator, can help you out.

4. is one of the newest platforms on this website, having only been posting content since the spring of 2021. However, in a relatively short period, has risen rapidly in terms of popularity and overall quality. It’s driven by individuals with critical esports experience, boasting backgrounds with ESPN and honest-to-God, legitimate gaming journalism roots.


Not only that, but comes equipped with a modern, luxurious aesthetic, and features articles that are well-researched and very well-written.

5. started as many others do – with grassroots journalism focused on the gaming industry on a small scale. According to the platform’s founders, the project came about out of a passion for Dota 2 in India, but the website rapidly grew to cover a wider range of titles.


Today, is more than ten years old, and the high publishing rate, quality of content, and simple aesthetic make the platform a great location for esports news.

6.The Esports Advocate

It’s one of the newest sites to make this list – is already a popular platform that offers key insights into the world of esports. It’s a transparent, honest platform that focuses on four categories: Money, People, Brands, and Entertainment. If you’re hunting for clean-cut news on a simple, understated platform, then consider The Esports Advocate.

best esports news websites advocate

There are high expectations for The Esports Advocate, and by subscribing to the site, you can get in on the ground floor.

7. is another relatively new platform, offering the latest news and in-depth op-eds on some of the esports industry’s most popular titles. There’s a simple, clean-cut aesthetic to enjoy, the site is easy to navigate, and above all else, the content is up-to-date, relevant, and enjoyable to read.


Furthermore, is part of the WIN Group of esports companies, which also includes, a popular esports betting platform. It goes one step further to prove the firm and tangible gaming foundation of, which is one of the best esports news websites out there.

8. EsportsInsider

EsportsInsider is the perfect place to go if you want to know what’s going on in the esports industry. This great esports news resource covers all of the latest sponsorship deals, big-money investments, and future tournament plans.

Esports Insider News Site

‘ESI’ is an authority in the esports space and hosts internationally recognised events such as ESI London and ESI Singapore.

9. goes far beyond simply being an esports news website. It’s the ‘first and largest esports TV network in the world’, boasting a huge user base and covering a diverse, expansive range of topics and titles. Based in the UK, provides esports entertainment to tens of millions of customers, but it also has a strong and highly populated esports news website.


Although has a major focus on producing video content, there’s plenty of esports news to digest on the website itself. This includes breaking news, reviews, special offers, guides, and op-ed content.


Polygon covers a wide range of entertainment stories like movies and TV, but it’s also one of the best esports websites. At Polygon you can find content about controversial competitive gaming stars along with facts about the latest updates and patches for top esports such as Overwatch.

Polygon Esports News

11. Blizzard Esports

Blizzard is the gaming powerhouse who have given us esports sensations like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft 2. But they are also among the best esports news sites for the informative articles they post about everything from Diablo III patch updates to reports from Hearthstone pro gaming tournaments.

Blizzard Esports News

12. ONE Esports is an esports tournament organiser and esports news congregator. They tend to focus on Asian-based esports teams and events. That is not much of an issue for many esports fans, most of the top teams come out of that region.

They also focus on the esports lifestyle with pieces on partnerships, new content and fan engagement. Expect to find info on the latest tournaments right alongside the top 5 Genshin Impact cosplayers of the month.

13. GosuGamers

GosuGamers is dedicated to covering esports tournaments from all over the world. This is one the best esports news sites when it comes to finding out which upcoming esports competitions you should be paying attention to. Plus, with rankings, streams and replays all just a click away, it’s easy to see why many esports fans keep the GosuGamers site bookmarked.

GosuGamers Esports

Essentially, GosuGamers has transcended simply being one of the best esports news websites. It’s a full ‘esports portal’, offering schedules, results, VODs, and leaderboards from the top esports games in the business.

14. is a fantastic resource for most of the top esports titles out there. They cover the facts that you will need to know if you want to get into esports. From stories about the latest games in League of Legends tournaments to new Rocket League gameplay this is the place for you. news website

What sets apart from the pack is their contributions from peak-of-form professional athletes, and singular esports analysts. They work with experts at the top of their fields to provide you with insights you just won’t get anywhere else.

15.  Red Bull Esports

Red Bull is famous for promoting extreme sports, but the company is also a strong supporter of video game competitions. Not surprisingly, it has its own website, and as a new esports news outlet, it has an original and spicy approach. Compared to other esports websites, Red Bull’s project focuses mainly on racing games and fast-paced genres. They’re an excellent source of information for African and South American esports series, although they are not the first to cover the latest industry news for mainstream games.



16. Kotaku

Kotaku was a famous website for gaming, long before esports came along. It was quick to adjust to the new reality and today it has an entire section dedicated to videogame competitions and professional gamers. The quality and experience of their editorial staff help them stand out from the crowd and the articles are worth reading by players and punters alike. Kotaku provides insight into the lives and activities of professional players, while also delivering reliable information about the legal framework.


These days, Kotaku is focused more on edgy gaming articles, but there’s still a little esports news available on the site here and there.


ESTNN is a great resource for gamers and esports fanatics. They provide esports news, interviews, features, guides, videos, tournament coverage, and most other aspects of competitive gaming to their readers. If you are interested in esports betting, their coverage of power rankings and changes to rosters is a great way to find tips and tricks for your future bets.

ESTNN esports news

It has slower updates than some of the competition, but it’s still a great platform for those looking for gaming and esports news websites.

18. Esports News UK

As one of the leading UK-based esports news sites, enjoys a prestigious position in the industry. It’s backed by Dominic Sacco, one of the most reliable and recognisable names in the UK esports industry, and it’s dedicated to providing impartial, information, and interesting information to esports fans both in and out of the United Kingdom.

esports news websites uk

For unbiased news about the esports industry in the United Kingdom, this absolutely is the best resource out there – it even covers grassroots, low-tier news.

19. Eurogamer

Eurogamer is a veteran website, with a tradition spanning over two decades, as it was founded in 1999. Its esports coverage is relatively shallow compared to the rest of the site but at least the line-up of videogames covered has expanded a lot. CS2, League of Legends, Dota 2 and Overwatch are the games that enjoy the best coverage, but other genres are also featured. They are also a valuable resource for esports betting, providing information for punters who are ready to bet on this industry. The news is updated several times per day, so the website is worth visiting multiple times daily to get the latest facts.


20. Esports Charts

Esports Charts is a treasure trove of news and data for the more statistically-minded esports fans. This is the number one resource for event and viewership data in the esports space, and most of the articles produced by ‘’ are focused on tournaments and viewership figures.

best esports news site

For one of the most in-depth and accessible sources of esports data, consider Esports Charts.

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