Top 20 Esports News Websites in 2020

Best Esports News Websites 2019

Last Update: April 2nd, 2020

Our Favourite Sites for all the Latest Esports & Gaming News, Industry Updates and Tournaments

Although competitive gaming is now a global phenomenon, you might have to search around to find esports websites who supply a good amount of esports news. So we are going to show you the best esports news sites so that you can keep up with the latest competitive gaming action.

Finding esports websites with decent news coverage of competitive gaming is essential if you want to win your esports bets. Not only will you find out the latest form for your favorite esports teams, but knowing rumors about the most famous gamers and streamers can also help you land a winning esports bet.

So here is a quick rundown of the Top 15 Esports News sites:

1. theScore esportsThe Score Esports

This Canada-based esports news site is an excellent place to find out what’s really going on in competitive gaming. Want to know the real reason why Ninja left Twitch, or what ‘camping’ means? You’ll find it all at

This is also one of the best esports sites for exclusive videos that profile the biggest esports teams.

TheScore Esports


League of Legends is perhaps the world’s biggest esport, and is one of the greatest official esports websites that’s devoted to its competitive scene.

It’s a great place to check out the standings and schedule of competitive LoL matches, and has plenty of insightful interviews with the stars of this exciting MOBA game.

LoL Esports News Website

3. Dexerto

Dexerto offers a great blend of entertaining gaming stories as well as authoritative esports content. Whether you want to know which celeb gamer has just been ‘swatted’ or who’s topped the FIFA rankings, you’ll find it all at this UK-based esports news website.

Dexerto Esports News

Definitely the funniest esports site around!


No prizes for guessing which esports competitions focus on. But this is also one of the best esports news sites for tournaments ranging from the Clash of Clans World Championship to the FIFA Cologne Cup.

Eslgaming Esports News might not have some of the humour of other esports websites on this list, but for reliable esports news, this resource is hard to beat.

5. Unikrn News

unikrn logoYou’ll probably know Unikrn as being an esports betting site, but we had to include Unikrn in our shortlist of the best esports news sites.

This is because Unikrn serve up great previews of esports tournaments like the BLAST Pro Series and DreamHack Masters, and they’ll tell you all of the latest transfers and rumours from the best esports teams too.

Unikrn Esports News

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6. ESPN esports

ESPN are titans in the sporting world, but they made our list of the best esports news sites thanks to their informative collection of competitive gaming reports. Regular columns like This Week In Esports are a great way to catch up with all of the latest action, and ESPN will let you know the most important stories from behind the scenes too.

Espn Esports News Site


You can’t have a shortlist of the best esports news sites and not include This is the place to go if you want to find out anything from the latest Dota 2 roster changes to insightful reports from the Overwatch League.

Esports Net News Website

Don’t forget that is also a great place to go if you want authoritative reviews of the best licensed esports betting sites, esports news and more.

8. Polygon.comPolygon News

Polygon covers a wide range of entertainment stories like movies and TV, but it’s also one of the best esports websites.

At Polygon you can find content about controversial competitive gaming stars along with facts about the latest updates and patches for top esports such as Overwatch.

Polygon Esports News

9. Liquipedia

This may be a wiki gaming site but it has possibly the largest collection of esports facts anywhere on the internet. Liquipedia has a wealth of statistics regarding esports teams, players and tournaments.

While it’s not the prettiest esports website, it’s up there with the best esports news sites for content.

Liquipedia Esports website

10. Dot Esports covers everything from the world of esports and video gaming. From stories about the antics of controversial Twitch streamers to content about the latest bugs to blight your favourite esports, it’s all here.

Dot Esports website also has handy tabs for esports like LoL, CSGO, Overwatch, Dota 2 and Call of Duty so that you can find news about each game quickly.


Blizzard is the gaming powerhouse who have given us esports sensations like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft 2. But they are also among the best esports news sites for the informative articles they post about everything from Diablo III patch updates to reports from Hearthstone pro gaming tournaments.

Blizzard Esports News

All recent news from Blizzard are available here.

12. GosuGamers

GosuGamers is dedicated to covering esports tournaments from all over the world. This is one the best esports news sites when it comes to finding out which upcoming esports competitions you should be paying attention to. Plus with rankings, streams and replays all just a click away, it’s easy to see why many esports fans keep the GosuGamers site bookmarked.

GosuGamers Esports


EsportsInsider is the perfect place to go if you want to know what’s really going on in the esports industry. This great esports news resource covers all of the latest sponsorship deals, big money investments, and future tournament plans.

Esports Insider News Site

A great way to find out what’s going to be tomorrow’s big news in competitive gaming.

14. The Esports Observer

This Germany-based esports site covers a broad range of stories about everything in the competitive gaming world. It offers more of a business-focused approach than some of the other esports and gaming websites on this shortlist, but is a good place to go to find out about who’s really powering the competitive gaming revolution.

The Esports Observer


Rivalry doesn’t just serve up some decent esports bets, as they also cover the most important competitive gaming news.

Rivalry Esports News

Check out here a full Rivalry review.

By visiting Rivalry, you’ll get to find out the latest transfer news, tournament gossip, and get some great competition previews so that you know who to back when you next bet on esports.

16. Redbull

Redbull is famous for promoting extreme sports, but the company is also a strong supporter of videogame competitions. Not surprisingly, it has its own website, and as a new esports news outlet it has an original and spicy approach. Compared to other esports websites, Redbull’s project focuses mainly on racing games and fast-paced genres. They’re an excellent source of information for African and South American esports series, although they are not the first to cover the latest industry news for mainstream games.


17. Esports Heaven

Esports Heaven is one of the best esports news sites for CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch and Dota 2. They pay a lot of attention to multiplayer online battle arena games and first-person shooters, with up to date information and industry insights. This is a good website to visit if you want to get up to speed with the latest news and watch interviews with coaches and professional players. Video interviews are their strong suit and in this regard, they are head and shoulders above most esports websites.


18. World Gaming

The World Electronic Sports Games used to be the most important esports event in the world and a hotspot for professional gamers. The tournament has lost some of its appeal, as other events have emerged in recent years. Nevertheless, the World Gaming esports website remains an excellent source of information for those who want to get up to speed with the latest news. In addition to the site itself, World Gaming also has a forum section where visitors can interact and discuss all the interesting esports news.


19. Kotaku

Kotaku was a famous website for gaming, long before esports came along. It was quick to adjust to the new reality and today it has an entire section dedicated to videogame competitions and professional gamers. The quality and experience of their editorial staff helps them stand out from the crowd and the articles are worth reading by players and punters alike. Kotaku provides insight into the lives and activities of professional players, while also delivering reliable information about the legal framework.


20. Eurogamer

Eurogamer is a veteran website, with a tradition spanning over two decades, as it was founded in 1999. Its esports coverage is relatively shallow compared to the rest of the site but at least the lineup of videogames covered has expanded a lot. CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2 and Overwatch are the games that enjoy the best coverage, but other genres are also featured. They are also a valuable resource for esports betting, providing information for punters who are ready to bet on this industry. The news are updated several times per day, so the website is worth visiting multiple times on a daily basis to get the latest facts.


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