EsportsBets Announces New Partnership with Esports Charts

Published: Jun 15, 2021

We are delighted to report that our site EsportsBets has agreed to a new partnership with the Inc. owned product Esports Charts.

The partnership will allow us at EsportsBets to meet our goal of informing and educating our global audience about the growing esports industry, with a keen focus on esports betting and of course providing users with the latest news, reviews, esports betting guides, and information about all aspects of the esports industry and those that are aligned with it.

Our company has nurtured a growing reputation as a reliable source for insightful reviews of online bookmakers that offer esports betting services. Our site also brings a wide range of different offers and promotions to our readers’ attention from a variety of different esports specialists and general betting sites. As well, as the latest information about the biggest esports events and tournaments.

In our official press release, we explained how the partnership with Esports Charts will further enhance our site’s abilities to deliver the latest news and information to our huge and expanding following.

Esports Charts partnership

“Based on Actual Data”

Speaking about the agreement, Gianfranco Capozzi, our Head of Esports at Catena Media and also Product Manager for EsportsBets explained how the esports bettors are some of the “most inquisitive: on the web today.”

Not only that but he explained how users will conduct their own, often ‘in depth’ research through a range of different options including specialist forums, social media platforms, community sites, and of course through search engines.

Gianfranco also explained that the partnership with Esports Charts will allow our team to continue to provide a rich and varied selection of content that is ‘not just sentiment-driven’ but which will also be based on solid, clearly reported data provided by Esports Charts. He mentioned the challenges facing bookmakers reluctant to adapt to the new generation of esports fans and bettors, stating that the new gaming generations will expect entirely different forms of betting to those that have been previously available.

He concluded by saying that innovation was needed, alongside a number of technological developments, that would enable companies to meet the exacting requirements of this next generation of bettors. In doing so, it would allow more companies to expand into the esports betting market with confidence.

“Help The Industry In Many Ways”

Speaking about the partnership the Head of Sales and Partnerships for Esports Charts, Sergii Rudenko also stated:

“We’re excited to work with EsportsBets and help them achieve their editorial and content goals. Esports Charts is positioned to help the industry in many ways and we will continue to bring value for our clients and partners.”

Given that the global esports betting market was valued recently by Wholesale Investor as being worth around $17.2 billion by the end of 2020, and the fact that the pandemic seems to have changed betting habits for many, with a growing focus on esports betting. The importance of reliable and accurate data and statistics for companies involved in the industry is paramount.

The good news for our customers following is that they can now be completely assured that the content on the site is generated from some of the most accurate data compiled on the industry.

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