FaZe Clan x DraftKings: Landmark Betting Partnership is Formed

Published: Nov 17, 2021

In the dynamic and vibrant world of esports, FaZe Clan is a household name. Throughout the course of the last ten years, FaZe Clan has grown from a grassroots group of gamers to a dominant, valuable, and overwhelmingly powerful gaming organisation. Now, it becomes bigger than ever, after signing a landmark betting partnership with DraftKings, one of North America’s most prominent sports betting companies.

DraftKings, the Boston-headquartered sports betting operator, has sought a deep and lucrative integration with FaZe Clan’s instantly recognisable brand. Today, FaZe Clan has transcended simple esports, instead opting to become a one-stop-shop for content creation and merchandising across the industry. With more championships on grand stages under its belt than most organisations can dream of, FaZe Clan, with DraftKings at its side, is poised to further disrupt the esports landscape.

The Power of Two

It was just three weeks ago that FaZe Clan announced a bold plan to ‘go public’, via a special purpose acquisition company. This revolutionary move would see FaZe Clan take on a $1 billion valuation, pushing the boundaries of esports, merchandising, and social content as we know them. In the last few years, FaZe Clan has partnered with some pretty incredible brands, such as McDonald’s, and it boasts some of the finest gaming talents in the world within its rosters.

One of the many trophies lifted by FaZe Clan

Now, with the DraftKings partnership locked down, FaZe Clan continues to grow both outwards and upwards. From now on, DraftKings will stand firm as the official sports betting, fantasy, gambling, and ‘free-to-play’ partner of FaZe Clan. As the Los Angeles-based organisation seeks to expand, dipping a toe into the increasingly popular esports betting waters is an extremely shrewd way to go.

The President of DraftKings North America, Matt Kalish, had nothing but good things to say about the landmark partnership:

FaZe Clan is a juggernaut of internet engagement and culture, built from the ground up into one of the most influential esports and content organisations in the world. The strong crossover between DraftKings customers and FaZe’s tens of millions of viewers and followers made this a natural alliance, and we hope to create excitement, competition, and community around sports and video games for adult audiences everywhere we operate.

There’s no doubt that this powerful partnership will open numerous doors for both parties. DraftKings will gain immeasurable exposure through FaZe’s vast community, and FaZe Clan will receive a powerful partner to boost engagement across the board. As the esports industry is set to grow at a rapid rate in the near future, it’ll be interesting to see which companies get involved with these titan organisations.

Making The Best Better

Partnerships such as these are so valuable to the esports ecosystem. In recent weeks, we’ve seen some key players join forces, such as the partnership deal secured between Team Liquid and Coinbase, the cryptocurrency giant.

Once upon a time, the esports industry was a fledgling one, but today, it’s experiencing immense growth. In the next few months, FaZe Clan will compete at several tournaments across a wide range of titles, such as Halo, CSGO, and Rainbow Six, and it’ll do so wearing the fresh DraftKings branding that this partnership will bring.

If you’d like to learn more about DraftKings as a platform (and why it’s so popular), feel free to check out our comprehensive DraftKings review.

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