IEM Dallas Power Rankings – Can Team Spirit get back to the top?

Published: May 27, 2024

Check our IEM Dallas Power Rankings and get insights on how the competition stacks up. We list our favourites, contenders, underdogs and dark horses. This is the 100th IEM event and will feature a stacked lineup with some of the most premier teams right now. Let’s dive right in.

IEM Dallas Power Rankings

With a $250,000 prize and a direct seed to IEM Cologne on the line, every team is bringing their A-game for IEM Dallas. For your esports betting intentions, we recommend checking out our IEM Dallas betting page to learn the ins and outs of the tournament before considering esports betting.

faze vs navi pgl copenhagen major grand final preview
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Like any other power rankings, our IEM Dallas power rankings are entirely subjective and based on the most recent facts. Also, we’re considering CS2 odds to help rank the teams as follows:

Favorites at IEM Dallas

XertioN MOUZIEM Dallas Power Rankings - Can Spirit Go Back-To-Back?
Credit: ESL


Credit: IEM / ESL

Underdogs at IEM Dallas 2024

Credit: Intel Extreme Masters

Dark Horses looking to upset the stage

IEM Dallas Power Rankings - Can Spirit Go Back-To-Back?
Image Credits: ESL

Out of all the sixteen teams, some teams are more favored than others – we can’t wait to be surprised.

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