Kreo Earnings: How Much is Kreo Worth in 2024?

Published: Jun 25, 2024 - Last Updated: Jul 2, 2024

How much is Kreo earning and how much is he worth? Winning over a million dollars before you turn 16 isn’t something many esports pros can say. He placed outside top 3 in the World Cup in solos, but has made an impressive run, capitalising on his Fortnite successes with a bursting social media profile, despite once recieving a 60 day ban.

Kreo Fortnite FNCS Earnings
Credit: IG | kreofn

Kreo Stats

Net Worth$1,262,500 (approx)
Real NameNate Kou
Date of BirthNovember 13th 2000
ProfessionFortnite Player
NationalityHong Kong / American
Twitch Followers383K
TikTok Followers231.5K

Who is Kreo?

Nate “Kreo” Kou is a frequent podium hunter, with many strong placements netting him top 3 in plenty of A+ tier events. Unlike some others that reached the Fortnite millionaire status off of strong placements in teams formats, Kreo achieved this feat off of his 4th place at the Fortnite World Cup (FWC) Solos, becoming on of the best Fortnite players.

He’s been competing since 2018, and with that prestige comes the following that you’d expect with it. He continues to compete in some events in 2024, despite not putting up the same impressive placements as before, however, as a massive Fortnite TikTok creator and Twitch streamer, his earnings aren’t entirely tied to his results anymore.

Kreo’s rise to fame

Kreo immediately burst onto the 2018 scene, starting his journey with an 11th place in Week 3 of the summer skirmish, earning $5,000 in his first tournament. He would follow this up with 3rd place the week after, ballooning his earnings by $45,000. After leaving his short stint at Armada Esports, he would be picked up by Luminosity Gaming, right on time for that 3rd place finish.  He would remain with Luminosity until April of 2019, where he would join Lazarus, alongside WolfiezCompeting under the Lazarus banner he’d cement his name amongst the greats with this solos performance, bowing out at 4th and going toe to toe with the eventual champion Bugha.

Like most of the young phenoms that suddenly became $1 million richer, Kreo’s socials exploded, streaming to massive numbers on Twitch, and replicating that success on TikTok. Usually repurposing his Twitch clips for short form.

Kreo Fortnite Earnings
Credit: X | Kreo444

How does Kreo make money?

Without even reaching the podium at the FWC already already puts him among the highest paid gamers. His early placements in 2018 did bolster his earnings by quite a huge margin, even if they look comparatively like a drop in the bucket after the Fortnite World Cup.

At the time of writing, Kreo is without a team, relying entirely on his Twitch and Tiktok earnings for his upkeep. He doesn’t create any YouTube content, which does seem odd as a content creator, whomever with the numbers that he’s putting up on TikTok, there’s no rush, providing TikTok sticks around. His last rep on a team was with TheCartel Esports, ending in early 2022. TheCartel, and the team prior, Built By Gamers are mid size teams that likely would not have been providing the same support as Lazarus or Luminosity, however he was likely earning a decent amount with those teams after his impressive results.

As a TikTok content creator with over 231.5K subscribers, and views anywhere from 14k to 477k per video. The average TikTok creator earns between $0.02 and $0.04 per 1000 views, so TikTok isn’t earning crazy amounts, however the frequency of uploads will help with the earnings effort. Over on the streaming side, his Twitch streams remain constant, switching between Fortnite and react streaming. His vids garner roughly 7k views. He also opts for a daily sub counter that does seem to regularly get hit, rather than a full sub counter, so its hard to tell exactly how much the parterned Twitch streamer earns from his community.

Twitch | Kreo

Estimated Net worth

Kreo’s net worth is likely around $1 million.

Kreo’s competitive earnings already put him among the higher earning esports athletes, and were achieved without even making the podium finish in the Fortnite World Cup and a few other events. However that’s not his sole source of income.

His time on Luminosity was short lived, however after putting up such strong results with Lazarus, he likely would be able to garner a decent salary on his following teams despite the short tenure. The majority of his earnings now exist through his content creation efforts, and the nest egg that was his Fortnite World Cup prizing.

Future Prospects

TikTok is currently under fire, however Kreo has currently neglected to start a YouTube channel. If he did, it is likely he’d be able to transition to YouTube content creation with ease, even if he just replicates his TikTok content with YouTube Shorts.

His results in 2024 have been poor at the time of writing, however it is clear that its not his main focus.


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