Psalm earnings: How much is Psalm worth in 2024?

Published: Jun 26, 2024 - Last Updated: Jul 2, 2024

How much is psalm earning and how much is he worth? Compared to other Fortnite players, psalm is one of the older ones, but how much is he worth in 2024?

psalm Stats

Net Worth$1,959,500 (approx)
Real NameHarrision Chang
Date of BirthFebruary 6th, 1995
ProfessionValorant Player
Twitch Followers128k
TikTok Followers7.5k

Who is psalm?

psalm on stream
Credt: X (@psalm)

One of the former top Fortnite players, Harrison “psalm” Chang is an esports veteran. Considered on the older side compared to the lightning fast child Fortnite phenoms. Psalm stuck to his guns to show that he could hold his own on the battle field. The Fortnite World Cup (FWC) runner-up earned just shy of $2 million in 2019.

Before Fortnite, psalm was a Heroes of the Storm pro, following Dota 2. He started playing Fortnite in 2018 alongside the rest, getting some mixed placements from the 100-200 ranges, as high as 2nd place for over $20,000.

Competing under Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), he would finish out the FWC in 2nd place. Now competing in Valorant, having left behind Fortnite after some impressive results, Fortnite still remains the highest earnings that psalm has made.

Psalm’s rise to fame

Psalm was already an established name in the esports world. Having competed in Valve’s critically acclaimed DOTA 2. He made a smooth transition into the comparatively simpler Heroes of the Storm, by Blizzard. With Fortnite esports bursting onto the scene and the multi-million prize pool, psalm looked towards the burgeoning esport while competing for CLG.

psalm playing for Panda Global
Credit: Liquipedia

Initial placements went well, with his first tournaments in 2018 making him over $40,000. Unlike some players that focused on Duos, Trios or Solos exclusively, psalm would largely get his best placements on his own. His ability to take smart fights and strong aim for a player that came from a completely different esports background was of note as he continued to grind his way up through the online open. The conditions were right for the FWC Finals to go on a breakout run, finishing in 2nd place to Bugha.

In addition to his meteoric rise as a player from a completely different background, his age also stands out, being nearly 10 years older than some of his contemporaries.

How does psalm make money?

The 2019 Fortnite World Cup finalist position already already puts him among the highest paid gamers. Before coming to Fortnite, he was doing well earnings wise as far as esports athletes go. Earning 27k and 33k the years before the release of Epic’s breakout hit. Those earnings would over double when changing to Fortnite at the tail end of 2018, but over 90% of his esports earnings come from his Fortnite World Cup 2nd place.

He continues to actively compete despite having retired from Fortnite early into 2020, switching entirely to Riot’s new shooter, Valorant. Despite having a relatively small TikTok following for a player of his stature, his views are fantastic. His pinned clip sits at 1.2 million views talking some of his Valorant methodologies. Most of his TikTok clips are repurposed from his Twitch streams.

Psalm Valorant Hosting
Source: IG | psalmvp

Despite doing well on both TikTok and Twitch, he does not currently create content for YouTube. He has stopped streaming, with his most recent highlights being from 2021. With his placements in Fortnite, he doesn’t really need to keep creating.

He is however, an excellent Valorant show co-host, analyst and general know-it-all guru. He was part of the official VCT broadcast this past season, and was well received by Valorant audiences.

Estimated Net worth

Psalm has a net worth around $2 million.

Having already put up solid results, having competed in 4 titles and been a finalist in 2 of them, psalm is undoubtedly one of the most successful esports prospects out there. A win in the NA Pro League for Heroes of the Storm, as well as earning nearly 2 million in a single night, Chang could easily have continued to be a rising star. His versatility across games and strong numbers make him a promising creator that could be picked up at any time, and retains his market value.

Future Prospects

Right now it is unsure as to whether psalm will return to content creation or active competition in Fortnite or Valorant. If he was to return for creation or competition it would likely be for Valorant or any emerging shooter. There was no noise made when Ubisoft’s new shooter, XDefiant came out, so its unclear as to whether shooters still gel well with his current lifestyle. Either way, should he come back or not, shaking off the nerves and the rough scrims to hit it big on the 28th of July all the way back in 2019 has set his future steady, whether he’s on screen or not.


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