Valorant Agent Tier List – Meta Insights

Published: Apr 22, 2024

Our VALORANT Agent Tier List looks to answer the eternal question – which VALORANT Agents are the best? While every agent has its role, strengths and weaknesses, some agents rise above others as clearly being a tier above. Let’s take a closer look.

Valorant Agents & Roles

Useful for anyone, whether or not you’re interested in VALORANT betting, here’s a list of all of the VALORANT agents in the game right now, as of patch 8.05.

We’re dividing them according to the roles of Duelist, Initiator, Controller and Sentinel:

VALORANT Agent RolesAgents
DuelistRaze, Jett, Reyna, Neon, Yoru, Iso, Phoenix
InitiatorSova, Breach, Skye, Gekko, Fade, KAY/O
ControllerBrimstone, Viper, Omen, Astra, Harbor, Clove
SentinelSage, Cypher, Killjoy, Chamber, Deadlock

Our tier list is split into particular roles, ranking the best agents in the current state of the game. Factors for this tier list include competitive pick rates, meta changes and the current VALORANT competitive map pool.


Valorant Agent Tier List - Meta Insights
Image Credits: Original Tier List

Diving into sites, making space and taking the first blood, the duelist meta is very clear in the current VALORANT Agent Tier List.

Right now, the majority of VALORANT teams run with either Raze or Jett, maybe sometimes picking Yoru. Usually, esports betting MVPs typically use these agents.

Here are some insights into each agent and their pick rates at the most recent international tournament VCT Madrid 2024:

Initiators – VALORANT Agent Tier List

Image Credits: Original Tier List

Moving onto the Initiators, we have the most balanced pool of agents in the current VALORANT Agent Tier List. Typically respected as some of the strongest agents in VALORANT, we have no S-Tier agents who are above the rest, but several solid picks across multiple maps.

Here’s how the best teams in the world, against the esports odds, have been picking these agents in 2024:


Valorant Agent Tier List - Meta Insights
Image Credits: Original Tier List

Viper – VALORANT currently has a problem with this broken agent. Currently pushing an 80% pick rate in the VALORANT Champions Tour, she needs a nerf in the coming year to keep things balanced.

Let’s see how her pick rate compares to other Controller agents, whose job is to cut up the map and give their team the advantage:


Valorant Agent Tier List - Meta Insights
Image Credits: Original Tier List

If you’d like to play Sentinel in the current VALORANT Agent Tier List, it’s a choice between Cypher and Killjoy.

A few months ago, Killjoy was the clearcut better choice, but a recent nerf has modified the pick rates at the highest level of competition:

If you’re using esports betting sites, we recommend staying up to date with this changing meta.

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