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Posted on April 15, 2021 - Last Updated on July 18, 2023

Valorant is a highly competitive game, with a plethora of available Agents to choose from, so it’s natural that some would be preferred over others. Over time, the competitive scene kept evolving, bringing certain Agents into the spotlight while leaving others behind.

If you’re a new player looking to jump into Valorant, or a veteran who wishes to brush up his Valorant knowledge, you’re in the right place. We’ll go over each Agent from the top to the bottom, analysing what makes each of them great, but also pointing out certain flaws that prevent some Agents from making it higher on the list.

Let’s jump right into it, starting with the S-Tier and listing some of the most popular Agent picks in the current 2.06 patch. We’ll keep you updated on all Valorant news and share the best Valorant betting tips and tricks, so stay tuned for more content to come.

Valorant S-Tier Agents


Jett is by far the most popular Duelist, and with good reason. Traditionally, when it comes to competitive fast-paced games, speed has always been the king – and Jett is all about speed and mobility.

In terms of utility, Jett brings nothing to the team. But, the sheer offensive capabilities that this Agent offers completely outweigh any potential shortcomings.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Updraft and Tailwind make Jett an elusive target, and very hard to take down. These can be used both offensively to engage the enemy, but also as a defensive maneuver to dodge enemy fire and get to safety.

However, what makes Jett truly terrifying is Blade Storm. Her ultimate packs a huge punch, and when activated, can take down the entire team if they get caught in the barrage of Jett’s knives.


The Russian Initiator is the top Agent for scouting and gathering intel on the battlefield. In the current meta, he has been one of the main picks in competitive play.

Recon Bolt and Owl Drone are key tools that Sova uses to reveal the enemies and allow his team to jump in and start cleaning up. He’s a fairly complex Agent, and it’s his high skill cap that sets him apart from the rest.

However, he’s very capable of dishing out some serious damage. His ultimate is a wall-piercing blast and can be used 3 consecutive times when activated. When coupled with the rest of his toolkit, this ability is quite deadly.


Here comes another Duelist in the S-Tier list, and this time it’s Raze. Raze has been one of the most popular Agent picks in the ongoing Valorant Champions Tour, and that’s mainly due to her aggressive toolkit.

Raze is extremely good at denying the enemy, while simultaneously setting the scene for her grand entrance. She’s a very aggressive fragger, capable of defending an area, assaulting a spot, but also providing intel for the team with her Boom Bot. This versatility has solidified her as one of the top Agents in Valorant right now, and unless Riot decides to change or nerf her, she’ll continue staying in S-Tier.


The ability to resurrect a dead ally, and a heal-over-time ability? Yes, please!

This Sentinel is an essential Agent that can fit into any team composition. Sage excels at area denial and team support, and she is probably one of the best Agents for the job.

Her Slow Orb and Barrier Orb block off huge sections of the map, giving her team ample time to position for defense or invade the enemy side. Not only does she provide massive utility with her wall, but her Healing Orb will ensure that her teammates stay topped up. If, however, one of them falls in combat, Sage can quickly resurrect them and turn the tide of battle once again. She’s a truly unique Agent, and one that will always be an incredible asset to any team.

Valorant A-Tier Agents


Reyna was an S-Tier Duelist for quite some time, and arguably one of the most overpowered Agents in Valorant. However, the recent nerfs have brought her down in line with other Duelists, and she now finds herself in the A-Tier list.

Despite the nerfs, Reyna is still an excellent pick. Her toolkit screams “carry”, and she’s a truly scary opponent.

Reyna is all about running into the heat of battle, and staying there with the help of her sustain through Soul Orbs and her Empress ultimate. She has no real utility and all her abilities are centered around her, which makes her great in solo situations. While she won’t be able to solo teams as easily as she could, she’s still a force to be reckoned with.


Omen is arguably the best Controller in the game. His superior mobility allows him to be a constant threat on the entire map, and his Paranoia and Dark Cover provide excellent utility for his team and deny enemy vision.

Omen Valorant
Image Credits | Riot Games

If you enjoy playing stealthy roles with superb mobility, Omen is the pick for you. You’ll have a lot of fun playing it, and your team will love you. Also, he looks really cool.


This Duelist is an excellent pick, especially for newer players. His entire toolkit revolves around throwing fireballs and forming flame walls, both of which damage the enemy and heal Phoenix. This makes Phoenix much more forgiving when it comes to making mistakes, as he can heal himself up and try again.

However, the ability that defines this Agent is Run It Back. This allows Phoenix to always be the first one to run into enemy fire, and survive it, while allowing his team to push right behind him. Although this makes Phoenix a one-trick pony, he’s still a very strong Agent.


Cypher specializes in intel gathering and spying on the enemy team. His Spycam and Trapwire reveal enemy locations, and force them to play on edge knowing they’ve been spotted.

His ultimate, Neural Theft, allows Cypher to reveal all living enemies on the map. This is a scary ability, and if you’re unlucky to die next to Cypher, your team will be in a world of trouble. Although he was dethroned by Sova, and no longer ranks as an S-Tier, he’s still a great A-Tier pick.


The final spot in the A-Tier list belongs to the German genius, Killjoy. She’s a unique Sentinel who dispatches her enemies with the help of her bots and other mechanical gadgets.

Her Lockdown ultimate can be a game-changer if used during a team fight, detaining all enemies in radius and crippling their performance.

Aside from that, her abilities make her extremely versatile, capable of both defense and offense. For this reason, we place Killjoy in the A-Tier list.

Valorant B-Tier Agents


Brimstone uses his tactical map to deploy smokes or to call in orbital laser strikes. This Agent is a hit-or-miss for many players, and it all depends on whether you enjoy his playstyle.

He can be very capable in the right hands, but also very lackluster when played by someone with less experience. Overall, he’s a solid pick, but just not enough to compete with Controllers such as OMEN.


Viper has always been an interesting Agent due to her Poison Clouds, but she was overshadowed for a long time.

Now, with the recent buffs, she has gained some much-needed flexibility and will be able to compete with some of the more recent meta picks.

Her poison decay has been bumped up, and she can now redeploy her smoke much more easily. It’s still too early to tell, but Viper might move from B-Tier into A-Tier once people catch on and test her properly. Overall, she’s an interesting pick and we can’t wait to see more Vipers in Stage 2 of Valorant Champions Tour.


Here comes yet another Controller in the B-Tier section, and it’s the new Agent Astra.

Astra uses cosmic energies to control the battlefield, and she does an incredible job at that. Not only is she completely unique, but she’s also very strong and fun to play.

She can place stars on the map and detonate them to produce various effects. Her Astral Form ultimate further enhances all those abilities and makes them even stronger.

Astra Valorant
Image Credits | Riot Games

However, her complexity is both her strength and her weakness. Not everyone will fall in love with this playstyle, but the ones that do will undoubtedly dominate in this role.

Astra is still very new, but she has incredible potential. Once more players figure her out, and get comfy with the new Astral Form playstyle, she could soar to the very top.

Valorant C-Tier Agents


Yoru is the forgotten Duelist that never saw any competitive play since the day he was first revealed. The new 2.06 patch came with some great buffs for Yoru, but it still remains to be seen if this will be enough to finally make this Agent viable.

The new patch improved Yoru’s flash and slightly buffed his Dimensional Drift, but the stigma attached to this Agent is still very strong. Although he’s not a bad Agent, the fact remains that he’s considerably worse than any other Duelist. For this reason, he’s staying in the C-Tier list.


Breach is a great Initiator and is very useful when your team is trying to take a site. His main role is to clear a path for his team with an array of blasts and charges, all firing in a frontal cone.

However, a lot of his abilities are easily dodged and enemy teams can often predict his moves. Even if he manages to provide an opening for his team, he is left with nothing else to offer for the remainder of the fight. An overall solid Agent, but nothing to write home about.


Right now, Skye is a very underwhelming Initiator. Her abilities are interesting, and on paper she seems good, but the reality is that there are way better picks.

Her heal is very useful, but if you’re bringing an Agent for the heal, you’ll pick Sage. The rest of her toolkit revolves around using her creations to debuff the enemy, but each ability feels a bit clunky and she just doesn’t have the impact she needs in order to justify having a spot on a competitive 5-man team.

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