Where to Watch the PUBG Global Championship

Published: Nov 12, 2021 - Last Updated: Sep 27, 2022

As the year comes to a close, we’re approaching the final major tournament in the PUBG calendar. From the 19th of November to the 19th of December, the PUBG Global Championship will take place. It’s a fitting end to a busy year, and the world’s best PUBG teams are set to do battle for their portion of a $2 million prize pool. However, like many other people, you’re probably here because you’re wondering where to watch the PUBG Global Championship.

Although it’s not as prolific as the PUBG Mobile Global Championship, the ‘PGC’ is still a highly anticipated competition. Next year, across a two-day period in January, the PUBG Mobile Global Championship will take place, boasting a massive $4.3 million prize pool. For now, though, fans of the much-loved battle royale franchise can enjoy an intense tournament focused on the traditional, desktop-based game.

Let’s break down how and where to watch the PUBG Global Championship.

The World’s Finest Teams, Hunting The Chicken Dinner

Admittedly, there’s quite a complex structure being used in this tournament. While the Mobile variant of the Global Championship is quick and easy, this tournament plays out over the course of one month. Every week, there’s a variation to the ruleset, flicking between ‘Points Rule’ and ‘WWCD’ (Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner) rules. In total, there are six separate ‘groups’ of rules, spread out over four weeks of play.

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It’s an intense competition to understand, but to address that fact, we’ve taken the time to compile a comprehensive PUBG Global Championship betting guide. If you’re going to be placing a few wagers on the PGC, you’ll find it invaluable. In recent months, people have been asking, ‘is PUBG dying?‘ As a competition like this emerges, it seems that the answer to that question is, no.

Ultimately, there are some huge teams stepping up to the plate, but only one can walk away with the grand prize. Although, like most esports tournaments these days, nobody goes away empty-handed. Even the last-placed team will pick up a hefty $10,000 prize for its efforts.

Right now, the predictions that are in place suggest that FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, or Gen.G will pick up the grand prize.

Where to Watch the PUBG Global Championship LIVE

Since esports has grown out massively in terms of popularity, almost every major tournament is streamed online. Typically, there will be a huge amount of production value poured into these tournaments, and the PUBG Global Championship is no different. For the 2021 edition of the PGC, you can tune in to watch the event live on Twitch or post-live on YouTube. Here are the links that’ll help you figure out where to watch the PUBG Global Championship:

While there will be many smaller profiles streaming the action, these are the official channels to check out. If you’re getting involved with a little PUBG betting throughout this competition, we massively advise following the action as much as possible.


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