DJ Esports Review

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Games Offered
  • LoL
  • CS:GO
  • DOTA 2
  • Overwatch
  • Starcraft 2
  • Call of Duty
  • Fifa
  • PUBG
  • Fortnite
  • Rocket League
  • Hearthstone
  • Vainglory
  • Smite
  • Warcraft 3
  • KOG
  • Bitcoin
Tested And Reviewed By Ian John

Last Updated: September 26, 2022

We do not promote or endorse DJ Esports. If you would like to start betting on esports, check out these other esports betting sites. Remember to always check that the operator you choose is licensed to operate in your country.

Welcome to our DJ Esports review, our look at one of the newest esports and streaming betting sites around today. This new site offers a range of options for punters keen to bet on esports, streamers and sports betting and it is a site focused on betting with cryptocurrencies.

So, if you have a crypto wallet that’s ready to be wagered on a wide range of esports titles and streamers, then check out our DJ Esports review to see if this is the site that will have the markets that you want to bet on.

DJ Esports Betting Markets

No DJ Esports review would be complete without a thorough look at the betting market and odds on offer. What is pleasing here is that DJ Esports betting offers a wide range of different esports and types of esports betting for the customer.

Esports Betting

A look at the DJ Esports betting service reveals that the site offers a fantastic selection of esports. Sure all the most popular ones are there, you can find your Dota 2, CSGO and LoL Odds very easily and quickly and the odds on offer tend to be a good value for money.

In fact, DJ Esports League of Legends offering is one of the better ones that I have seen available, especially for those that want to bet using cryptocurrency.

Alongside the big names of the esports industry, you can also find plenty of other esports, ideal for any DJ Esports Crypto customer who wants to bet on some of the more fringe games. So you can find plenty of markets for games like KOG, FIFA, VALORANT, Rainbow 6 Siege, NBA2K, Call Of Duty, Rocket League, CrossFire, Hearthstone, Warcraft 3, PUBG, Fortnite and more.

What is impressive is the betting markets available. All the most common markets are there, but you can find many less easy to find markets, while there are some types of bets that, as of yet, are not available on other the sites of other esports betting providers.

There is also an interesting Cyber Battle option, which uses computer simulation of games such as NBA2k and FIFA 20 to play a series of games between teams in the league and which allows you to bet on the outcome.

Virtual Esports

Another great option, and one industry that could well undergo rapid growth over the next few years, is Virtual Esports. Virtual gaming has taken off for sports, and now there are Virtual Esports games that DJ Esports crypto bettors can load up, view and bet on.

These games give the site an added depth in terms of betting options and it’s a real DJ Esports bonus to its customers to be able to offer Virtual Esports alongside its esports betting, sports betting and of course, its streamer betting options.

Betting on Streamers

DJ Esports Twitch TV awareness is clear by the fact that the site offers a range of betting on streamers on the site. This feature, which was only available on a few specialist esports betting sites until recently, allows you to tune in to watch a Streamer play a game and you can bet on whether the streamer will win or lose the match.

Featuring some of the top streamers from a host of esports titles, including League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, KOG, Wild Rift, Arenas of Valor, CS:GO, Dota 2, PUBG, PUBG Mobile, AOV and even streamers taking on each other 1v1.

This feature of the site is another fantastic addition and gives customers yet another esports option for them to bet on, although the site is limited as to what it can offer as it depends on which streamers are streaming at any given time of the day.

DJ Esports Welcome Offer

As a new customer on the site, you are allowed to access a one-time DJ Esports bonus offer. The bonus comes in the shape of a 50% Matched Deposit bonus. This means that you will get half your deposit credited to your account as a bonus.

There is a 5x turnover requirement on the deposit and the bonus and you can only complete the turnover requirement on bets of odds of 1.5 or longer in value.

However, that is not the only DJ Esports bonus you can access. There are new and ongoing promotions set up on a weekly basis. Once you’ve created your new DJ Esports Account, contact their customer service team on Discord to find out exactly what you’re entitled to receive.

DJ Esports Customer Service

The first level of customer service is the sites Chat service, which you can access on every screen and will give you direct access to customer support to discuss anything about your account.

However, there are plenty of other options for you to contact or interact with DJ Esports if you prefer including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Telegram.

In addition to this, the site also offers bespoke apps for iOS and Android devices, which can be downloaded easily using a QR code that is displayed on the site.

In addition to those standard customer service options, one of the most impressive aspects that this DJ Esports review can confirm is that there are more ways that the site supports its customers beyond the necessary help and information.

First off, the site has a burgeoning Discord community, with over 7,000 contributors which promote a safe and friendly environment in which to Stream, play games and bet. The Discord community is available 24/7 and has become ‘the heart and soul’ of the DJ Esports Crypto betting experience.

The site also boasts its own playcoin, DJT which allows users to access the site using free bets. You can also use DJT to participate in the sites yearly Worlds Prediction Series, which offers players that land the most DJT the chance to win a fantastic array of prizes.

But perhaps the crown of services for players that will give you a happy DJ Esports twitch when you log in, is that you can earn interest on your deposits on the site due to its 30% DeFi program.

All clients earn up to 0.0828% in interest on all crypto held with DJ Esports, this has the potential to add up to 30% annual interest on all cryptos that customers deposit with the site.

Add to this an extensive News section, plus a statistics section easily accessible on the site and as you can see, DJ Esports offers an extensive range of ways that they support customers both when they first sign up and on an ongoing basis, which is a real positive for the site.

DJ Esports Payment Methods

As we have mentioned elsewhere in this DJ Esports review, if you want to bet on DJ Esports League of Legends, then you are going to need to do so using cryptocurrency.

The site offers a total of 11 cryptocurrencies and stablecoin and they are:

  • mBTC – Bitcoin
  • ETH – Ethereum
  • USDT – Tether
  • XRP – Ripple
  • BCH – Bitcoin Cash
  • LTC – Litcoin
  • XLM – Stellar
  • EOS – EOS
  • TRX – TRON
  • DAI – Dai
  • BUSD – Binance

At DJ Esports, you can also buy crypto using real money through the integration of MoonPay. This feature allows you to exchange real money for crypto directly on their site, without the need for any external crypto exchange platforms.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of running any esports or gambling account using cryptocurrency is that it is a much more secure method to bet with. You do not have to attach any personal information to your deposits or withdrawals and provided you keep your ewallet details secure, it is a very safe form of betting.

So much so that it is not just specialist esports betting providers like DJ Esports that are now offering crypto betting, a large number of providers, including some of the biggest names in the sports betting industry are now moving to cryptocurrency offerings.

Given the wide range of crypto payment methods on offer on the site, this DJ Esports review can confidently predict that if you want to bet securely via crypto, then DJ Esports is a great option.

DJ Esports Mobile App

If you want to access the range of DJ Esports services on your mobile device then the good news is that there is a freely downloadable app available for both iOS and Android devices.

Both apps offer a great level of connectivity and similarity with the main site, making it easy for customers to flick between the desktop site and the app with no problem whatsoever.

If I have one complaint, it is that the app is not downloadable from the App store and instead you have to download it in a different way and that does concern me a little.

I also feel that the app isn’t quite as stable or as easy to use as the desktop site, which is very quick and easy.

However, if you want to bet on the go, the app is perfectly adequate and offers the same great range of betting markets and odds that you will find on the main site.

Final Remarks

To conclude our DJ Esports review, I have to say that initially, I thought the name for the site was probably indicative of a site that wasn’t too professional and perhaps just offered a cursory experience of esports betting online. Nothing could be further from the truth.

DJ Esports offers an incredible depth of experience for cryptocurrency bettors, including a massive selection of betting markets, some of which you can only find on this site. Add to that a great range of esports covered, not to mention extensive Live Streaming and Virtual Esports betting and no matter what types of bet you are interested in, this site has it all for esports fans.

With live streaming available directly on the site through links when available, plus a fully-fledged sports betting option, whatever you want from your esports betting service, you are likely to find it and more at DJ Esports.