Stormgate Betting 2024: How to Bet on Stormgate

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Stormgate is a brand-new RTS title that’s seeking to challenge the paradigm established by the likes of StarCraft, aiming to secure the crown of the niche and win over the hearts of classic RTS fans the world over. There’s a dense competitive platform wrapped up in Stormgate, which means esports and betting will go hand-in-hand with the game. In this guide, we’re breaking down Stormgate betting and outlining the future of the title in that space.

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If you’re wondering how to bet on Stormgate or what kind of Stormgate odds you’ll find online, look no further than this guide. No major Stormgate tournaments have been confirmed at the time of writing, but we’re pretty sure that they’re coming. Hundreds of thousands of people flocked to Stormgate before it was even released, so the demand is there. For the longest time, esports fans have cried out for a fresh RTS experience, and here it is.

So, let’s learn about Stormgate betting.

How Does Stormgate Work?

bet on stormgate
Image: Frost Giant Studios

Before we talk at length about Stormgate betting and how it’s becoming one of the best esports games, let’s outline the base context of the game. As an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) title, Stormgate relies on traditional mechanics that players will already be familiar with:

  • Base building
  • Economy management
  • Factions
  • Unit control

It’s designed to be a lighter introduction to the genre for new players, which is why it has seen so much success in such a short time. As a crowdfunded title, Stormgate’s development has been dependent on the generosity of prospective fans, and the game’s Kickstarter has smashed expectations. From an original goal of $100,000, Stormgate’s developers have managed to raise a whopping $2.3 million – that’s how excited people are about this game.

Stormgate uses UE5 – which means it looks and feels fantastic on the screen. Users will take part in battles against both the computer and other players, utilising a wide range of units and buildings to dominate their opponent while also managing their own resources and defensive abilities. There’s an in-game ranking system present, and that’s where the competitive nature of the game shines through.

Those seeking a deeper challenge will play through the Stormgate ranking system, climbing a ladder and working their way up the tiers:

  • Aspirant
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master

This will serve as the basis for the game’s competitive ecosystem when it’s fully released, and it’s how the title will gain traction as a legitimate esports game. It could easily top the genre and be the next best RTS esports game, knocking the concept of StarCraft 2 betting off the table.

The Basics of Stormgate Betting

If you want to bet on Stormgate, you’ll need to understand how it works – or how it will work when the ecosystem is raised.

Betting on Stormgate will be just like betting on something like StarCraft 2 – which is a practice that many gamers have soaked up over the years. Typically, when a big StarCraft 2 tournament kicks off, the top-tier esports betting sites will list their markets and attempt to offer the most competitive odds, encouraging users to place wagers against that tournament. They might bet on the outright winner or get more granular, targeting specific teams, players, and exotic markets.

That’s how it’ll work when the Stormgate betting scene ‘goes live’. It’s not yet known what the top Stormgate tournaments will look like, but it’s assumed that they’ll be low-level, grassroots-style events to start with. This isn’t a game backed by a big publisher – it’s an indie title. That means there will be less funding for big and bold Stormgate tournaments. That could also hamper the speed at which the Stormgate esports scene grows – but there’s confidence that it will come.

To start with, we can imagine that you’ll be betting on outright winners in the Stormgate betting markets. It’ll be tournament and match winners and that’s about it, but that could be more than enough for first-time esports betting fans and those learning Stormgate’s intricacies.

Stormgate’s Competitive Scene

stormgate betting screen
Image: Frost Giant Studios

As we’ve already highlighted, Stormgate has an established ranked ecosystem. That’s the first step for most games when it comes to building a competitive scene, as it gets the first wave of players interested in playing at a more challenging level. These are the players that will come to flesh out Stormgate’s esports scene – and some of them are coming across from StarCraft 2. Even some former pro StarCraft 2 players are trying their luck with Stormgate.

Given enough time, the esports odds will flow for Stormgate – but it all starts with establishing that competitive scene.

At present, Stormgate’s developer, Frost Giant Studios, has yet to outline a roadmap for the game’s competitive ecosystem. The developer is likely more interested in getting the game released in full and updated to perfection before encouraging players to compete for money. We’ve seen some casual exhibition matches take place to flaunt the game’s innovative mechanics, but there are no big Stormgate tournaments on the horizon at present.

It makes it a little tougher to predict what’s going to happen with Stormgate betting markets, but it’s not impossible to see where things could go.

Will You Bet on Stormgate?

If you’re planning to bet on Stormgate, we’d recommend getting the upper hand and setting up your accounts now. It’s a solid idea to understand how esports betting works before you get involved with a brand-new game. That’s another note – Stormgate is totally fresh, so you’ll need to understand the key developing players and the game’s core mechanics if you’re going to succeed in the Stormgate betting space.

As always, be sure to bet responsibly.

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