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The Finals is a sensational competitive shooter that was released by Embark Studios suddenly in December 2023. As a free-to-play arena-based shooter, The Finals pulled in millions of players with ease, with gamers all around the world enjoying the title’s fast-paced gameplay and impressive destruction mechanics. In this guide, we’re looking at the concept of The Finals esports betting, taking a look at the future of the game and determining how to bet on The Finals – if you can.

It’s an electrifying game with a strong future ahead, and the base nature of it can easily accommodate a thriving esports scene. If you’re eager to know everything about all the top The Finals tournaments and the growth of the competitive scene, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s break down this exhilarating multiplayer shooter and learn everything possible about The Finals betting. Esports betting has grown at an incredible rate over the past years – will The Finals get to see a piece of that growth?

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Can The Finals be the Next Best Esports Game?

From the moment The Finals was revealed, players recognised its potential as an esports game. Of course, where there’s a competitive esports title, there’s every opportunity to take part in a little esports betting.

In The Finals, players assume control of a series of characters, each one dramatically different from the others. It’s a game rooted in team play and tactics, and there’s a series of roles that must be filled by competitors, including traditional tank, support, and DPS roles.

There are a few game modes that players can enjoy, but the core gameplay loop revolves around entering an arena and ‘stealing’ cash from vaults. That’s as basic a breakdown as we can offer, but it quickly becomes more complex than that. In The Finals, players must work together to steal cash while preventing other teams from achieving the same goal. Here’s a quick breakdown of the modes in The Finals:

  • Bank It: In Bank It, players must secure large sums of cash and place it in deposit stations, attempting to rack up more money than the opposing teams.
  • Quick Cash: Quick Cash sees players secure a set amount of money from vaults and then extract them safely from the game before anyone else can.
  • Tournaments: This is where esports players shine in The Finals, as Tournaments can be ranked, introducing a deeper challenge as players try to steal as much money as possible in a set time while fighting through a bracket.

While the top esports betting sites are yet to list anything regarding The Finals tournaments, they’ve certainly got their eyes on this developing game.

The Basics of The Finals Esports Betting

There’s plenty of potential for The Finals esports betting, but one big blocker at the moment is that there are no tournaments for The Finals outside of what’s written into the game. It’s highly expected that following a ‘bedding-in period’, Embark Studios will start to lean into the esports side of the game. It has been built to accommodate esports and competitive gaming, and it’s so easy to see that the game will flourish once The Finals tournaments start surfacing.

But how would The Finals betting work?

the finals esports betting
Image: Embark

We can imagine that The Finals odds would be offered by the likes of GG.Bet, LOOT.Bet and Thunderpick, amongst others. Typically, the earliest odds will be quite loose and low-level, based on nothing more than win/loss markets and differentials. It’ll be very high level until the game has established a foundation as an esports title that could rival the likes of Rainbow Six and Call of Duty.

Ultimately, the esports odds around The Finals would be competitive as each operator tries to corner that market. It’ll work just like any other esports game, too – you’ll sign up to your platform of choice, fund your account, and start betting on The Finals as soon as a tournament goes live.

Major The Finals Tournaments and Events

There won’t be much of a betting scene for The Finals until these preliminary tournaments start surfacing. Traditionally, we’ll see grassroots organisations and groups hold local or regional tournaments with small prize pools, but it’s the big, international events that tend to draw the most attention from esports betting operators.

We expect that Embark Studios will push out an esports ecosystem backed up by several cups, qualifiers, and a world championship event. These are the biggest events that have the widest impact on the esports betting scene, as they can sometimes bring millions of viewers to the table, many of which have visibility of esports betting. While it’s not expected that The Finals betting will rival something like CS2 betting, it’s going to beat some of the smaller titles based on the game’s popularity alone.

Like most other competitive titles, The Finals has its best players, fledgeling organisations, meta mechanics, and popular strategies. There’s a fine foundation being laid as we speak, and given enough time, there’s no doubt that The Finals will become one of the best esports games.

And that means that it’ll become a top-tier option for those looking to bet on esports.

So, What’s Next?

the finals betting top
Image: Embark

If you want to bet on The Finals, you’ll need to wait patiently for these tournaments to surface. We anticipate that it won’t be long, and there are of course plenty more games that you can bet on while you wait. It’s important to bear in mind that when The Finals betting does go live, you’ll need to pace yourself and bet responsibly, as with any title or betting market. It’s a good idea to get started with your platform of choice now, setting up an account so that you’re ready when The Finals tournaments go live.

Best of luck!

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