Overwatch Contenders Betting Tips & Strategies


Overwatch Contenders is akin to proving grounds. Created and organized by Activision Blizzard, this series of Overwatch tournaments exists for the sole purpose of giving the spotlight to aspiring pros and talented up-and-comers. Every participant knows they’re fighting for the opportunity to get into the Overwatch League – learn more in our Overwwatch Contenders betting tips & strategies!

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Overwatch Contenders 2023 – Format & Schedule

Open to any gamer competing at a high level, Overwatch Contenders is the gateway to Tier competitive Overwatch. At this Tier 2 level, players may only compete in one region at a time – here are the five regions available for Overwatch betting:

  • Australia
  • APAC
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South Korea

Unlike last season, the 2023 season is split into Spring and Sumer Series, while some region will also enjoy Fall Series competition. As of right now, only Thailand have confirmed a Fall Series.

Anyways, at both Spring and Summer Series so far, teams have competed in regional Overwatch Contenders esports tournaments in order to earn a spot at the Overwatch League Opens.

Overwatch Contenders Betting

From each Overwatch League Open, only the best move on to the Overwatch League Knockouts, joining Tier 1 Overwatch.

Ranging across multiple regions, here’s what the current landscape for Overwatch Contenders looks like:

  • Overwatch Contenders 2023 Summer Series: Europe (10th July – 29th August) – $10,000
  • Overwatch Contenders 2023 Summer Series: North America (10th July – 29th August) – $75,000
  • OWL Summer Stage Knockouts East (26th August – 10th September)
  • OWL Summer Stage Knockouts West (TBD)

From the three asian regions, Australia, APAC and South Korea, the likes of Sin Prisa Gaming and Rhodes have secured the Summer Knockout Stage. Meanwhile, such seeds are yet to be awarded for the West region – let’s preview North America and Europe.

Contenders: North America

Offering the largest prize pool out of all the regions, North America should be your first stop should you consider esports betting in this space. Ahead of the Summer Series, the Spring Playoffs offer some valuable insight as to how the competition ranks in the region. Here’s a look at the top 4 teams from this particular event:

  1. Saints
  2. Timeless
  3. O3 Splash
  4. Trick Room

These four teams are already impressing in the standings of the Summer Series event which already kicked off. Featuring 12 teams, a single round robin with BO3 matches ensures that only the top 8 move on to the Playoffs. Once in the Playoffs, only a select few earn the seeds for the Overwatch League, fighting through a double elimination bracket to earn it.

Contenders: Europe

Moving onto Europe, the region may be smaller, but still offers some fantastic competition. As of right now, all eyes are on the following teams that impressed with their performance at the Spring Playoffs:

  1. Twisted Minds
  2. Ex Oblivione
  3. Triple Esports

With regards to the format of the European Summer Series event, it’s identical to the North American region – though seeding for OWL is yet to be confirmed.

Choosing the Best Overwatch Contenders Esportsbook

OWL Pro-Am Overwatch Contenders Betting

Now that you’ve learned how Overwatch Contenders works, it’s time to choose an esportsbook. This might seem self-explanatory, but good esports betting sites are the cornerstone of your gambling strategy. The only caveat is that the definition of ‘good’ comes down to personal preference. Some gamblers prefer sites with generous promotions, others look for operators with wide esports coverage, other yet choose platforms with broad live betting options.

It is important to know which markets are available and how deep an operator’s portfolio goes. If you are seeking specific markets based on in-game objectives or exotic bets for your Overwatch Contenders bets, the options may become substantially limited.

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Overwatch Contenders Betting Tips

Alright, so you’ve studied up on the Overwatch Contenders format and created an account at a quality betting site. Now it’s time to start betting! The key thing to note here is that Contenders can be very volatile. There are a ton of participating teams, and most of them aren’t exactly in the spotlight. In short, this event is filled with unknown variables. And the best thing you can do is minimize the variance. With that in mind, here are 3 tips on how to keep the swings to a minimum and make the most out of Overwatch Contenders odds.

1. Map Out the Battlefield

No general has won a battle without mapping out the terrain. Contenders teams might seem like they came out of the blue to someone that only follows the Overwatch League, but they still had to play some streamed esports games to make it this far. Hunt down these VODs and match histories on resources like Liquipedia and competitive Overwatch subreddit. In some cases, it will be easy. In others, it will take some time. The main thing to remember here is that you never want to cut corners. The quality of your research will directly affect the results of your bets, so get as much information as possible.

2. Don’t Overstep Your Limits

The Overwatch Contenders schedule is packed with exciting matches, and at first glance, the idea to bet on every single one of them might seem attractive. Resist this temptation! You need to do your due diligence in terms of analyzing the matchups and doing the research before you even think about placing a wager. As a rule of thumb, only bet on the teams you know or have a good read on.

3. Manage Your Bankroll

Speaking of not throwing away your opportunities, enter bankroll management. It’s impossible to become a long-term winner without keeping track of when (and how) you spend your funds. Overwatch Contenders events come with a lot of haphazard matches, so you will definitely encounter some swings. Good bankroll management will let you get through them. The best guideline is to only bet 5% or—at most—10% of your total bankroll on a single matchup. A successful betting strategy isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon.

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