Rift Rivals: Structure, Format, Live Stream

Rift Rivals is the newest League of Legends tournament that takes place at the beginning of July. Just as the name indicated, the competition takes the shape of a series of show matches between regions with the most intense rivalries. For example, Europe faces North America, Korea battles China and Taiwan, Russia plays against Turkey and Vietnam, and so on. And since fans enjoy seeing their region compete against its long-standing adversaries, this makes Rift Rivals one of the most exciting events in the scene!

Rift Rivals Live Stream

Rift Rivals Format

The Rift Rivals format may slightly differ depending on the regions you choose to follow. Still, there are a lot of things these tournaments have in common. For starters, only a handful of the best-performing Spring Split teams get invited to the event, so the level of competition is quite high. Also, every Rift Rivals event has a double round robin group stage where teams from different regions fight each other in Bo1 matches. Keep in mind, though, that regions are united for the event. So if we’re talking about the EU vs NA Rift Rivals, European teams will only play against North American teams, and vice versa.

Once the group stage is concluded, it’s time for the playoffs. But this isn’t a string of your average Bo5 series. Instead, it’s a relay race where every team from every region gets a chance to participate! For each game of the Bo5, coaches choose a team that’s going to play—and every team has to play at least once. Naturally, the region that won the group stage enjoys tangible benefits like being able to skip the first round of the playoffs or getting the ability to go second when coaches pick teams. And as the series unfolds, the first region to score three wins gets the bragging rights of defeating its Rift Rivals.

Rift Rivals Events

Rift Rivals involve competitive League of Legends regions from all over the globe. There are currently five distinct types of events:

  • Rift Rivals Blue—a competition between Europe (EU LCS) and North America (NA LCS).
  • Rift Rivals Red—a competition between China (LPL), South Korea (LCK), and Taiwan (LMS).
  • Rift Rivals Green—a competition between CIS (LCL), Turkey (TCL), and Vietnam (VCS).
  • Rift Rivals Purple—a competition between Oceania (OPL), Japan (LJL), and Southeast Asia (GPL).
  • Rift Rivals Yellow—a competition between Brazil (CBLoL), Latin American North (LLN), and Latin America South (CLS).

Why Watch Rift Rivals?

As you might have guessed, Rift Rivals aren’t the most high-stakes events. Even so, watching them will give you a good idea of the power level of your region compared to its closest competitors. Not only that but Rift Rivals act as a great appetizer for anyone hungry for more international tournaments.

Finally, this event is the last opportunity for the best teams in their regions to hone their playstyles before the upcoming League of Legends World Championship (Worlds). And rest assured, no high-level team is going to miss it.

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