Arena of Valor Esports

The mobile gaming industry is on a steady rise, and gaming companies have begun shifting most of their resources into developing mobile gaming titles in an effort to jump into this growing market. Not only are mobile games starting to look incredibly polished and have great graphics, but a lot of them enjoy a rich and thriving esports scene.

Arena of Valor is one of those games. Since the game was released back in 2016, it has constantly been growing in numbers and popularity, making Arena of Valor esports highly successful today. The latest Arena of Valor World Cup 2021 was a month-long esports event with a massive $500.000 prize pool. You don’t see these numbers in the majority of PC MOBA games, which just shows how profitable mobile gaming esports can be.

Arena of Valor esports

What is Arena of Valor?

For those of you who might not be familiar with the game, it’s essentially a MOBA game much like League of Legends and Dota 2. In fact, one could argue that it’s a blatant copy of League of Legends for the most part, with some aspects taken from Dota 2.

However, what makes Arena of Valor esports truly stand out is the fact that it’s purely a mobile game. While LoL did eventually release a mobile version of their popular title, it came years later and it’s not nearly as popular as Arena of Valor is.

The game uses the same old 5v5 game mode in esports tournaments, but they also keep introducing other modes with fun and unique mechanics. Like other games in the genre, Arena of Valor offers a wide selection of heroes to choose from.

You have your usual tank, support, and dps heroes. Dps heroes are further categorized into warriors, assassins, mages, and marksmen. This means that you can expect flashy solo plays, as well as epic team fights.

Arena of Valor esports betting

Arena of Valor’s success has not gone unnoticed, and many esports betting sites have now incorporated AoV esports into their own websites. Nowadays, you’ll find many bookmakers offering competitive odds for some of the bigger Arena of Valor tournaments.

If you’re new to mobile gaming, but you know your way around esports betting, you should check out Arena of Valor betting. The AoV esports scene is highly competitive and there are many great teams fighting for great prizes, so you’ll have plenty of betting options to choose from.

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How popular is Arena of Valor esports?

Arena of Valor is one of the most popular mobile esports games today. The game has accumulated over 200 million players worldwide, and the numbers seem to be increasing each month.

While the game is available in both EU and NA, the majority of players are from Asia. This is also reflected in the Arena of Valor tournaments, which are mostly organised in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and other Asian countries.

There are some Arena of Valor tournaments in the other regions of the world, but the rewards are much smaller, which means there’s less incentive for esports teams from the NA and EU region to compete.

Overall, AoV esports is thriving. Many PC games could only dream of achieving this level of success and raking in as much money as Arena of Valor does, which is the main reason we see the gaming industry shifting towards mobile gaming.

Arena of valor mobile esports

Arena of Valor Esports FAQ:

  • Does Arena of Valor have esports?

Yes, the Arena of Valor esports scene is very much alive. As mentioned earlier, the majority of Arena of Valor tournaments are held in Asia, but they boast incredible prize pools and plenty of quality teams.

Overall, the AoV esports is at an all-time high and it’ll most likely continue to rise in popularity.

  • Is Arena of Valor dead?

When asked the question whether Arena of Valor is dead, the answer is no, not at all. Arena of Valor has been here for over 5 years now, and during this time, it has enjoyed consistent growth both in terms of players and profit.

It is true that mobile games usually have a short lifespan, usually lasting several months to a year or two, after which they get shut down. This is mostly due to predatory microtransaction practices and the games usually being a quick cash grab, with no substance. Arena of Valor, however, is a top tier moba with a developed esports scene. It has been going strong for half a decade, and we expect it to continue on this trajectory.

  • Where is AoV most popular?

Arena of Valor is the most popular in Asia. The Asian region has the most teams, Arena of Valor tournaments, and just the best overall esports scene. It further helps that Tencent Games is behind AoV, so they’re organizing the majority of esports tournaments in Asia, and almost all of those end up being held in China.

  • Which is better – Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor?

Although both games share many similarities, both being released the same year and both being in the moba genre, one will inevitably surpass the other.

In terms of esports, Arena of Valor has the edge. But in terms of overall game enjoyment, it comes down to personal preference. Some players enjoy AoV, some enjoy ML, and a certain group plays both.

If you’re invested into esports and enjoy placing a bet or two from time to time, Arena of Valor might be the choice for you. However, if you’re just looking for a mobile moba game to play in your own free time, then give both games a shot and then make the decision.