Cashback Bonus: Where to Find a Cashback Bonus in Esports Betting


When you make a bet on your favourite betting site, it feels fantastic to make an excellent bet and walk away with a huge win. However, when you make a huge bet and then lose all of your money, that level of emotions is much higher compared to winning. While on most betting sites, you will either win money based on the odds of a certain wager or lose all of your money instead, some sites have a cashback bonus. This special bonus allows you to make bets, and even if you lose, you will be getting, you guessed it, some of your cash back!

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What is a cashback bonus?

During the era when the cashback bonus was first introduced, it was quite rare to find a betting site that would offer this feature. However, today, it is a very common promotion for most betting sites, and it is quite rare for a site not to offer a cashback bonus to their user.

Certain sites will offer a full “risk-free” bet where a user can make a bet with their money, and if they win, they walk away with their winnings, and if they happen to lose, they get a full refund like the bet never happened.

While some sites may return the funds as real money, other sites will return it as free bet, which is not money that you can cash out but can use on a new bet. If you win by making this new bet, you can cash out in most cases. Depending on the site, you can cash out all of the winnings, and in some cases, you can cash out only a part of the winnings while giving the Freebet part back to the site.

Most betting sites will use the previously mentioned method of a cashback bonus, but there is also a partial version of it. What is a cashback bonus in its partial variant? When a betting site will also return some of your betting value in real money, you can cash out, but it is usually just a portion of it. The values can go from 10-50%, depending on the site’s promotion.

Cashback Bonus

Can you use cashback on any bet?

As previously mentioned, it usually depends on the site and its promotion type. Some sites will allow you to use the fantastic promotion of a cashback bonus on pretty much all of the bets you can make, while others will have a very limited pool where the cashback bonus is possible.

The difference between the two is what differentiates a good cashback site from the bad one, as the latter will usually give a cashback bonus on the bets that are almost impossible to win to begin with. Some will only give it to bets made in the bet builder with a certain number of wagers, which seems like a great deal, but once you realize that the odds of winning such bets are low, those are not that great.

What are the top cashback bonus sites?

Since there are quite a lot of betting sites out there that provide cashback on the bets you make, we decided to feature some of the top cashback bonus sites out there that are worth checking out before you venture on your browsing journey. Here’s a quick list:

  • 22Bet
  • Betwinner
  • Betfinal
  • Megapari
  • LibraBet
  • Malina
  • Paripesa
  • Helabet
  • 888Casino
  • Leonbet
  • Tonybet
  • Bonus Kings
  • Clovercut

Is there a cashback bonus in esports betting?

If you are someone who enjoys betting on esports tournaments, then you might be wondering if there is an esports betting bonus on some of the best esports betting sites in the form of a cashback bonus, and the answer is yes!

Various sites will offer a cashback bonus in esports betting, and a good example is Lootbet esports, as it will give you back 10% on all of the bets you find no success in. That means you can bet on CS2, Call of Duty, League of Legends, DOTA 2, Starcraft 2, and all other esports that are featured on the site and regain some of your losses.

Later in the text, we will give an example of how cashback in esports betting works, so you can understand just how amazing this feature is and why you should attempt to seek out sites that offer this promotion.

cashback bonus
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Is there a cashback bonus in sports betting?

Considering that betting on regular sports was the first to become popular, and it was actually what eventually inspired esports betting to become a thing, there is an option for a cashback bonus in sports betting as well.

Since most sports betting sites are the ones that expanded into the esports betting scene, the cashback bonus is actually much better when it comes to regular sports. The main reason behind that is that there are just more sports on most betting sites that have been around for a while.

An example of making a bet on a site with a cashback bonus

If you are still having some issues understanding the value of a cashback bonus, let us go over a betting process over a bet that has the same League of Legends odds but different cashback that you would find on different sites.

Team Liquid is playing against Cloud 9 in League of Legends, and C9 winning has odds of 1:10. In our examples, here is what is going to happen if you end with the following outcome on various sites if you bet 10$ :

  • You win the bet – you simply win 100$
  • You lose on a site with 100% cashback – you get 10$, and you can either cash it out or use it on a future bet.
  • You lose on a site with 100% cashback as Freebet – you get 10$ back in Freebet form. You cannot cash this out, but you can use it to make a new bet. If you manage to win the bet you placed with this “site money,” you will get “real money”. However, if you lose again, you will not get any cashback.
  • You lose on a site with 10% cashback – You will get back $1 that you can use in future bets or cashouts.


We hope you better understand what cashback is and how you can use it to your advantage. If you use a site with a constant percentage, you can freely bet whatever amount you want whenever you want for the same amount of cashback.

However, suppose you are betting on a site with a cashback on the first fixed amount of money you spend on betting or a certain amount of fixed bets after registering your account. In that case, you should try and place bigger bets and regain as much cashback as possible because you will technically lose less if you lose, and you will still win big if you manage to get lucky and win the bet you are wagering on.