Best Esports Teams in Brazil

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Published: Sep 29, 2021 - Last Updated: Jan 31, 2023

For more than a decade, esports has been steadily dominating the worlds of gaming and technology. By the simplest definition, esports revolves around electronic gaming competitions, where professional athletes from certain games compete in matches, either in person or online. In most cases, these events will be packed with spectators, in person at the event venue, or on streaming platforms. In this star-studded guide, we will get to know the best esports teams in Brazil.

These esports teams have enjoyed immense success owing to the backing of their respective organisations. These brands and companies aim to arrange and be part of the day-to-day life of professional players, providing an adequate structure for training and placing them in the most disputed championships in the world. What follows is a list of the top 10 esports teams from Brazil, based on the number of competitions they’ve won throughout history.


Also known as Made in Brazil, this Brazilian organization was founded in 2003 but took a break from its activities in 2012. However, in 2018 the brand made a strong return to esports and is currently one of the best esports teams in Brazil. As an organisation, it has collected almost US$ 2.2 million in winnings, 70% of which was earned in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Although, Rainbow Six is the other platform that represents a good percentage of MIBR’s earnings, around 18%. Furthermore, the organisation was very successful in Counter-Strike 1.6. The team is constantly preparing for the championships in Europe, making the players’ levels increase with each competition.

MIBR CS:GO is one of the Best Esports Teams in Brazil. (Photo: HLTV)


FURIA comes right next with about US$ 1.4 million in earnings. The brand’s biggest success has been with CS:GO, where about 75% of the total prize pool has been picked up. For years, a string of victories has contributed massively to FUIRA being labelled as one of the best esports teams in Brazil. The team also has or has had success in Dota 2, Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG, Rainbow Six, Rocket League and Valorant. One of the differentials that make FURIA a great brand is the addition of the academy and women’s teams in several esports. If you’re a fan of esports betting in Brazil, FURIA is a great team for your wagers.

FURIA is an organization with several modalities, including some female lineups. (Photo: Dexerto)

paiN Gaming

This brand’s biggest success was with Dota 2, where it managed to earn more than US$ 700,000 across a relatively short period of time. Today, paiN Gaming has accumulated around US$ 1.2 million in earnings, making it one of the best sports teams in Brazil. In addition, paiN Gaming boasts a strong and successful history in the League of Legends Brazilian Championships, where they have already won some hard-fought titles. Finally, CS:GO completes the list of successful esports of the brand, with the team competing in the championships in the North American continent.

PaiN Gaming player Felipe “brTT” Gonçalves is one of the most famous League of Legends players in Brazil. (Photo: Esports Insider)

INTZ eSports

INTZ is certainly the Brazilian organization with the largest number of verticals covered. The US$ 756,000 in earnings goes through various esports such as Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, CS:GO, CrossFire, Rainbow Six, and especially League of Legends. It’s in this final area that INTZ thrives, considering the team is the biggest champion of the League of Legends Brazilian Championship. Also, Rocket League, PUBG Mobile, and Apex Legends are also competed and covered by this broad organisation. In 2019, INTZ was chosen by Esports BAR (The World’s eSports Business Arena) as one of the 8 best sports organizations in the world, according to community engagement.

INTZ is the biggest champion of the League of Legends Brazilian Championship (CBLoL). (Photo: Inven Global)

Team oNe

This team has US$ 690,000 in earnings and much of that is thanks to the Rainbow Six platform, upon which the organisation won the Six Mexico Major in 2021. This particular esport represents about 52% of the total prize money the team has already won. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive comes close behind, making up 37% of the total. The organization also lists League of Legends and Valorant in its esports catalogue.

Team oNe’s Rainbow Six Team recently won the Six Mexico Major. (Photo: EGamersWorld)

SG Esports

The SG Esports team was considered one of the best Dota 2 teams in Brazil. Although, it can be considered one of the best esports teams in Brazil in general. In 2018, SG Esports took a break from active competition, however, it returned to the championships this year (2021) in South America. The most recent event the team competed in was the OGA Dota PIT Invitational. Basically, all of the US$ 329,000 winnings can be attributed to Dota 2, but at the moment, the team is playing some CS:GO championships. While it hasn’t been successful in this space, there is a potential on the horizon for some big victories to be won.

SG Esports was successful on the international Dota 2 scene. (Photo: Esports Betting)

Keyd Stars

Keyd Stars boasts over 90 championships played across a variety of esports, ranging from CS:GO and League of Legends to Valorant, Free Fire, and Dota 2. They have already won nearly US$ 247,000 in prizes, with League of Legends being the sport with their greatest impact on the competitive scene. In addition, the brand has the female lines of Valorant and CS:GO, where they have already won some championships in Brazil. The brand has also seen success with FreeFire, and it remains one of the best esports teams in Brazil on that particular scene.

Keyd’s Free Fire was very competitive in the Brazilian Free Fire League (Photo: EGamersWorld)

RED Canids

With a total of US$230,000, the RED Canids team has been successful in a number of ways. Recently, the organisation won the second split of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship, making the modality represent 31% of all earnings. In addition, PUBG and Heroes of the Storm were successful games representing the team’s colors. Once upon a time, RED Canids fielded a CS:GO competitive team, but that’s currently inactive. Finally, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars have also been strong platforms for the Canids.

RED Canids is the current champion of the League of Legends Brazilian Championship. (Photo: EGamersWorld)

KaBuM! Esports

One of the teams with the most titles in the Brazilian League of Legends Championship, the CBLoL, KaBuM! has collected around US$ 218,000 in earnings. It’s estimated that a whopping 97% of this amount was won while playing League of Legends. For a while, KaBuM! put forward a strong CS:GO team, which boasted some of the best esports players in Brazil, such as Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, Fernando “fer” Alvarenga and Lincoln “fnx” Lau . With all that information in mind, we can classify the organisation as one of the best esports teams in Brazil.

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Kaboom! e-Sports has already had CS:GO stars in its lineup. (Photo: KaBuM

CNB Esports Club

Last but not least, the CNB Esports Club, which has always been a very traditional team in the League of Legends Championships in Brazil, where in 2016, they won the Brazilian Championship. The team had CS:GO line-ups as well, but this side of the business was short-lived, ending in 2016 as the League of Legends talent grew outwards. League of Legends makes up 65% of the total winnings, but Counter-Strike comes next with 28%. Other games like Heroes of the Storm and Dota 2 made their presence felt in the team’s history. Total earnings are estimated at US$ 163,000.

CNB e-Sports Club was a great League of Legends team in Brazil. (Photo: Esportes R7)

The financial statistics sourced in this list were obtained from Esports Earnings. We’ve classified the teams according to the award winnings and their respective stories in esports, but some teams are inactive in some esports that marked moments of glory in their competitive backgrounds.

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