Cardano Betting Guide

Learn about ADA Gambling and find the best betting sites


As the world of crypto is evolving, so are all the things around it. If you just look a few years back, no one would ever imagine that crypto would be involved in as many things as it is today, like paying for your food at various restaurants, purchasing NFTs in order to participate in crypto esports, and of course, to gamble. Even if crypto gambling was revolving mostly around Bitcoin, today, you can enjoy Cardano betting in a very similar spectrum.

cardano betting

What are the betting options for Cardano (ADA)?

If you have been doing some betting before crypto was a part of it, you probably know just how many options there are for sports and esports betting. While those options are not fully adapted to the world of crypto, those who wish to dabble in Cardano betting will be more than delighted with the crypto betting industry.

Sports betting with Cardano (ADA)

Just like betting with bitcoin, you can find various sites that have dozens of sports to bet on with Cardano. The most popular sports such as:

  • soccer,
  • basketball,
  • hockey, 
  • football, 
  • baseball,

Along with all of their leagues, can be found on pretty much all crypto betting sites that will accept Cardano as a deposit, but the options do not stop there.

As there are all kinds of crypto betting sites, depending on where you choose to bet, you may also bet on sports like cricket, chess, table tennis, volleyball, handball, car racing, running, biking, horses, and many others. There are also usually more options during special events, such as the Olympics, where you do some Cardano betting on pretty much any sport present at the event.

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Esports betting with Cardano (ADA)

Even if sports are still the main highlight of the betting industry in general, when it comes to betting with crypto, esports is slowly taking the spotlight. This should come as no surprise since there are just so many video games out there and also because the esports industry is slowly but surely taking in more viewers than regular sports.

Markets at Crypto Betting Sites

If you wish to bet on esports with Cardano, you can expect pretty much any site that accepts the crypto to offer wagers on esports like:

  • League of Legends,
  • Dota 2,
  • Valorant,
  • CS:GO,
  • Overwatch,
  • Call of Duty, 
  • Starcraft.

Just like with sports betting, certain sites may offer additional games to bet on, such as Hearthstone, Rainbow Six, World of Warcraft, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, and many other esports titles.

Casino games

While betting on sports and seeing the players play out those matches in your favour when you bet on them, some people prefer to take the wheel into their own hands by playing casino games. When it comes to ADA gambling, the number of options is absolutely incredible.

No matter which crypto casino for Cardano you decide to visit, you will find hundreds of slot machine games, each different from the other, that can multiply your investment by an unimaginable amount if you hit that jackpot.

Of course, if you prefer some casino games that require more skill and not just pure luck like slots, do not worry; you can use Cardano to participate in various table games too. Whether you are a fan of poker, blackjack, baccarat, or some other card game, most of them are available in virtual forms on most sites, but some of them are also available with a live dealer, which is something that we are huge fans of.

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What are the best Cardano betting sites?

With the types of possible bets and casino games that you can enjoy with Cardano getting a quick mention, we are going to share a few sites that we enjoyed during our Cardano betting adventures. The sites are not ranked in any particular order, and since they offer different things, we recommend checking them all out and then sticking to the one that you had the most fun on or the one where luck served you the best.

bitcasino io logoOne of the best sites out there for Cardano gambling, as well many other cryptocurrencies that they are accepting, is If you are looking for a place to enjoy slot machines, there is no better place than this, as they have over 3000 different slots to explore.

The number of virtual and live dealer games is also quite vast, and while the site will not match your deposit like most sites will, the unique reward and bonus system that it has for its loyal players will certainly keep you coming back, especially if you’re winning.

sportsbet io logoWhile also offers a bunch of casino games, as the name probably gives it away, this site is astonishing when it comes to making sports bets with crypto.

There are dozens of sports to choose from all the time, and you will often see some added during important tournaments or events, just like we mentioned earlier.

Esports betting is also available, and while you will find the biggest esports titles, the ones that are not as popular, like Hearthstone, are not available.


cloudbet logoThe site that can be considered the jack of all trades when it comes to crypto betting is Cloudbet, as you will find sports, esports, and casino games in pretty decent numbers.

While it does offer something of everything, it doesn’t have any exclusive games.