CSGO Live Betting: Where Can I Bet Live on CSGO?

In today’s age, with the astounding takeover of entertainment and fast-moving trends, what happened yesterday is already buried by what happened today. People want to stay online due to “FOMO.” Blinking an eye is a relic gone by.

And CSGO bettors? You can still point to old-timers who used to submit their betting slips as actual betting tickets with stubs, but the majority has moved on. Those who bet live on CSGO and partake in CSGO live betting double their wagers’ worth just by placing them in the here and now and enjoying CSGO at its peak.

Best CSGO Live Betting Sites

If you want to bet live on CSGO, here are the best CSGO betting sites you might consider.

What is CSGO Live Betting?

CSGO live betting, as opposed to pre-match betting, is simply CSGO betting on in-play CSGO markets and events. Because you’re betting on an ongoing match, the markets constantly change to reflect the fluctuations of odds and probabilities in real-time.

Why Bet Live on CSGO?

Betting live on CSGO tournaments gives you a more dynamic and interactive gambling experience than betting on pre-match markets. The main reason? You get additional features that are exclusive to CSGO live betting, such as live cash-outs and live streams.

Not to mention the game is unfolding as you watch on your screen, which means you’ll hear the roaring of the crowd and feel deeply immersed in the intensity of each round. And when the situation turns against your bet, you can quickly cushion your loss on the fly—something you can’t do with a passive gambling style.

GG.Bet – Best Overall CSGO Live Betting Experience

GG.bet CSGO Live Betting

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GG.Bet has become the face of CSGO live betting. Fair odds, versatile markets, fast payouts, and a slick interface combined with a trove of shiny promos and bonuses have elevated their brand’s prestige to where it’s incredibly difficult to contest.

All of these make CSGO betting at GG.Bet the best overall CSGO live gambling aspect in any bookies. They even have a live stream feature readily available regardless of whether you have an account or not, so you can tune in to your favorite CSGO events without a hiccup.

On top of this, they’re also a partner of PGL and NAVI, two of the most famous entities in CSGO (organizer-wise and team-wise), and they’re known for having a streamlined signup process.


If you’re in the UK, Bet365 is a clear choice whether you’re betting on pre-match or in-play events. Although their live odds aren’t as superior as their fixed odds and they don’t offer a large set of CSGO markets compared to their competitors, you’ll still have a great CSGO live betting experience thanks to their no-nonsense interface, high-quality CSGO live stream feature, and instant live odds update.

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Betway have a lot of similarities with their closest peer Bet365. They specialize in European customers and boast the same grand scale in terms of general markets (e.g., casino, live casino, sportsbook, fantasy).

What Bet365 lack in live CSGO markets, however, Betway CSGO make up for their own. Sure, there are some drawbacks that include not having a live stream and not having a simplified interface, but these are easily resolved by opening a Twitch tab or trying the Betway app.

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bet live on csgo at lootbet

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As a dedicated esports bookie, LOOT.BET is another alternative you shouldn’t leave out of your research process. They are unavailable to US and UK customers, but the number of restricted countries they have on their TOS (Terms of Service) can be counted on your hands.

Their odds don’t have an obvious leg up against their competitors, although their markets are just unparalleled. This is because they offer individual markets for each player in a matchup, which significantly inflates their odds.

If you’re eager to bet live on CSGO with as many markets as you can, LOOT.BET will especially suit your tastes.

CSGO Live Gambling Tips

Before starting your CSGO live gambling career, you might want to know these tips.

Syncing Delay

The stream you’re watching is not synced with what’s happening in the actual match. Comparing the CSGO live score between your streaming platform and bookie, you may see a difference depending on how much delay there is.

This is very dangerous as you might get caught in the trap of placing a bet under false pretenses. For one, you might see the odds swing high for one team even though you haven’t seen any action on your screen yet. In reality, though, that team is already down 4 players and is headed for an eco-round that would increase their odds even more and decrease their winning chances even less.

If you’re new to CSGO live gambling, avoid the pitfall of throwing away your money by always keeping delays in mind.

Keep Count

How can you have a fair and enjoyable CSGO live betting experience if there are delays? Several workarounds help address the issue.

If it’s a prestigious event with millions of dollars on the line, try switching from stream to stream. Some streamers and steam channels often have special access to live CSGO coverage with little to no delays.

On the other hand, if it’s a small event with only a few viewers, you’re going to have to put the extra effort by counting the teams’ economies and extending the numbers slightly to the future.

If the delay is bad enough to cause a 2-round offset or more, you can assess the current score in your bookie and use the odds as the indicator of whether or not a team’s economy is improving or hurting relative to what you’re seeing on your screen.

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