Cash-Out in Betting: Which Betting Sites Offer Cash-Out?


What does cash-out mean in betting? It’s a valid question as there is plenty of misunderstanding about this term. So we’re here to clear things up once and for all by telling you what cash out in betting really means. Once you understand this, you’ll be able to take much greater control of your bets and we’ll even give you some solid cash-out betting tips to help you along. So join us to see how cash-out in betting works.

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What does cash out mean in betting?

Cash out in betting is simply where you conclude a bet before the event has finished. Normally, your bet would only be settled once the sporting event had concluded, but by cashing out early, you’ll effectively settle the bet regardless of what else happens in the event.

Just so you know, some people refer to cash out like they would making a withdrawal for an online betting site. However, for this guide, we’ll only refer to cash out as a way of concluding your bet early.

Some quick examples of cash out in betting

Cash-out betting is probably best understood with a couple of examples that we’ll look at below:

Cashing out a winning bet

Let’s imagine that you wanted to bet on SK Gaming to beat Heretics in the League of Legends LEC contest. SK Gaming took an early lead but you felt that Heretics might be able to draw even and win the game later on. This is where you could cash out your bet early which would settle the bet at that moment. You would therefore win your LoL bet, although your returns wouldn’t be as good as if you had stayed in for the duration of the contest.

Cashing out a losing bet

Here you were betting on Chelsea to beat Manchester City in the Premier League. However, things got off to a bad start with Manchester City taking an early lead. This is the point where you could cash your bet out early. Doing so would mean that you’d still get a bit of your betting stake back compared to if you had hung out to the end.

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All about partial cash out in betting

We should note that more and more online bookmakers are now starting to let you try partial cash-out betting. This is where you can cash out part of your bet, but let the remainder of the bets stay in for the duration of the contest.

Bookmakers who feature partial cash-out betting often let you use a slider tool to select what percentage of your bet you wish to settle early. This means that you could get the best of both worlds in terms of locking in a profit while staying in the game should things go according to your original plan.

Man City vs Chelsea Cash out in betting

Credit: EA Sports

Play at the best betting sites with cash-out facilities

The good news is that cash out is now a common feature at all good esports betting sites. If you go to pretty much any betting site featured on our resource, then there is an excellent chance that each of these sites will let you cash your bets out early.

Still, it’s worth shopping around to see which bookmakers do cash-out betting best. After all, there can be quite a lot of variance in terms of how they calculate how much of your stake you get back when you cash out your bets early.

Plus some bookmakers have advanced features like partial cash-out betting, while others are notorious for withdrawing the cash-out option way too early. So be careful about which bookmakers you choose if you want to take full advantage of cash-out betting.

Why betting with cash out is a good idea

There’s a good reason why most betting sites now feature cash-out betting and it’s because people love it. Here’s why:

  • Lock in a profit: All bettors will have experienced that nightmare when they were winning a bet at half-time but then their chosen team somehow threw away their lead in the dying moments of the game. Cash-out betting gives you the flexibility you need to avoid this nightmare.
  • Minimise that loss: Sometimes your bet will go wrong, but cash-out betting gives you a way to stop it from getting too disastrous. This means that you can cash your bet out early and still keep some of your stakes before things completely get out of control.

Be careful when betting with cash out

While cash-out betting is a lot of fun, it can take a fair amount of skill to get right. Here are some big things to be aware of with this kind of betting technique:

  • Might not qualify for promos: Lots of betting promos have small print that stops you from cashing your bets out early if they are being made to qualify for extra credit. Plus if you manage to get some bonus bets, then it’s common that you won’t be able to cash them out early.
  • Cashing out might be withdrawn early: You’ll often find that the ability to cash your bets out gets withdrawn before the end of the game. This means that if you wait too long to cash out, you’ll miss the opportunity and your bet will have to stay in for the duration of the event.
  • Time lags: It’s also not uncommon for there to be a slight time lag in how long it takes for you to put in your cash-out request and for your bet to be settled. This could wreak havoc with your cash-out betting plan, so be sure that your chosen bookmaker has a cash-out betting service that works efficiently.

cash out in betting meaning

Credit: EA Sports

Great cash-out betting tips

Here are some simple tips to consider when planning to cash out your bets:

  • Don’t cash out too soon: After all, there’s every chance that things might turn around later in the game and you’ll have wished that you had kept your bet in.
  • Check your returns: You’ll have to check how much you’ll get back from your cashed-out bet because the returns might be so negligible that it would almost be worth staying in for the duration of the event.
  • Watch for the late form: Some teams take a while to get warmed up, so even if that team isn’t looking too good early on, it doesn’t mean that they won’t improve later in the game.

Start playing at betting sites with cash-out options

Now that you understand what cash out in betting means, you’ll gain much greater control over the fate of your bets. This means no more nervously watching the clock as your team clings to that slender lead, as you can simply cash out your bets early and lock in your winnings.

The great news is that cash-out betting works for most of the different bets featured in our esports betting guides. So make sure that your chosen betting site features cash-out options the next time that you want to bet on esports.

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