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Published: Aug 10, 2020 - Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) skins are in-game costumes that alter the appearance of a player’s avatar. Skins are obtainable in CS:GO through random drops or “uncrating” them through promotional containers.

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There are a total of over 700 skins in CS:GO, each with its own rarity. In order to expand their collections, players will engage in skin trading to obtain rare skins. CS:GO skins can also be bought and sold, providing players with “price flipping” opportunities to make a profit.

Players can trade skins through the gaming platform, Steam, or use special CS:GO trading sites. When looking for a trading site to sell, purchase, or trade skins on, be sure to read reviews to ensure it is trusted.

CS:GO skin trading sites

Players can join CS:GO skin trading sites to buy, sell, or trade their obtained skins. Although players can trade their skins through the Steam marketplace, there are external sites that players can also trade on.

CS:GO trading sites specialize in skin trading and provide users with the latest going prices for skins. The interface of these sites often resembles an investment or gambling website. After making an account, users can begin depositing skins they wish to offer up on the site.

There are several CS:GO sites where you can trade skins. Be sure to read each site’s rules and regulations to understand their personal trading process.

A few of the top CS:GO trading sites for skins include:

  1. CS.money
  2. TradeSkinsFast
  3. Dmarket
  4. Swap
  5. TradeIt

Researching the going prices of your skins on each website can help give you a better idea of their current market value. This will make trading easier since you’ll be knowledgeable on fair skin trades. You can also spot price flipping opportunities easier since you’ll have knowledge of the market prices of skins.

How do you trade skins in CS:GO?

If you wish to trade CS:GO skins you have two options, trading through Steam or with a CS:GO trading site. Each option has a similar process to posting skins on their marketplace.

To start trading skins through Steam, you’ll need to do the following steps to create a “trade offer”.

  1. Open Steam through the desktop client or visit the Steam website.
  2. Hover over your account name at the top
  3. Click on Inventory
  4. Click on Trade Offers
  5. Select a profile from your friends list to send a trade offer to
  6. Click and drag the items you wish to trade form both inventories into the trade boxes
  7. Check the box to confirm the trade
  8. Click to make the offer

Once the receiver of the trade offer accepts and sends the requested skin, the trade is complete.

If you are using a trading site outside of Steam you’ll want to review the site’s requirements and trading process. Although the process may differ per site, most sites will have a flow similar to the steps below.

  1. Create an account with the site, usually requiring you to link your Steam account
  2. Locate where to deposit your skin on the site to sell or trade
  3. Select your skin and enter the price or skin you want in return
  4. Confirm for the trade offer to be posted

Once your skin is traded, you will need to deposit the newly obtained skin into your Steam inventory. If your skin is bought, the payment will be deposited to your account.

What are skin trading bots?

Skin trading bots are typically used on CS:GO trading sites as a method to combat scammers and fraudulent trades. When a user posts a trade offer, the bot will look at the skin the user wants and the skin they’ve posted. The bot will then search the platform to look for a good trading match. It will then be up to the user who offered the skin to confirm the trade with the matched user.

Using skin trading bots helps minimalize user-to-user trading on large websites. This helps to reduce potential scams, where users with malicious intent, may try to pull a fast one on new traders.

What is the difference between skin gambling and skin trading?

A CS:GO skin is seen as a type of currency in the gaming world. While trading allows a user to exchange a skin for another one, CS2 skin gambling involves using a CS:GO skin to place a bet.

Be aware that there is a risk involved with skin gambling. If you lose, your skin will be gone and you’ll get nothing in return. If you are new to skin gambling, try using a skin you have duplicates of or do not want anymore.

Skin holders can use their skins to place bets on casino and CS:GO match betting games. If you win the bet, you’ll receive new skins that are just as good as a cash prize.

A few sites to check out for CS:GO skin gambling include:

Are skin trading sites legit?

Yes, skin trading sites are legal and legit. Users can join these websites and offer their skins for different ones or a payment.

Users can also make a large profit by buying certain skins at a lower price and flipping them. When using any skin trading site, make sure you are aware of its reputation and site rules.

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