Lay Betting Explained: Best Sites, Strategy and Tips


If you’re interested in the world of esports and looking to add a new level of excitement to your viewing experience, then consider lay betting. Lay betting involves placing bets on the outcome of esports matches and tournaments, adding a new layer of engagement to your esports viewing. If you’ve been trying to have lay betting explained in clear terms, look no further than this guide, as we’ve put together everything you need to know about the strategy.


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What Exactly is Lay Betting?

In lay betting, you become the bookmaker. It is similar to when you might have said to a friend: “I bet you that ‘so and so’ won’t happen.”

Lay betting allows you, as the bettor, to back your belief and bet that something won’t happen. It can be challenging to predict the outcome of an esports match, but it might be easier to take a stance that one team will not win.

Understanding that you can lose more than you have staked in lay betting is essential. If you lay a team for $30 and the team loses, you win $30. However, if it wins, you lose $60. Liability refers to the amount of money you can lose when striking a lay bet.

Betting Exchanges

For new bettors searching for lay betting sites, the most common platform to place lay bets is a betting exchange. A betting exchange is a marketplace for gamblers, similar to a stock market, where people trade in winners and losers instead of stocks and shares. You can find betting exchanges for esports events on esports betting sites.

You can buy or sell any outcome in an esports event on an esports betting site. For example, you may choose to back a team at a selected price or to lay a team to lose at a price offered. In addition, you can trade in or out at any time while the event is ongoing.

Customers can take on the role of bookmaker or punter on a betting exchange. The betting exchange facilitates its users in placing and accepting various bets on both winning and losing outcomes (backing or laying). The betting exchange typically charges a nominal commission on bets placed.

Hopefully, with lay betting explained in full, you’ll be able to make use of all these tips.

lay betting explained

Strategies for Successful Lay Betting in Esports

Successful lay betting in esports requires a combination of research, knowledge, and strategy. An important strategy for betting on esports is to research the teams and players involved in a match and monitor their performance leading up to the match. By keeping up-to-date with the latest news and updates in the world of esports, you can better understand the teams and players and make more informed decisions. Here are some lay betting tips to ensure your success:

  • Familiarize yourself with the esports game you’re betting on, including the rules, strategies, and top teams and players.
  • Monitor the odds and betting market for changes or trends that may impact your bet.
  • Research the form and recent performance of teams and players, and stay up to date with any roster changes or other factors that could impact the match’s outcome.
  • Manage your bankroll carefully, spreading your risk across multiple bets and avoiding excessive staking.
  • Maintain discipline and avoid chasing losses by increasing your stakes. This might be a basic lay betting strategy, but it is vital when making lay bets.
  • Use a betting exchange market such as Bet365 esports to place lay bets and act as a bookmaker by offering odds to other bettors.
  • Utilize tools and resources like trading software and calculators to help you make informed decisions.
  • Like any form of gambling, lay betting on esports carries risk, and it’s important to always bet within your means.

As esports continues to evolve and expand, lay betting in esports will continue to grow and develop, offering new opportunities for fans and bettors to get involved and make a profit. With lay betting explained in detail, you too can now take advantage of these opportunities. For more information on esports betting and betting strategies, you can refer to our esports betting guides for all things betting in the world of esports.

Frequently asked questions

What is lay betting in esports?

Lay betting in esports is a betting style where the gambler bets that something won’t happen, similar to when someone says, “I bet you that ‘so and so’ won’t happen.”

What is a betting exchange, and how does it relate to lay betting in esports?

A betting exchange is a marketplace where gamblers trade in winners and losers. A betting exchange is the most common platform to place lay bets in lay betting. Customers can take on the role of bookmaker or punter and place bets on both winning and losing outcomes. Betting exchanges charge a nominal commission on placed bets.


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