4 Fold Bet Explained: What is a Four Fold Bet?


Anyone new to betting might not have heard the term ‘4 fold bet’. They may well be more familiar, however, with the term ‘accumulator’. This is a type of bet where you wager on multiple outcomes on the same bet slip, in this case, four outcomes. It is a very popular way of betting, and is particularly enjoyed by those bettors who like to wager on team sports like football. It is also growing in popularity amongst bettors who like esports.


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If you’re looking for an explanation of the meaning of a four fold bet then you’re in the right place! Read on to discover all you need to know about this type of accumulator bet!

What is the meaning of four fold bet in betting?

A four fold bet is an accumulator with four selections. An accumulator is a type of bet that uses multiple selections. As each selection wins, the winnings from that bet are used as the stake for the next bet on the coupon. The odds from each bet are also multiplied together, so the returns from 4 folds bets are potentially very rewarding, as long as you bet astutely.

An accumulator is therefore a good way of maximising the value of shorter odds. It is a good way of betting on favourites in particular, as the odds from each successful selection are multiplied together. Betting on favourites also helps to boost your chances of making successful selections, of course. You should always remember, though, that no bet is ever guaranteed to be successful so you still need to make sure you do your research and bet in as targeted and focused a way as possible. We’ll brief you on a few strategies for betting successfully with accumulators next.

4 fold bets explained

Strategies for four fold betting

Now that you’ve had 4 fold bet explained, you need to know that the strategies for successfully placing four fold bets are pretty much the same as those for any other types of bets, with one or two little twists. As with any other kind of sports betting, 4 folds bets require you to do your research and know the sports on which you are betting.

Here are some pointers on how to boost your chances of four fold success:

  • Focus on one sport and stay properly up-to-date with all the news and goings on.
  • Use social media to stay properly informed about the latest news in your chosen sport.
  • Garner expert advice from more experienced punters by using Reddit and other social media channels.
  • Ensure you know the 4 fold bet meaning properly and understand thoroughly how this type of bet works.
  • Remember that all your selections need to be successful for your coupon to win!
  • Never bet more than you can afford to lose.
  • Knowing how to read betting odds and how they work so that you can calculate the likely returns from successful bets and make good decisions about stake sizes.
  • Evaluate the odds to make wise choices about bet selections.
  • Never bet when you are frustrated or angry as this will impede your ability to make good decisions.

How does a 4 fold bet work?

In order to place a four fold bet, you first need to click on each market that you wish to add to your bet slip. As you add each market, you may well be asked for your stake – you can leave this part until the end of the process. Once you have your four selections on your slip, you need to check the odds and that everything is accurate and as you want it.

Once you have checked that your accumulator is sorted to your preferences, you can choose the amount that you want to stake. Always ensure that you have sufficient funds in your betting account to cover your stake. Once you have confirmed your stake, you can click the Bet Now tab or its equivalent to place your wager.

Can you find four fold bets in esports?

As we mentioned in the introduction to this article, many fans of esports betting are starting to take advantage of the opportunities that four fold bets offer. This type of accumulator bet is a particularly good option to use when betting on the early rounds of esports tournaments. In esports, the early rounds of a competition tend to be dominated by favorites operating at short odds.

Image credit: Stephanie Lindgren/BLAST Premier

This means that you can improve the returns from betting on favorites by combining four of them in an accumulator. This means that the odds are multiplied together. You still need to bet wisely, however, as one selection failing will mean that your whole coupon loses. This is something to consider next time you are planning a live esports bet.

What is a four fold bet in football?

A four fold bet works very well in football as well as esports. In fact, football accumulators have become almost a way of life to many bettors, and the ‘acca’ has become especially popular among UK football fans. Every matchday, fans scan the best betting markets to see which names will grace their accumulator this week.

As we have mentioned with esports bets above, an accumulator can be a good way of betting on favourites. If you are the kind of bettor who likes to give yourself the best possible chance of winning, this approach can bring good results. An accumulator that features domestic league wins for teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, Celtic or Rangers can be a great way of extracting betting value from short odds.

4 fold bets are an exciting way to boost your betting options

Now that you know the four fold bet meaning, you can begin to incorporate this type of wager into your betting strategy. It is a particularly useful form of betting to use when wagering on team sports like football or rugby league, and has become increasingly popular with esports fans in recent years. Always make sure you research your bets thoroughly, that you know as much as possible about the sports on which you are betting, and that you have made a thorough evaluation of the odds on offer.

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