Goliath Betting: What Does Goliath Mean in Betting?


If you’re an avid bettor, you may be familiar with the concept of goliath betting. It’s a rarely-seen type of bet that is only for the most experienced bettor, but the payout for a successful goliath bet can be astronomical, even if the initial stake is minuscule. There are so many layers that go into goliath betting that it can boggle the mind of the inexperienced bettor. So, with that on the table, we’re taking a look at goliath betting, breaking it down in full in this guide.

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What types of multiple bets are there?

For those feeling particularly daring or knowledgeable, goliath bets stand as the pinnacle of complex betting strategies. There are few markets, wagers, or picks quite as ambitious as a goliath bet, but the chances of winning one are so razor-thin that they’re almost never attempted. Well, are goliath bets worth it, knowing that information?

There are so many different types of bets out there, it can send a new, inexperienced bettor into a spin. For the most part, betting markets are relatively simple to understand, and they’re easily outlined on your betting site of choice. For others, such as a trixie bet, there’s almost no way of knowing what that market is before you actually read into it. From accumulators to handicaps and from double-result bets to rollovers, there’s a huge, dense concentration of terminology floating around the space to confuse users.

goliath betting

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For bettors looking to maximise their financial gains, multiple-line bets are the way to go. They’re bets that multiply your potential earnings simply because they’re much less likely to succeed. With a multi-line bet (or multiple bets), several pieces of criteria must be met for the bet to succeed, and that typically takes two forms.

  1. Firstly, a multiple bet can consist of a bettor predicting the outcome of several matches or fixtures.
  2. Alternatively, a multiple bet can consist of a bettor predicting a set of circumstances or actions in a single match.

For instance, let’s say there’s a Premier League fixture between Manchester United and Chelsea. For this fixture, a bettor may wager a multiple bet that requires the following to be successful:

  • One player will receive a red card, there will be more than 10 corners, and there will be two goals in the second half.

As you can see, that’s a very specific set of circumstances, and even a small stake could have a larger return, should it all play out perfectly. Typically, these types of multiples are geared slightly towards the betting platform’s favour.

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What is a goliath bet?

mystake sports bonusGoliath betting is equal parts impressive and terrifying. It’s an ambitious, aspirational mode of betting that is only attempted by the bravest individuals out there, but there are examples in history of small stakes being turned around into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How many bets are in a goliath?

For a goliath bet to be a goliath bet, 247 multiples will need to be wagered on. This works by placing bets on every variation of available multiples on eight separate selections. It can be made even more complex by spreading those selections across different sports, fixtures, or events.

It’s important to bear in mind that with a goliath bet, your initial stake will be proportionate to the number of lines in the bet. Therefore, if you place a 247-line goliath bet with a $1 stake, it’ll cost you $247. Not every betting site will offer goliath betting markets, and if the platform does, then it’ll usually prompt you to place such a bet once you’ve reached the required lines. It’s extremely complex for a newcomer and it isn’t recommended for those that are unfamiliar with betting in general.

It’s fortunate that we’ve taken the time to compile an extensive list of betting guides, then.

Here’s how those lines are assembled:

  • 28 doubles
  • 56 trebles
  • 70 four-fold
  • 56 five-fold
  • 28 six-fold
  • 8 seven-fold
  • 1 eight-fold

It’s also known as a ‘full cover bet’ as it literally covers every possible outcome, and at least two of the selections must win for any kind of return to be assured.

what does goliath mean in betting

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What does goliath mean in betting?

Goliath was a biblical giant, a towering, hulking individual – which is a perfect name for a bet that features 247 multiples. It’s a type of bet made iconic by the sheer number of lines that it boasts. But, it’s also characterised by the fact that it could lead to a monumental, astronomical return. It’s such a rare winner that it’s dramatically, incredibly uncommon, but there have been times in history when bettors have wagered a successful goliath bet and made a fortune.

Technically, goliath betting is slightly safer than a straight, eight-fold accumulator, but it will require a higher stake and it takes a huge amount of luck for every part of the bet to be successful. With an eight-fold accumulator, you need to stake eight times, but for a goliath, you need to stake 247 times.

And that’s if you’re not taking advantage of each-way betting to put down an each-way goliath bet. That’ll be 494 individual lines – insane!

When has goliath betting been successful?

It may be one of the toughest bets to fully achieve, but it has happened in the past. For instance, in 2021, a punter from the United Kingdom was one step away from winning £1.7 million but instead landed on a £205,000 return… From an initial stake of just £25. It was a goliath bet geared towards horse racing, and it was life-changing for this individual.

Elsewhere, also in the United Kingdom and also while betting on horse racing, one bettor won a massive $£125,000. His initial payout was around £51,000, but thanks to the boosted odds brought on by a betting promotion on the site, the ultimate payout was much higher.

So, while goliath betting might seem risky or long-winded, it can have a huge payout – provided you’re extremely lucky.

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