The Best Hearthstone Streamers

Published: Jan 19, 2022

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Everyone knows that a good measurement of how successful a game is, or how good it is, is the number of streamers related to that game, and the audience behind them. Hearthstone has been around for quite a long time, and a lot of streamers came and went throughout the years. But the big question is, who are the best Hearthstone streamers today?

#1 nl_Kripp

Image Credits | Hearthstone

When it comes to Kripparian, he probably needs no introduction, as this streamer has been around ever since Hearthstone was first introduced. From beta tournaments to the introduction of the standard format, to revamping the ranked system, introduction of battlegrounds, and introduction of mercenaries as well, this man has streamed through it all.

Kripp is a streaming legend, and he is extremely good at the games he plays. While he was streaming a lot of standard and arena in the past, today you will be able to see him play a lot of Hearthstone Battlegrounds at a very high level. If you are planning to give a shot at the Hearthstone esports in the Battlegrounds mode, then this is the guy that will teach you all the ropes.

#2 Thijs

Image Credits | Thijs

Similar to Kripp, Thijs has been around in the Hearthstone community since the very beginning of the game. He is a well-known professional Hearthstone player, and he won the Hearthstone European Championship not once, but twice. You will be able to catch Thijs playing all kinds of decks on his stream for a few hours pretty much every day.

If you want to learn how to play constructed Hearthstone in the standard format, or if you just want to see how some Hearthstone top decks look in action before you try them out yourself, then watching Thijs is a must. Not only that you will learn a lot watching him, but he is such a fun and chill guy, that you can easily spend hours watching his content, especially when he gets salty due to some bad RNG.

#3 RegisKillbin

Image Credits | RegisKillbin

If you are looking for someone who just loves having fun while playing Hearthstone, then RegisKillbin is the guy you are looking for. You will often see him playing all kinds of meme decks in standard or wild modes, and he is actually one of the few people who still try out things in the Duels mode as well.

Since he is a new-ish streamer compared to our first two spots, the community is not that big, but it is definitely a fun one to become a part of. For unique Hearthstone content, Regis is the streamer to check out if you want to take a break from the competitive streams.

#4 SilverName

Image Credits | SilverName

While this man does not speak English, but only Russian, while streaming, that does not mean his streams are not entertaining to watch. If you have seen some Hearthstone funny moments compilations, the chances are that you have seen this man in action.

His streams are very entertaining, even for foreigners, as SilverName is not only really good at the game, but when the RNG is not helping him out, his reactions are absolutely hilarious, and each stream is bound to bring you some entertainment.

#5 RduLIVE

Image Credits | RduLIVE

Similar to Kripp, RDU streams quite a lot of Battlegrounds lately, and he is incredibly good at it. While the stream is not as educational as Kripps, it certainly has some entertaining moments when RDU loses his cool on stream and lets his emotions just take over. He is a very honest guy who is not afraid to display his tilt, which is exactly what makes his content so entertaining.

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