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Published: May 28, 2021 - Last Updated: Feb 20, 2024

We already know that Esports betting is growing massively in popularity around the world and one part of the world where that is the case, but perhaps in a different way to others, is Japan.

The island nation has long been a technological frontrunner in the world today and it is the home of many of the brands and companies that have made gaming and esports so popular.

Yet, with its laws regarding gambling and its own cultural differences, this means that not only are the popular esports in Japan different from other parts of the world, the laws regarding a bet on esports in Japan are also somewhat unclear.

Overview of Esports Betting in Japan

Japan is a country that has long been one of the originators of modern technology. Little wonder then that when it comes to esports and esports betting Japan is thought of by many to be one of the most advanced countries in the world.

However, the truth of the matter is that Japan is something of a quirk of nature. Widespread gambling, as you can find in many other countries is not legal in Japan, although some forms of gambling are and while esports betting isn’t expressly banned, it is not expressly permitted either.

Furthermore, the esports tournaments and games in Japan that are most popular often vary from those that are popular in other parts of the world. While you may find that people in South Korea and Europe love League of Legends, Valorant, CSGO, and Dota 2, in Japan, fighting games such as Mortal Kombat and Streetfighter tend to be the focus of the country’s biggest esports tournaments.

In terms of esports betting, with the top esports betting Japan based customers can access being located outside the country, it does seem that the Japanese government is ‘turning a blind eye’ to their citizens enjoying esports betting with these providers.

That means that while you can probably enjoy a bet on CSGO, trying your hand at the games at CSGO Casino is probably not a wise move, at least not yet!

Certainly, Japanese customers in their own homes have found that when it comes to esports betting Japan has plenty of options that are accessible from within the country without any problem whatsoever.

Esports Bookmakers Operating In Japan

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When it comes to sites offering esports betting in Japan, customers have a wide selection of foreign-based companies that offer services aimed at Japanese customers.

Amongst the best of those are the British-based site Betway. Not only does Betway offer an extensive selection of sports bets, it is also one of the best options for esports betting with Betway esports heavily involved not only in offering esports betting, but also involved in the sponsorship of teams and events within the esports industry itself.

Another good option to consider that is also based abroad is the excellent bet365 esports site. This site has massively developed its esports betting service over the last five years or so and it now rivals some of the best esports specialist bookmaking sites you can find online.

Other good providers that operate in Japan include 1xBet,, and

Which Esports can I bet on in Japan

What you tend to find when it comes to esports betting Japan-based customers will have a similar range of markets and games available for them to bet on as customers in other countries. That means that you will find markets for globally popular games such as CSGO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, FIFA, Overwatch, and StarCraft 2.

However, Japan is also somewhat unusual in that its most popular esports titles are slightly different to those popular around the world. Fighting games, such as Mortal Kombat and Streetfighter V are very popular in the country, while in terms of soccer games, Pro Evolution Soccer enjoys as much, if not more popularity than FIFA.

The best bookmakers will seek out these less common markets to encourage customers to have a bet on esports in Japan that are most popular in the country.

esports betting japan

What types of Bets are Popular on Esports in Japan?

Given that most bookmakers operating in Japan offering esports do so from abroad, then the types of bets you will tend to find on offer from these bookmakers tend to mirror the bets that you would find in other countries.

That means bets such as betting on the winner of a match, or the correct score of a match is popular. Given the popularity of Live Streaming, In-Play betting is also a popular bet on esports in Japan too.

Another option is an accumulator bet, or parlay bet, where players can string together a number of different esports betting selections in the hope they all win and land a very high priced return for a small stake.

The more detailed and expansive esports betting Japan sites also offer a wide selection of other markets that are related to the specific esports in play, such as betting on events that may or may not occur within a game for example.

In truth, there is an expansive market of esports betting Japan-based customers can enjoy that sits alongside the more commonly utilised bets.

Payment Methods

When it comes to esports betting Japan does have an excellent range of different payment methods available when you want to indulge in a little wager on Streetfighter, or perhaps some Valorant betting or similar.

Of course, seeing as Japanese customers will be betting with offshore companies, then you will want to use a safe payment method. Using a pre-paid Visa or MasterCard is as good an option as any as they are not only secure but also widely accepted by bookmakers that operate in the country.

Japanese customers can also deposit using AstroPay, EcoPayz, and bank transfers, but due to local laws, it can be difficult to find any of the popular eWallet services available in the country that are widely available in other countries around the world.

A couple of bookmakers operating in Japan do offer payments by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and these are worth a look if you want to pay using cryptocurrency.

Tips for Esports Betting in Japan

The fact of the matter is that esports betting is as hit and miss as any other form of betting. That said, there are some useful tips to help you try and land more winners.

Bet from a position of knowledge

It stands to reason, the more you know about an esport and its competitors, the better you will be able to judge what are the best bets to make on it. Use your knowledge to filter out the bad bets and focus on backing the better ones.

Don’t chase losses

The cardinal sin for any punter is when you lose a few bets, you spend more than you planned trying to win the money back. Chasing your losses is a quick way to emptying your account. Don’t do it!

Bet Responsibly and for Fun

You should never bet with a ‘must win’ mentality. Betting should be fun and responsibly undertaken. Only spend what you can afford to lose and if the enjoyment stops at any point, then it is time to stop betting.


It is wrong to think of Japan as a country that is ‘lagging behind’ when it comes to esports. The country is very different from many others and its citizens tend to enjoy different esports to other countries.

Add to that the somewhat unusual legal issues surrounding the industry, and it is clear to see that the esports industry in Japan has plenty of time to develop. However, the country is making rapid strides in that, and with esports betting also gaining a foothold, Japan is well set to become an esports powerhouse in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gambling allowed in Japan?

Yes, Gambling is allowed in Japan, but only on specific things. You can bet on public race events, horse racing, bicycle racing, powerboat racing, and speedway racing. You can also bet on the lottery and the game of Pachinko is also very popular and also exempt from the criminal code. However, most other forms of gambling are not legal.

Are Esports legalised in Japan?

Esports are perfectly legal in Japan, but the Japanese tend to like different Esports games compared to other parts of the world. In terms of whether you can bet on esports in Japan, the issue is less clear. The Japanese criminal code regarding gambling focuses on companies operating within Japan. But with esports betting sites operating outside of Japan and offering services to customers in the country, this circumvents these legislations.

What is The Best Japanese Betting Site?

There are a number of possible contenders for the best esports betting site in Japan, Betway, bet365, and 1xBet are just three contenders that offer the kind of esports betting Japan customers would find matches their requirements.

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