G3 CEO Anthony Gaud Reveals Details on Huge Esports Betting Bid

Published: Aug 6, 2022

For more than a decade, the esports industry has been growing at a staggering rate. In the last few years, one of the most impressive verticals to emerge from within the industry is the esports betting angle, which has gone from strength to strength in a relatively short period of time. Recently, in an interview with Yogonet, G3 CEO Anthony Gaud spoke at length about his plans to disrupt the esports betting vertical, innovating in the space to legitimise, enhance, and expand the industry.

Gaud’s firm, The Gaud-Hammer Gaming Group (G3) was founded in 2019, with Gaud himself bringing in years of multi-industry expertise. Once upon a time, Gaud made waves for the likes of Walt Disney, Microsoft Games, Discovery, and Hasbro, and now, he’s set his sights firmly on the ever-developing esports betting and gaming industries. Most recently, G3 was instrumental in delivering the first legal esports betting event in New Jersey, which took place in 2020.

What’s next for Anthony Gaud and what exactly is his vision for the esports betting industry?

Gaud’s Almighty Vision

Anthony Gaud

For those already neck-deep in the esports ecosystem, it might already be blindingly obvious that there’s a huge amount of value to be found in the esports betting markets. It’s a diverse, dynamic, and ever-evolving space, and in the last few years, hundreds, if not thousands of esports betting platforms have emerged into the industry. This growth was addressed in multiple comments made by Gaud in his interview with Yogonet:

What we’re doing now is trying to create a new way to wager on video games and esports … The industry is going to be a big one. I think it’s going to be a lot bigger than people realise … I think a lot of people are starting to take notice and it’s one of many steps for the maturity of video games and esports.

He went on to address the many concerns faced by the esports betting industry, particularly in the United States. From the laws that prevent esports betting from taking place in many states to the lack of visibility outside of the younger target audience, he spoke in great detail about his vision to impact the industry. Recently, G3 has worked alongside top firms such as Allied Esports, Amazon Web Services, and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority to accomplish several goals.

For instance, Gaud played a pivotal part in ensuring that the New Jersey Assembly drafted two laws that would make esports wagering a reality in the state. In his interview, Gaud also went on to praise the actions of the Esports Technical Advisory Committee, established to introduce legal esports odds and betting markets to the state.

Incoming Growth

At the tail end of Gaud’s interview, he spoke of having ‘daily conversations’ with business leaders, sports companies, CEOs, and of course, esports professionals themselves. He approached the end of his lengthy breakdown of the future of G3 with a clear statement:

I would say right now, New Jersey and Nevada are clearly in the lead. But most states tend to follow the guidance, if not the first mover in this space. And I think once established in both of these states and some other states that I can’t talk about just yet, you’re going to see it rapidly evolving throughout the United States.

For those in the United States looking to bet on esports, Gaud promises a bright future is in store. As a period point to close off his interview, Gaud also spoke highly of FaZe Clan’s recent listing as a public company on the NASDAQ. He suggested that others will certainly follow in their footsteps, stating that ‘FaZe Clan is on the cusp of being that spark’ that will ignite unstoppable industry growth.

From Anthony Gaud’s perspective, the esports betting industry is on the verge of a massive revolution.

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