Aqua Earnings: How Much is Aqua Worth in 2024?

Published: Jun 13, 2024 - Last Updated: Jul 2, 2024

How much is Fortnite player Aqua earning and how much is he worth? Winning over a million dollars before you turn 16 isn’t something many esports pros can say. But what has the World Cup champ been up to since then?

Aqua lifting the trophy
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Aqua Stats

Net Worth2,160,900 (approx)
Real NameDavid Wang
Date of BirthJuly 14 2002
ProfessionFortnite Player
Twitch Followers486K
YouTube Subscribers336K

Who is Aqua?

David “aqua” Wang is no stranger to putting up huge numbers in Fortnite, winning the 2019 Fortnite World Cup with his duo Nyhrox. He’s been competing since 2018, but unlike other names in the scene that have achieved great success, aqua is a free agent at the time of writing. His current focus is Twitch streaming, and his viewership and following puts him as one of the best Fortnite streamers in 2024. Meanwhile, his YouTube is left untouched for nearly a year,  despite some impressive viewership across his 60 videos.

Aqua’s Rise to Fame

Aqua got his Fortnite start in 2018, starting his journey as a free agent to two 4th place results in some lower end events. he would scramble through the Fortnite World Cup Online Opens with largely unimpressive finishes, ranging anywhere from 3rd to the 60+ places. Winning Week 7s qualifier and a hefty $5000 would put him on people’s radar, joining COOLER Esports alongside Nyhrox. After winning his org’s 3rd iteration of the COOLER CUP alongside Stompy and Tschinken, aqua would have a string of decent results leading up to the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. His solo performance on the 2nd day wouldn’t be the performance he was looking for, net $50,000 off of a 94th place finish. But, alongside COOLER Esports teammate Nyhrox (read about Nyhrox’s earnings), Wang would take 1st place, and the $1.5 million prize.

Wang’s tenure at COOLER would end in April 2021, staying a free agent until the end of the year where he would join LootBoy Esports, staying there until July 2022 as his last time competing under an org.

How does Aqua make money?

The 2019 Fortnite World Cup win already already puts him among the higher paid gamers. A feat he achieved before the age of 16. A hot streak in September of the same year with 5 top 3 finishes (of which 3 were 1st place) also added a sizeable $200,000 to his already swelling bank account.

Still actively competing in 2024 and putting up 1st place finishes here and there, Aqua continues to push his lifetime earnings, which are now north of $2 million. Despite that, it is unknown if his time on COOLER Esports and LootBoy (now AIGHT) added much in terms of player salary due to his age at the time. And having been a free agent for 2 years, there’s no additional salary expectations to factor in.

As a YouTube content creator with over 220K subscribers, and views anywhere from 3k to 350k per video, for a time, he would have been earning well on YouTube. However, with the channel no longer uploading content, its earnings will be down to how evergreen the videos are for additional traction.

Similarly, on the streaming side, his Twitch streams have dried up, with only a few past broadcasts highlighted from 3 years ago.

aqua Fortnite

Estimated Net worth

Aqua’s net worth is likely around $1.5 million.

This calculation is mostly based on his career winnings due to his long time away from playing on a team, and those teams being lower tiered organizations. However, even with some frivolous spending, there’s no reason to assume that the ex-champ isn’t still worth a pretty penny, as he still competes infrequently, and has managed some 1st place finishes as late as 2024.

Future Prospects

Aqua’s future is a weird one. He announced his stepping away from the competitive scene with just a single word, and as one of the best Fortnite players at the time. Despite that, he does have some sporadic competitive placements in 2024 with his now static duo, Noahreyli. If he wanted to, he could easily jump fully back into the competitive scene or return to content creation to giant fervor. However, with $2 million in earnings, the twenty one year old can afford to relax a bit and enjoy the game for fun. He’s set for life and has every right to enjoy it, go outside, touch grass.


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