Nyhrox Earnings: How Much is Nyhrox Worth in 2024?

Published: Jun 20, 2024 - Last Updated: Jul 2, 2024

How much is Nyhrox earning and how much is he worth? Winning over a million dollars before you turn 16 isn’t something many esports pros can say. But has the World Cup Champ fallen off since then?

Who is Nyhrox?

Emil “Nyhrox” Pedersen is a Norwegian, one of the best Fortnite players who has joined the millionaire esports club, winning the 2019 Fortnite World Cup with his duo aqua. He’s been competing since 2018, but unlike his World Cup winning duo, Nyhrox is signed to a team and actively competing time of writing. In addition to competion under the 00 Nation banner, he is actively streaming on Twitch and creating YouTube content.

Nyhrox and his trophy
Credit: Susalud

Nyhrox Stats

Net Worth1,540,000 (approx)
Real NameEmil Bergquist Pedersen
Date of BirthSeptember 8th 2002
ProfessionFortnite Player
Twitch Followers209K
YouTube Subscribers85.2K

Nyhrox’s rise to fame

Nyhrox got his Fortnite start in 2018. His earliest result is was a runner up finish at the Polaris Series 2018 tournament. And leaving the tournament with over $1000. This would quickly get him signed to COOLER Esports, during the scramble for emerging Fortnite talent. His other success in 2018 would be a 3rd place finish in the Solos of NorthSpawn Arena. 2019 Would see him partner up with aqua for duos in April for the majority of the year leading up to the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. He would not enter solos. But, alongside his at the time COOLER Esports teammate aqua, Pedersen would take 1st place, and the $1.5 million prize. The duo would part as aqua looked for a new teammate, and Nyhrox has never seen nearly as much success in formats since.

The two, notably, didn’t capitalize on their success at the World Cup nearly as much as they should have. Leading to relatively small numbers on their content creation efforts now. 2020 started off well with a 4th place finish at the Australian Open and a $12,000 prize, but the number of top 4 finishes could then be counted on one hand leading into the end of 2023. Where he, as part of a 4 person squad, finished 2nd at the Fnatic POW3R Cup 2.0 to gracefully bow out of Fortnite competition.

Nyhrox with the trophy
Credit: X (@Nyhrox)

How does Nyhrox make money?

Of course, the 2019 Fortnite World Cup win already already puts him among the higher paid gamers. A feat he achieved before the age of 16. After getting dropped by aqua, his results did suffer, however his attempts to create content early didn’t go unnoticed.

Landing him a place with RedBull Esports allows him to also seek out to join other teams in addition to being a RedBull athlete. He hasn’t signed to any major Tier 1 or notable Tier 2 teams, so his place as a RedBull athlete definitely carries some weight in supporting his modern efforts.

No longer actively competing in 2024, his efforts are now mostly spent twitch streaming. His VODs can garner anywhere from 3 thousand views, to 15 thousand during tournament days. Despite that, it is unknown if his time on COOLER Esports, M10 esports and Nordavind added much in terms of player salary due to his age at the time. Being part of the RedBull athletes likely helps with earnings as 00 Nation is also another smaller team.

Nyhrox Earnings
Credit: Red Bull

Estimated Net worth

Nyhrox’s net worth is likely south of $1 million.

As a YouTube content creator with over 85k subscribers, and views that hover around the 4k mark, he wouldn’t have had insignificant YouTube earnings, however nothing that constitutes fulltime. His uploads are limited to around once a month, mostly being clip compilations.

Similarly, on the streaming side, his Twitch streams do pull decent numbers, spiking from an average 4k VOD view to 16k during tournament days.

Future Prospects

Nyhrox’s name is often contentious as far as his career goes. Considered the weaker of the duo of aqua and himself, and a lack of strong results since the duo parted, a lot look back on his career with question marks. Unlike his duo that helped him join the esports millionaire club, he has leveraged his social media and content creation to some extent to pull reasonable numbers. If this continues, there is room for further growth despite lacking the strong tier 1 placements and team roster slots that other big names in the scene have.


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