Chinese Esports gets shot in the arm as IESF and MEI agree partnership

Published: Aug 5, 2021

The Chinese esports industry has been given a boost after the International Esports Federation (IESF) teamed up with Major Events International (MEI) to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to play a role in the further development of top-level pro esports across China.

China has been a member of the IESF since 2016 and although it has a good infrastructure across some esports, notably League of Legends, the aim of this agreement seems to be to further develop other esports titles across the country, along with encouraging a greater diversity of players to participate.

To facilitate this, another aim of the MoU is to increase the number of esports tournaments that are held across the country. In tandem with that, both companies hope to develop a strong brand presence across these events, something that MEI, which already has a notable presence within the region, can play a key role in nurturing.

The aim is for the IESF to work with the MEI’s regional office within China to help formulate these plans into a workable, affordable, and appealing strategy that will help increase the profile of esports across the country, which boasts a population of more than a billion.

What about Esports Betting?

When it comes to esports betting Japan, China and other Asian countries are now starting to develop a better infrastructure to allow the development of esports betting, where it is legally permitted, alongside the development of each countries individual esports industry.

Of course, China, like Japan, has some rather unclear rules regarding gambling in the country, rules which are often disregarded and it is likely that this partnership and the increase in tournaments that should follow, may well help in making the future for esports betting in China more defined and to clarify its legal status.

However, this is not a primary goal for this agreement, which will focus predominantly on the esports industry, but as is always the case, when esports develop, then usually esports betting will also develop in symbiosis with the industry.

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“Platform for Development and Engagement”

Speaking about the agreement, the Secretary General of the UESF, Boban Totovski commented:

“MEI brings together Rights Holders and Host Cities with the support of their commercial company network. This provides a platform for our development and engagement in China and is a formula that IESF embraces, enhancing our philosophy of collaboration and partnership.”

“This is the reason why we decided to choose MEI as our support partner for such a strategic market as China.”

The Chief Executive Officer at MEI, Dennis Mills, struck an equally positive tone with his comments adding:

“We have been incredibly impressed with the ambition and clearly articulated global strategy of the IESF leadership team. Building on their support to our Summits and helping them identify sponsors for their own activities, this China-focused project is the next logical step in our relationship.”

“MEI routine operations in China involve support to significant sports related infrastructure, effective event hosting as well as attracting iconic World Championships, so the IESF relationship is entirely compatible with those existing objectives.”

With the Chinese esports industry already experiencing success in global esports events, this new partnership will only help further enhance the burgeoning industry within the region.

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